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Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Dream of a boarding school: part 1

So, my dream today was another movie.

There was this tall white young man maybe 17-20 of age. He was the leader of four that trys to save the world from destruction. Every year, or if one of his three chosen ones mess up, he obliterates them in a sense. they just disappear without a trace, assumed to be dead.

This year I was chosen along with two others, but the problem was we were in a strict boarding school that disallows almost everything. Everything had a schedule and a certain order to it. 'He' didn't talk much, 'he' was rather cold even though we were to share the same mattress. The four of us had our own room and two mattresses to share. I remember he wrote something down on a comic book then when bedtime inspectors were approaching, he quickly jumped under the sheets next to me and shoved the book under my thighs. I grew worried because this was my first night in this school and I still wasn't too sure of the system. I turned to ask the teacher that was inspecting the room what was going on, the fat short lady told us that there were two things she was looking for: books and pyjamas. I tucked myself in tight and grabbed one of my novels to hide under my pillow but with my shuffling she walked towards the end of my mattress, lifted the ends of the covers and grabbed the comic under me and my hidden book. I could already tell the boy next to me was immediately displeased, but he kept silent and still beneath the sheets.
I climbed out of the makeshift bed and questioned what she will do with it and tried to negotiate it with her, that I wasn't aware of the rules, that it won't happen again. She seemed sympathetic but a little alarmed that i was not in my bed, she told me as long as she sees it she will take it,  and as long as no one sees me they can't punish me.  She tried to hurry me back in bed before the head of the staff arrived. I asked her what would become of me if I was caught taking the book back. She replied "somewhere between 3 years and life" I was so shocked but I rushed back into my mattress and pretended to sleep with the other 3 before the head mistress arrived in her black fitted dress. Her job was to ensure that all the teachers did their jobs, she was merciless. (for some reason she did look like that skinny teacher from Jacob two two!!)

When everyone left, I had planned to sneak out, but first i was looking around for what else she may have took. Without me noticing, the boy had already reached the door and snuck out. I grabbed his arm and told him I can do it, or that I will at least come with him. He looked down at me with the same displeased look, but he didn't honestly care about me or team work. He just had one thing in mind, the comic book.
We walked on some squeaky floors before reaching the kitchen in which a pile of confiscated goods lay on the table. I was staring in awe, wondering where I was and what is going on, but anxious because of the squeaky flooring, but he was already shuffling through the stack. He grabbed the comic book and left me and so I hurriedly grabbed my book and followed after. All the noise woke the teacher previously in our room, but she was no longer trying to assist us and grabbed me. He never looked back to help me out, but only rushed to his room. -dream cutoff, but let's continue-

 I struggled wildly in her arm, afraid it could further increase the punishment i was to receive, I stopped. I tried to reason my way out of it, and she told me tomorrow I will have a light consequence, and not to worry because she will not inform the headmistress. She then guided me back to my room and i snuck back inside petrified of what it could be, but glad it wasn't the headmistress that got me.

My punishment was not bad at all, it was boring, but it certainly was not bad considering jail. 'He' still hasn't spoken a word to me since yesterday night, and for recess and lunch time I had to stand in a small chalk circle drawn around my feet and not move nor eat from there. The other two members pitied me and started kicking a small rounded eraser inside the circle to entertain me with a tiny game of soccer. I was only able to participate if they kicked it within the perimeter of the circle.

The headmistress was walking around the playground ensuring that everyone was following rules and guidelines and was not happy to see me. She looked at the eraser then at the short curly haired boy who kicked it and grabbed his arm. "20 lashes" she said. The boy's face dropped and he looked at me scared. He was only 14, so I began arguing against it to try to lift the punishment. She looked visibly disgusted by me and screamed at me that it wasn't my place to talk, I tried to negotiate it with her and then she smirked. "If you wanna take his punishment, then it will be 40 lashes."
"but, I didn't do ..." "50." She cut me off.
I stopped talking and closed my lips tightly, I looked around for help as if begging with my eyes, all eyes of the play ground were on me now, including 'him'. No one dared speak, neither did I blame them. I nodded, then with a grin she grabbed me by the elbow and led me to the centre of the field. "Break is over! back to your rooms!" She hollered before dragging me to her office.

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