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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Research Assistant intensifies!

Today was a bit productive. I mean I have been procrastinating everything and have accomplished virtually nothing over the reading week but go into karate drama (of which I need to make the skit a comic) and contact my psych professor. He was sweet enough to tell me that he appreciated my effort to contact him. Isn't that sweet? I love people like that, I wish I can have the ability to say nice things to people when I think it. I tend to space off or just smile instead. I'm working on it though!

I did manage to go over every thing that will be in Conservation Biology midterm. That professor is nice too but she's not the type of over and beyond nice. Just normal nice. Also, I worked on my Korean friend's honour's project for an hour just counting up lemna leaves. Now I have two research assistant experiences!

Speaking of research assistant. I shall call her bird lady, she ran into me after I was done counting and told me that I was the first on her mind for needed help on the science conference. I'm not sure if I will be getting paid for it or not because in that conversation she said "paid" and she said "volunteer". She assured me there will be food and coffee breaks. It's a total of 3 days, 11-13 of March (weekend). So, I should be free somewhat, but I do have to double check my schedule. I am only free after 11 am on Saturday, so I will tell her that.

She's also a very sweet person. Surprisingly blunt, but she's also blunt with compliments as well. Giving me a key to the lab is still a working process but I can't complain. Specially about how relaxed she is with me.

It just feels so good when people are satisfied with your services. I hope everyone can feel this way.


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