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Friday, April 1, 2016

Face Paint Contest


I entered this Face Painting Contest with Grommjow's Hollow from Bleach as a face paint mask.
At first, I thought I would enter for the fun of it, but after I heard that the voter's pick will get a 100$ gift certificate for face painting supplies, I asked my family on watsapp if they can vote for me. Within the day I had 40 votes. It was astonishing!

First place quickly became second and she lingered 10 votes behind me for every vote and it was a little nerve racking. When my family saw this and saw her jump a sudden 30 votes within an hour I told them it's hopeless. I'm a realist, not an optimist,but they told me to keep my faith strong.

Long story short, I won with 158 votes, second place 117 votes. It was AMAZING.

By then I wasn't even sure where the votes were coming from or who was voting.

Since I'm an Arab, I don't have a family tree, I have a family forest.

Everyone played their parts perfectly. My five ants and uncles scattered around different countries asked for their co-workers and friends to vote. My cousins in Jordan, Egypt and Kuwait also asked their friends and asked groups from university to vote. My mom's cousin whose children were victims of the Chapel Shooting asked his daughters' friends to vote.

At this point, I couldn't hold back. I didn't want to win for me any more, I wanted to win for them!
My sisters asked their friends both online and real, and spammed groups and pages on facebook and asked study partners to vote. My sister's friends also asked their own friends.

My friends asked some of their friends and one girl asked her dad. It was intense. I also asked the karate crew, high school friends, online friends, an elementary school classmate, and I started asking random people I had added on twitter to vote. I even went on random chat rooms and managed about 10 people to vote as well.

Apparently, my grandma was in on this! She called her own friends and demanded they vote, their children and grandchildren to vote! Saying things like, oh let her represent the hijab! we can't let the foreigners win!

My mom made 4 email accounts and voted several times on her own. I just don't know what else could have been done. Everyone that I know voted or tried or even people I don't know!

Now I'm sure I will be the talk of the family in Kuwait for a while. It's just so nice to know that my family has my back on the most trivial of topics. So supportive and loving and encouraging. It's a new light of my family that I did not see before, did not have the chance to see before and I love it.

I want to always remember that every one. EVERY one of my family members, grandparents, young cousins, dad's aunts, mom's cousins voted for me or helped vote for me.

(you can see the face painting on instagram posted above or at

Love and Peace,

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