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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

more palpitations

maybe i should just make every palpitation post into just one big post instead.

I feel bad I haven't been writing, specially bout the events that occurred in karate nationals in quebec..but I'm just that busy.

back to the point.

palpitations yesterday in karate at 7:20 pm, while we were doing some leg sweeps. I didn't sit down, so they didn't stop until I left the dojo (cuz I had a practice mcat test at 8:00 pm) and went to the changing room, where I paced for a bit and tried to video record it,  but that's harder to say than do.
So, I sat down and tried to record it via my heart monitor on my phone, but that proves difficult for the phone to digest. As soon as I sit down and relax, my heartbeat slows down again, and by the time my phone adapted and found my pulse, I watched it read my palpitations from a 175 bpm, to a 105 bpm in just 5 seconds.

Speaking of MCAT, please do kill me.
My test is in June 20, and I did extremely badly on my practice test. Like, 123 for every section except phys/chem i got 120.

Disappointed, demotivated, and I feel like shit.

I know I can be a great cardiologist, I just need to do better...
I also need to get 6 A+ and 3 A and 1 A- to maintain my GPA, so if I get more than one A-...I'm fucked.