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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Election Results...sorta?

apparently I tied with simone at the biosociety. It's so awkward, now they're going to extend the voting, make it online for the members of the bio society and  I will have to wait until saturday to get the results.

I probably wont win, because the executives already know simone. She is a fourth year after all...

i got my heart palpitations today in karate, it was only 204 bpm. The rest i wish not to discuss cause I'm too tired. I was outside for 12 hours straight.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Election Night + Funny Random Videos

I started my day with a doctors appointment, but half an hour had passed, and so I rescheduled it to next week. I didn't want to miss my genetics class and so I left. Today, I understood everything the genetics teacher had said, everything, even though he said chapter 5 is the hardest. I then went to my psychology class, and afterwards I went to my genetics lab prof's office hour to ask him about something.
For lunch I met up with a friend and ate Chinese, then started working on some questions. Revi had also mentioned that she will not be part of the executive for karate next year, and that Travis, Todd, and Fransisco were also leaving karate. I think this creates a beautiful opening for me in case I was not accepted as the bio society's executive member. I think I'll apply even if I was accepted. I also heard that my sensei is getting separation anxiety which I thought was funny cause it's kinda true how everyone is leaving karate.
At 2:30 I had genetics lab, in which I was on fire at solving the questions to the point that I pointed out a typo for the prof at the last question. He let us leave an hour before the lab was done, because we only took this information today. I didn't understand why he didn't tell the rest of the class about the typo. I told him, and he said, "they can just ask". That shocked me, to be honest, but I didn't have time to worry about them as I have went to a secluded area to study for my Astronomy exam. I did well on it, but I think I got around 11/14 which is not good because the exam is worth 16%.
After we were done with that, we went to the bio society meeting, in which the election is taking place. there was only about 8 people there. I was hoping I would win by default! but, alas, I don't know. I put out a little speech, that started well, then stumbled down hill, off a cliff, and into a pit of thorns. I know for certain that I, and two others voted for me, however, the current executives also voted, which means they could've voted for the fourth year that was in the hospital!

I still need to bake something for tomorrow's bake sale. I don't think it should take too long.

Thank you for your paience, here's some random anime youtube videos that I like:

1) Because I Got High AMV hell
 anime: Welcome to the NHK

This song is stuck in my head since the neighbors' been smoking weed lately.

2) I don't even....
I actually first found this on 9gag and googled the original version. I find it hilarious that the OrrrEHH!!!! guys help the poor little twin he was picking up earlier after he stumbled. hehehe

3) The Great Mighty Poo! amv hell
Anime: Spirited Away

made my little sister laugh with this one

4) You Are A Pirate
A horribly hilarious parody of Lazy Town.
I showed this to several people in karate including Revi, and she was like. OMG! you were the good one! lol poor Revi, thinks I'm all innocent and good. I've always made that type of impression on people. That's probably how I got away with slapping a girl.
(site of funny little chubby kid totally cheating in a race) ! xD

Don't forget that if you click ads, the person who uploaded the ad gets paid. and probably the company too!


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Biology Midterms

I tripped on my shoe laces today. I didn't step on them though, laces from one shoe tangled with the metal part of the other shoe and I think I could've face planted.

It was kinda embarrassing, but I guess it's okay.

I got 85% on my genetics midterm, and 56% on my cell physiology midterm.
They're both biology.... but... the difference is immense, An A and a D!
Not good, I need to pull my shit together.

I had Cell bio midterm today, and I have an Astronomy midterm tomorrow. I still didn't study for Astronomy, but I will! It's only 14 questions and I'll be damned if I screw this up! I CAN ACE THIS COURSE I KNOW IT!

On other news, I completely forgot my flies, and I haven't checked on them since thursday! My poor baby maggots could be dead by now. I can't restart this shit...AGAIN!
Tomorrow, I also have my election. I'm trying to be part of of the bio society executive members, and there are other two people running too.
I'm not sure how it will go, I've asked like eight people or so to come and vote for me, but so far, I'm only sure of like three people.
Three wont get me anywhere, in my head, I'm thinking if I can at least guarantee ten people, that would be great.
I'll keep asking, I can't mess this up, I need a seat in a society so that I can get accepted in medschool. I need to show everyone that I can have leadership qualities and superb social skills. hmm... alliteration

Oh well, I'll try my best, and to God's the rest!


Saturday, February 22, 2014


Yesterday, after my fajr (dawn) prayer, my sister told me she had been awake for three hours now and was in immense abdominal pain.
At moments like these, I wish I knew how to drive, and had a car.
After an hour has passed, I called mom and told her and we all decided we should take my is to the ER. We were in the ER for about 4 hours, they did nothing but tell my sister to take Advil or Tylanol (pain killers) and if the pain increases or doesn't leave after 48, then she can come back!
Yeah, that was great help!
We went back home, and we had plans to go to Cora's with my friend Revi, but alas my sister was still in pain. After my lunch with Revi was over, mom told me to buy Bascopan, pills for stomachaches, a heating pad, and 7up for my sister. I complied, and after my sister took the bascopan, she felt a bit better.
 Mom, I wish you were a doctor, because you prescribe better medicine.
mothers do know all, at least my mother does. She also told her to swallow some diced onions and drink it with 7up. I'm not sure if that did any help, but my sis is better now.

Homunculus (manga)

Other than fruitsbasket, I read this manga in my reading week. Sad, isn't it?
I'll make a post on fruitsbasket when I find the time to rummage through the manga and pull my thoughts together.

Mangafox starts the summary of Homunculus by stating that this manga is about trepanation; a procedure of drilling a hole in the skull. While trepanation plays a vital role in this manga, it's not really all there is to it though. This manga is about a homeless man who was once a rich banker. He lives and sleeps in his little car that's parked between a hotel he used to frequently go to, and a park filled with other homeless men. He is caught in between those two extremes, unable to fully reject what he once was, or fully accept what he is now. This is how the manga starts...

The protagonist sleeping in his car.
 This, of course, is not all. The story's plot really stars when a man comes knocking on our main man's car window and asks him to participate in an experiment. The experiment is to drill a hole in the skull of the main character, hence the explanation of trepanation. The psychotic doctor claims that he seeks to understand humans, and that trepanation will allow the person to see things others can't; that it should awaken this "sixth sense".

...and it did...

The psychotic doctor
The main character, after agreeing to this insane procedure, starts to see strange things. whenever he closes his right eye and peers with his left, he sees some people as homunculi. Some people appeared as robots, hidden behind an armor, others as trees, and others as thin sheets of paper. When he reports his findings to the doctor, the doctor explains that not only are these hidden subconscious desires and feelings within that person, but those desires and feelings reflect the main character's subconscious as well. This is when the messed up things begin.

The main character begins to desperately try to find out who he is, and what's wrong with him, and what he is through the homunculi of the people he meets.

Wah, isn't he the cutest?! I must say, I've never seen an animated man drawn with a beard and look so good.

This is a completed manga, that is rated M for MATURE! forget 16, if you're not 18 or older, don't read it. There are many sexual scenes, graphic gory scenes, and mentally psychotic scenes.

The manga is drawn beautifully, as you can see. It is one of the rare mangas that I was barely able to predict while reading it. I was able to assume some events were going to happen, but there are so many plot twists, that it just hit you as one shock after another. The genres for this manga are MATURE!, psychological, mystery, and I would also say some dark ambiance.

Spoiler about the ending:
Let's just simply say, that if a normal person had super powers, this is probably how he would end up.
The ending was not all that disappointing, but not all that satisfying either. I wouldn't call it a tragedy, but it's definitely NOT a happy ending. It just ends.

Comment what you think if you've read it,

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Random Thought of The Day

When you really think about it, the song "Hello" by Lionel Richie is a really creepy song!
I mean, what if a guy comes up to you and says "...and in my head, I've kissed your lips a thousand times." I'd personally avoid him like the plague. I've been avoiding that one dude just because he called me "beautiful" several times on extremely inappropriate circumstances.
The video was a bit funny though. He calls the girl, proceeds to ask her if she was looking for him, and then hangs up on her. I think that would make a good prank.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A phone call with Aunti E

So, I scared myself with my pants today. I had hanged them behind the bathroom door, and later on that day, I opened the door to take my pants and they appeared out of no where from behind the door and I totally gasped and looked away in horror.
I'm weird...

My sister's puff pastries were a complete success, alhamdu le Allah. She called mom as she was rolling out the dough, and mom suggested that she should go to culinary school while she's at it. it's a thought!

I also messaged my aunt (dad's youngest sister) about her heart palpitations. You see I got another one on Tuesday, while I was learning Godan. She ended up calling me and we talked for about an hour! I'm not really close to her, in fact, she can be quite a pain. This time was much different. She was friendly, and told me her palpitations last for 5 hours. They rise to about 130 bpm then drop to 90 bpm. Mine rise to about 250 bpm, but only last a few minutes. She told me hers feel as if she's going down a roller coaster, mine only feel as if my heart is beating too fast, and I can even see it beating in my chest, hear it in my ears and feel it pounding throughout my body which makes the pressure quite unbearable on occasions. She told me, similarly to me, that when she went to a cardiologist, her blood pressure, and heart appeared normal. When she went to the ER, however, the time she had it, it appeared that she had low blood pressure.
She also told me, that her heart didn't calm down without an injection to the heart. Artificial sugars are also a trigger for her, things such as sweet N low, and diet cokes are really bad for her. I don't drink anything like that, no caffeine either. I don't smoke, no drugs, regular exercise and sleep relatively well.
She even takes medication for it!

I will, however, with that information, calm my mom down. and I will go talk to the doctor again, and mention that I have a family relative with a similar position as me, and that my palpitations have increased, and I will demand a holter monitor to use on Tuesdays or/and Thursdays, where I know I have karate! I should really sit down every time I get it in Karate, it's just so embarrassing for me to draw attention to myself.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sweet and Sour

Sweet and Sour chicken: complete success
fruits basket: finished watching it with sis
Biosociety: I got 3 people agreeing to vote for me.

Here's the recipe:
I altered it, however, to increase the sauce. For example, I added more ketchup, more rice vinegar (instead of wine vinegar), I put water instead of broth, increased the soy sauce, and this time i put some orange juice with the pineapple juice. I also seasoned the chicken with what they have said, plus salt and pepper!

Pray for me to get the executive position as the vice president of finance at the bio society !


Friday, February 14, 2014

broken glass

moving disaster moments:

two days ago, I spilled the food my sister took a while to make.
today, i cracked another glass.

for some reason, these moments seem to be increasing lately!

Reading Week

I slept at around 1 am and woke up at 4 from this nightmare I had about the devil appearing every where I look. He somewhat resembled voldemort. anyways, I woke up at 4, talked to mom over the phone for an hour, then read manga for an hour, then prayed and fell asleep.

What a way to start my week off.

276 bpm

so tomorrows valentines day, and yasmeen (girl in class) gave me two mini cookies for it. she baked some for all her friends, isn't she sweet?

I also did my best at fixing the fly ratios, i just hope they live and mate and what not.

cell bio prof cancelled labs today. he made me so happy. I ended up going home then going back for karate. At the very end, when we were done with practice and I was taught the first few moves of godan I rushed to my shoes so that I can catch the bus and I got a bit of a heart palpitation. it wasn't beating very hard like the usual, so the blood pressure in my head was tolerable, however, I tried timing it and it was around 23 beats in five seconds. Do the math, folks. that's 276 bpm. If I keep this up I'll reach to triple the amount of beats an average person should have!
hmm...yet I dont feel faint, pain, or irregular pulse.

Comment what you think,

Thursday, February 13, 2014

what's in two dollars?

As I was walking to the bus stop early tuesday morning, a man turned to me and asked for some money. He said he hasn't easten since yesterday and that he currently resides in the shelter. He was a white man in his thirties, he looked shaved and clean, but one of the lenses of his glasses were cracked. I complied to his request, almost immidetietly pulling out my wallet. he in return pulled out the change he has in his pocket. He showed them to me, explaining he only had 60 cents. I pulled out the first thing that I touched in the pocket of the wallet and handed it to him. I sincerly regret it. I only gave him a tooney (2$) and 10 cents. what in God's name is gonna fill him up with only 2.80 $? I had more voins with me, but I didn't think. I hate how I can't think when I'm under pressure. I don't even remember if I smiled back at him when he said I was a "good girl" I wish I've given him just an extra dollar, or asked him to pray for me instead of thank me. I wish I told him something meaningful, or went along with him to eat as well.

But, I had other things to do, and perhaps the only reason why I donnt feel bad for leaving the house late and missing my bus, is meeting him. I should have, however, taken the first bus I come across instead of being half an hour late to class!

I haddd

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bucket List

Here are some things I wish to do someday in my life. They may not be beneficial to me or necessary, so they're not important, but it's something that my mind wonders off to every once in a while. Some are just fantasies...

  • Bungee Jump ( I always wanted to just throw myself out the window while studying, so I have been wanting to do this since my highschool senior year)
  • Pilgrimage to Mecca (This is a must before I die, perhaps it would be fun to do so with my future husband!)
  • Minor role in voice acting/ dubbing for an anime
  • Learn Japanese 
  • Visit the amusement park with my fiance/husband 
  • Jet ski with Fiance/ husband
  • Own a house
  • Donate blood (I have never done it, I don't even know my blood type, but someday, I wish to start donating blood. I think it will be a great way to get hasanat and help others at a relatively cheap cost!)
  • Permanent foster ( I don't know what type of mother I'll be if I ever become one, but I think if I'm good with my children then perhaps helping one will be nice, or if God doesn't give me children then maybe it's a chance to get one. My religion doesn't allow adopting, which basically means giving my foster child my last name, but my religion encourages taking in orphans, which is another word for permanent foster, or fostering, or even becoming like daddy long legs!)
  • Learn the melbourne shuffle
  • Become a Cardiologist
  • Get a black belt in Karate (or at least a brown)
  • Get Abs

to be continued.. 

What's on your bucket list?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Release the Flies!

A moving disaster moment

yeah, and so today as I was checking on the flies that I have crossed, my sleeve rubs against the little sponge cover of someone else's fly jar. The little spongy cover fell off and a swarm of flies just flew out of the incubator! they flew right at me, I freaked the hell out, I think I even yelped then quickly covered the little container thing and closed the incubator door. There was one other guy in the lab at that time and he was sitting away from me. I looked at him, and he didn't seem to take notice of me, which was good!
But I just...looked back at the incubator, and surely about 20 flies were resting on top of the incubator and some were flying around inside it. I a panic, just walked out of the lab and just left. I thought of telling my genetics professor about this, but it was 5:00 pm and he wasn't in school. I just blurted it all out to my lab partner and my sister. I just freaked out and couldnt focus until i told them.
I still feel a bit anxious when i think about it. I totally just infested my university with flies!!!!

Then i went to my class, and picked up some turkish food for myself and sister, which she loved! the original plan was to get a cheesecake since it's her birthday, but for some reason the store was closed, so I went to Turkish Delight.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

a cruel dream reigns

so, i dreamt that the manga character who got raped...was raping a boy o-o...I need to cut down on the obsession i have with the manga "a cruel god reigns"

Friday, February 7, 2014

A Musical Concert

I watched a live concert with my sister yesterday. It was for her music class. They sounded so much better live than from your laptop, go figure. However, I did almost sleep because it was like 3 hours long. Also, we thought that they will play Beethoven's famous 5th symphony, which we were excited about because we know it, but they played Schubert's 5th symphony and Beethoven..God knows what. A pianist named Anastasia somethingkova also played. She's only 14 and we couldnt really see her well. We were in the very first row but at the corner.

Omg the fire alarm just started ringing now! and im sitting here writing about it instead of doing anything. It's just they have so many drills that I don't even know which is real and which isnt and I guess if no ones running out screaming "fire" i wont do much about it. It's giving me a headache ...

anyways, today was an annoying day thus far and me and my sister will be watching a play! it's cinderella! I hope this one is more entertaining.


it was not just interesting, it was epic. I had, we had so much fun. the play was funny specially the two step sisters. one of them gave that look >B(  and my sister and i cracked up with laughter. theyre opera was great, the fairy god moth mother went so high we were shocked it was just so cool.
It was only an hour long too, which was a bit sad.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

typical tuesday

I got hearts palpitation today in karate.
I'm also thinking of joining Trav and Justin's team kata for the provincials.
I drew the crescent moon but it looks really I may redo it. It was fun though...
My cell physiology midterm was shit, I might've failed it
We redid the fly experiment because they died....
My food looked really great like a bento box.
im so tired my legs hurt
I figured out how to do the 95% ci its the =confidence(0.05,stdv,count#) isn't that great? Then plug it in as error bars. Took me a while and it was all the profs help.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Not much happened today, I gained 0.1 kg because I pigged out yesterday, also today...
Third day to eat fast food in a row. my sister and I did some dishes and neither of us has cooked or cleaned yet. I don't know what to say really.
I studied for my psych exam on Monday, and I wanna start on the my biology one for tuesday. It turns out I don't have to take organic chem II for my bio major or my MCAT so im beyond thrilled about that. God knows Organic Chem I will be more than enough for this little butthead!

I hope my sister's gift comes in time for her birthday, I only ordered it yesterday!
I hope the optical shop thing doesn't fuck up my glasses. They told me if they accidentally break my frame while trying to insert the lens, then they cant insure it. I almost had a stroke. I should've just walked out of the shop...maybe I should just not do it. But, i already paid for it!!! Oh God, what do I do! It's an emperio armani brand, and it's purple, and i went to 5 different shops for three days driving my family crazy to get a pair of glasses that will fit my small face and small eyes yet not be black, and have frames so it wont resemble my past pairs and also be in fashion! It was also like 80% off..I just can't...bare the thought that she might accidentally break it and be like ..oops..sorry bro.

I should go study now, enough rambling...
I'm making sure to insert all my heart palpitations on my blog. I wanna keep up with it and see where this goes.