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Monday, September 3, 2012

At the Zoo

This morning i learned that my cousins and their mom were with their dad in the car and that they may be traumatized for life.
We went to the zoo today on a whim, we went with my older sister's friend Alaa and Alaa's son and sister. It was a 2- hour drive. we got a student discount and got to pet many animals like horses, lamas, cats and dogs. We also got to feed a lot of animals like horses, bears, deer, ponies, a macaque and goats. We all had a picnic there and drove home at sunset. after we dropped alaa to her home we went to sobeys to pick a few things since everythings closed in labor day tomorrow.
As for my jaw it unlocked a few times today. and i was so happy cuz it wasnt sore two of those times when i opened my mouth, still no physiotherapy.

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