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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Something Sweet

My sister and I visited a friend who had recently given birth. Her child was all kinds of adorable, like a cat. And I absolutely adore kittens, perhaps the only creatures that evoke an unconditional love to. It had me thinking, if a child was this small, and adorable, and with such a sweet temperament, then perhaps it wouldn't be bad to adopt younger kids. It would be more interesting if I adopted a child whilst i breastfed my own. In islam, my own child and the adopted one would become siblings in nursing (thus never able to marry/ don't have to cover up in front of each other, etc.) Which would make them feel more like siblings growing up.

That would be absolutely beautiful.

With that being said,  my sister told me something really sweet on the car ride home. She said out of all of us, she thinks I would love my children the most. I was taken back by her sudden comment, and she said it's due to my possessive nature that I would love my children a lot. I never quite considered it from that perspective before, but she may be on to something.

I think she would make a good mom too though, I think anyone who puts enough effort can be a good mom. 

I wonder what the future holds.


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  1. future is always uncertain and i also think of adopting a kid, in my part of world it will mean alot since it will be raising a society. In muslim culture it was very common to adopt but now this thing has vanished. BTW kitten are more adorable