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Saturday, March 18, 2017

6000 BC

Mom told me she missed me today. It makes me feel all fluttery because she rarely ever says these things, but she's doing so more often. Even dad called this year; he never calls. He also picked up the phone twice since new years.

Man, the conversation at the end with my mom was rather dull, but it felt so nice listening to her ramble about the presidents of the united states, then proceed in listing the rulers of Egypt since 6000 BC. It was kind of cute, actually, how silly this whole conversation was.

I then went to work for two hours, helping adjust the character I was to portray as a simulated patient. The first name I could come up with was "Farah Ahmed", so I figured I might as well make her Egyptian with that name!

I cooked some pasta at home, broke a glass on the counter, then the broken piece rolled and shattered on the floor. Fun.

Now, it's rather late, but I'll still try to fit some studying in.

Overall, today was a good day.


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