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Friday, February 5, 2016

The Decapitator

So, even when I skip karate, I still get palpitations on a Thursday? Is this a regular thing now?

I was just starting a work out with my sister when it happened. Not too bad though, only around 180 beats/ min.

That aside, I slept at 5 am yesterday working on a 2% report and studying for my PSYC midterm.

I'm so happy the weekend is here! I need to not procrastinate it. I decided to skip karate tonight because I was just exhausted and needed a break. It's amazing how much time karate consumes now. Four hours a week. It's pretty intense, and I enjoy it, but I wish I didn't have so many other things to do.

FC still did not get back to me on my new students to tutor. I seem to not find any time in my schedule to tutor, not because I'm too busy but rather most of their days are on Tuesdays, and they generally are done around 3:30 for one on one tutoring. It's rather annoying but understandable.
I hope I passed my 1st kyu retest. I'd hate to have "half passed" it again. Augh!

Today's lab included dissecting drosophila (fruit fly) larvae. I did most of the dissecting as I guess have a knack for it. We had to remove the salivary glands then stain it, and look at the chromosomes. It was rather interesting, I thoroughly enjoy dissections that one of my partners asked if I should be an examiner physician and be the one who classifies the causes of death.  Not too shabby.


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