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Thursday, August 24, 2017

On Call

First day on the floor of full time job. I'm pooped.

I've got two screamers already, quite unreasonable bunch. People have told me that I have had some bad luck.

Let's go back in time for the rest of the day because I'm tired for several reasons.

I went to see my friend who's leaving to BC tomorrow and help her out with some stuff and pick up some good items.

Ended up taking a small heater, a cute blanket, lots of nail polish, bed cover thingers, some heeled boots and a car snow scraper. I took a bunch of other things but those are my most valued items I took today. Yesterday I took a few pieces too which were really great.

I do feel bad for not paying her and not giving her a gift or even paying for her lunch at Sushi Nami. I was planning on doing so but she ordered ramen made of pork and I felt bad. I did pay for the dessert at DQ's though. But that wasn't nearly enough.

I think I will get her a Skagen watch for her birthday. Should be coming up soon!

I helped her pack a box to give to Value Village then drove her to get her license renewed but we both ended up wasting our time there. bleh!

She wasn't able to give me her research assistant job with Jones because Jones said she doesn't need any assistance for the next month. So.....bummer! I wanted more moneys.

Anyways, it was just really sad. I hate that she's leaving. I have never had such great friends until university and now they're upgrading in life and moving on and it just upsets me a bit. At the same time I am happy for them and wish them the best of luck.

I was 15 minutes late to work, no service to contact them either. Got right on there in calls. I don't know how I'm functioning, I'm so tired. It's just ...half are normal people, the other half are just a bunch of weirdos. Like I said, I got two screamers, and my last person was a rambler. I can't say I heard half of it.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!


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