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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Election Night + Funny Random Videos

I started my day with a doctors appointment, but half an hour had passed, and so I rescheduled it to next week. I didn't want to miss my genetics class and so I left. Today, I understood everything the genetics teacher had said, everything, even though he said chapter 5 is the hardest. I then went to my psychology class, and afterwards I went to my genetics lab prof's office hour to ask him about something.
For lunch I met up with a friend and ate Chinese, then started working on some questions. Revi had also mentioned that she will not be part of the executive for karate next year, and that Travis, Todd, and Fransisco were also leaving karate. I think this creates a beautiful opening for me in case I was not accepted as the bio society's executive member. I think I'll apply even if I was accepted. I also heard that my sensei is getting separation anxiety which I thought was funny cause it's kinda true how everyone is leaving karate.
At 2:30 I had genetics lab, in which I was on fire at solving the questions to the point that I pointed out a typo for the prof at the last question. He let us leave an hour before the lab was done, because we only took this information today. I didn't understand why he didn't tell the rest of the class about the typo. I told him, and he said, "they can just ask". That shocked me, to be honest, but I didn't have time to worry about them as I have went to a secluded area to study for my Astronomy exam. I did well on it, but I think I got around 11/14 which is not good because the exam is worth 16%.
After we were done with that, we went to the bio society meeting, in which the election is taking place. there was only about 8 people there. I was hoping I would win by default! but, alas, I don't know. I put out a little speech, that started well, then stumbled down hill, off a cliff, and into a pit of thorns. I know for certain that I, and two others voted for me, however, the current executives also voted, which means they could've voted for the fourth year that was in the hospital!

I still need to bake something for tomorrow's bake sale. I don't think it should take too long.

Thank you for your paience, here's some random anime youtube videos that I like:

1) Because I Got High AMV hell
 anime: Welcome to the NHK

This song is stuck in my head since the neighbors' been smoking weed lately.

2) I don't even....
I actually first found this on 9gag and googled the original version. I find it hilarious that the OrrrEHH!!!! guys help the poor little twin he was picking up earlier after he stumbled. hehehe

3) The Great Mighty Poo! amv hell
Anime: Spirited Away

made my little sister laugh with this one

4) You Are A Pirate
A horribly hilarious parody of Lazy Town.
I showed this to several people in karate including Revi, and she was like. OMG! you were the good one! lol poor Revi, thinks I'm all innocent and good. I've always made that type of impression on people. That's probably how I got away with slapping a girl.
(site of funny little chubby kid totally cheating in a race) ! xD

Don't forget that if you click ads, the person who uploaded the ad gets paid. and probably the company too!


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