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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Studying the MCAT and other mishaps

An update since I have been way too busy to write in this thing, yet some things have occurred.

I have a long to do list, that will make me cry because it will mean i have basically no days off this summer.

I have taken it upon myself to redo the MCAT on July 18th, yet the results of the first MCAT come out on the 20th. Why? because I don't believe I met the requirements for one of the med schools.

I have applied to it anyways, however, I did not pay for yet so, all is good.

I plan to apply to three other universities, however, these are in ontario. They have much leaner and easier requirements in a sense, however, the odds are against me + I still have one more year to be absolutely PERFECT in.

I'm still the president of the karate club and I will inshallah (God willing) start a society with my korean friend this year.

It's ramadan, and my parents will be coming over a day before my MCAT which is somewhat good and bad in a sense, I suppose.

I'm still trying to get rid of the TV stand and I do not understand why someone would tell me they're going to pick it up a certain time and date then not show up or call or text or pick up her phone after I called to tell me whether or not she still wanted it.

Four men in total said my voice is "hot, sexy, hot, and angelic" in which I find both flattering but also somewhat creepy. One of those guys was supposed to be gay, so just to show how most gay people are gay by will, and not by a physiological brain difference. The latter I consider a disorder like depression, bipolar, or paraphilias.

It kinda feels awkward to talk to some guys now just because of their comments on my voice. In a way it's cool to know.. but, ew comes to mind a LOT. I want my husband to think that of me, I want him to think, oh my God your voice is so amazing..and stuff and I'll just sit with a cheesy grin, like yes, love me, bitch =w= hehehe.

Seriously, what the heck do I even sound like?!

My close friends said no, I sound "cute" at most. which is a bit of a relief.

I have not been going to karate since two weeks prior to ramadan, so no palpitations thus far.

I have been beinging on Khawater, a GREAT arabic show that pretty much trys to awaken the hearts of arabs and Muslims to do good and try hard as God have instructed us to do, and to not limit ourselves and to reach out to people with aid. Which is amazing.

I now have the delimma of not knowing what to volunteer with anymore. I want to volunteer at the IWK (kids hospital), but I also don't want to lose contact with Cherry from the other hospital I've been volunteering at for the past two years. I want her to be one of my references.

I also want to try volunteering at the literacy program that my sis volunteers at frontier college?
I think I can easily teach sciences, but I have to check my schedule. Then there's the soup kitchen, but bleh. I'd rather work in hospitals and try my best to work with children to see how that works. Also, orphanages would be interesting too. I want a different experience in a sense.  A more useful one than just painting nails on women for like 30 minutes and talking to my coworkers for an hour. It's super unproductive.

I had these funny dreams today that I was talking to one guy (online) but then I'm undercover...kinda literally under a cover, in another room while he thinks I'm someone else. Of course I don't want him to be scared so I hide my face and mask my voice and wait for him to leave. He in response, starts flirting on and on until he insists on seeing my face. After wrestling with my blanket to see it, he wins and when he notices I'm that weirdo friend of his he runs out of the room panicked for some reason. I also think one of us was wearing a mermaid tail, I'm not sure who. There were also many girls, each one had a different room. Were we a harem or something?! I don't know.

Oddly enough when I woke up, the same guy actually messaged me, despite not doing so in several weeks.

So, I went back to sleep and dreamt I was Lindsey lohan buying nail polish and face paint with my guy friend. That's when Leonardo decaprio killed him, so I got scared, and left the store and hid between the homeless. Turns out he and leo were actually accomplices. I don't really understand my dreams, but they can be quite fun.

I should be studying...


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