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Monday, November 9, 2015


I'm so happy and tired with this field trip to the pathology lab in VG. It was so much fun.
I knew we might have the opportunity to see and touch tumors, but I didn't imagine it would be 10 different ones or that they would be on such odd body places. I thought we would see the more common ones such as breast, colon, lung and skin, but I was not aware that the skin cancer would be growing on areas like the vulva! Or how oddly shaped some body parts become after proliferation of cancer, or such odd areas like fat on the thighs, or such a huge tumor in the mouth. I think that one shocked me a bit. I think I loved it, to touch and observe and diagnose things. I think it isn't such a bad job. Problem is, I would still need to be an M.D. for that.
I love our cancer prof, she is by far one of the best profs here. So dedicated, I hope she gets tenure.

The only problem with that field trip was that I got such a huge headache looking at slides. I honestly felt a little dizzy then the doc said it's because we're not used to seeing so many screens.

Overall, it was thrilling and axilirating. I hated how the system did not respond to the idea of a barcode before a problem occurred. It could have been avoided, and the staff did their best, but alas, our health system needs some serious help. There's also a horrible doctor to patient ratio. People are only increasing, and with 25 thousand refugees coming and ageing babyboomer population we need to hire more doctors! we can't exhaust the staff.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


I'm no longer apologizing for not updating as frequently or writing down funny sketches that I think of, or quotes, because it just happens too often. I'm too busy, and that's the reality of it.

I am of no importance to him... I need to keep telling myself that.

I started volunteering at Frontier college yesterday, I don't know if I am doing well, but it is only my first time.

I got through my second Japanese Culture midterm. I think I did okay, at least a B+...but who knows.

two little sketches for the future comic in my head:

Today while showing the university patrol my card, I flipped it out of my wallet and threw it to the air and on the floor 4 feet away from me. super awkward, she didnt even smile.

also, sex class fisting,,twice. funny story

I think I nailed Jion in kata now too.