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Friday, September 16, 2016

What Didn't Happen in Karate Today?

As I bowed in respect to the dojo, I noticed that my fellow member had bowed in the direction of the door, which was absolutely hysterical.

But that was about as much fun as it got. Midway through karate, the new member started bleeding from the toe and I took him to the walk-in closet that has the first aid kit in it. I gave him a cotton pad with alcohol on it and a bandaid. Then he thanked me for my kindness on my way out, which I thought was odd.

After that incident, I partnered with him because we were both out for a while. My nose started running so I excused myself. When I came back, I got partnered with this other new guy who was kinda cute.

He ended up punching me in the eye.

That wasn't the bad part.

The bad part was that he farted while we were sparring. I tried my best to be professional, but I took a step back. I really didn't want to attack him anymore..... and he stopped being cute...

I do feel sorry for him, I mean I hope something like that never ever happens to me..or around me..ever again!

Augh! gross.

On other news, the dishwasher is finally fixed and working, and so is the fridge. And I believe my sister's mac arrived in the mail, but I haven't gotten the chance to tell her. I don't know how without it sounding like: hey, can you stop using my laptop now? k thnx bye.

I sorta hate how I'm extremely possessive, and I don't understand why, but it just feels like I have nothing to call my own. Very dramatic I suppose. Plus it is an inconvenience, specially that my sister will need it throughout this full year even during summer time.