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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Quote of the Day: Herpes

MCAT Bio Instructor: So, the virus can be inactivated for even ten years sometimes.
                                    But a stressor, like the MCAT, can activate it sooner.

MCAT: Activating all the herpes!

6000 BC

Mom told me she missed me today. It makes me feel all fluttery because she rarely ever says these things, but she's doing so more often. Even dad called this year; he never calls. He also picked up the phone twice since new years.

Man, the conversation at the end with my mom was rather dull, but it felt so nice listening to her ramble about the presidents of the united states, then proceed in listing the rulers of Egypt since 6000 BC. It was kind of cute, actually, how silly this whole conversation was.

I then went to work for two hours, helping adjust the character I was to portray as a simulated patient. The first name I could come up with was "Farah Ahmed", so I figured I might as well make her Egyptian with that name!

I cooked some pasta at home, broke a glass on the counter, then the broken piece rolled and shattered on the floor. Fun.

Now, it's rather late, but I'll still try to fit some studying in.

Overall, today was a good day.


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Two Cop Cars Came Over

I brought the cops yesterday midnight to my sister's workplace. The building is shared by more than one organization and I opened the wrong door from the inside while looking for a book/game closet. The door had a lock on it, but it wasn't even closed, so when I opened it, it set an alarm.

We were on our way out too, I just wanted to grab a game for Math Club (a program I volunteer in). I didn't know what to do other than close the door again, and i hesitantly told my sister so, we basically rushed out. By the time we left, two cop cars pulled over with one of the men who work at that company and I felt SO bad for waking him and wasting their time. So, I told the cop that if he's here because of the beeping, it was because of me. It was so awkward, but he actually thanked me after asking why we were there in the first place.

It was pretty scary how the two cops cars swerved over in front of our parked car. Don't wanna do that again!

I laughed all the way home in disbelief while my sis was scolding me. Can scratch that off the bucket list! Though, I don't believe it was ever on it.