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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Fated Meeting between a Boy and a Cat

The boy walking home found a corpse of a cat on the street
as it was hit by a car.
He shrugged and kept walking home.
Soon enough the next day he was walking back from home.
He heard tiny mews.
Curious to the sound, he looked around and found a small kitten. The first encounter.
He picked the kitty up and took it home, assuming the deceased cat was the mother.
The next day he walked home
He heard another mew.
He looked some more and found another kitten. Startled by his findings he tried to look around had he missed more kittens, considering a litter can be up to six.
He found none.
He carried the second kitten home to its brother and did his best at washing them.
The third day he heard yet another mew, this time much more faint.
Panicked at the fact the mother has been deceased for several days, the kitten must be starved.
He looked around and found two more kittens, the latter barely moving.
He carried the two kittens back to their two siblings at home and put them in a shoe box, fed them some formula milk, and wrapped a blanket around a hot water bottle to keep them warm.
A couple of days passed, and their swollen eyes had not yet opened, unusual to their presumed age.
The vet said their eyes were infected, gave them some shots and said there isn't much he can do.
The kittens woke the kid up at night to drink.
Soon, they got strong enough to climb up his shirt, impatient kittens unable to wait while their siblings were being bottle fed.
They were beginning to play with one another, the first found kitten developed a habit of lapping at its siblings before falling asleep.
The swelling did not reduce and one kitten developed an infection between its legs.
The boy and his mother rushed the kittens to the vet, but nothing could be done.
They were put to sleep.

The end

The kid was me.

(Minor details altered in the story.)

Peace, M.D.

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