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Friday, August 31, 2012

Campus Tour

I Shall list the events of today, for they are too many.

  • Fought with my older sis. 
  • Went to the campus tour with my older sis where the guide was 15 mins late so she was replaced.
  • Failed to install microsoft office.
  • Got my student ID, health plan, free gym access, and free bus pass.
  • Walked home to pray and drink some water
  • Went out this time my dad was with us to find a cheaper apartment.
  • After that we took a snack from wendys, complimented what looked like a convert's hijab, and dropped my sister's old laptop to get fixed
  • Went to Walmart to do some shopping
  • went home and ate some shrimp rice. It was delicious!
  • watched Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. the whole family was appalled and shocked. We arn't used to these shows.
  • played cranium with my sisters. I won! I'm also kick ass at guessing.
  • Mom screwed up my laptop, now i cant open my recently closed tabs, which i use often.
  • finally got on laptop. apparently it's hassan's b-day. i told him hes one year closer to death. we dont like eachother. 
Tada! well the campus tour still freaks me out, i need to sign into many things, i gave up online chatting for college, i hope that's enough. For some reason me and my sis said i have heart problems. no doctor really approved of it, but just in case. 
My jaw has been locking and unlocking so much recently that i no longer know if its locked or not. its sore when its unlocked and hurts when is. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Locked Jaw

My jaw has been locked for a week now. that means it refuses to open, or in my case spread more than two inches apart making it painful to take big bites or even brush my teeth!
I'm going to need a physiotherapist to teach me how to unlock it. I called a clinic today and it havn't worked out well. so, i'm not sure what to do anymore but im gonna try the following:

1) stop chewing gum (temporarily)
2) stop leaning on my left cheek (my left jaw is the one that locks)
3) try my best to relax my jaw
4) try to exersize it...somehow?
5) embrace yawns!

We went out to Mic Mac Mall today and bought a bunch of things including the hello kitty wallet. unsure about the colours but hey, better than white right?

Monday, August 20, 2012

An Identity Card

I got my ID card this morning and it was a bit awkward. The lady working wasn't very friendly, but my picture was cute, thank God. I lied about my height saying im 5''2. i might be 5''1. but not sure.
i also got a debit card. the manager was cute with salt and pepper hair and he was sweet. charming married fellow. typical banker? i dont know.
We also went shopping again, this time for my mom. We didnt get a number for me yet. and still no library, horse back riding, or picking berries in a farm. oh how i wish i can do those three.
We ate at the chinese buffet today. The menu improved quite a bit but the class seems to have dropped. you can tell from the bathrooms. We went to the waterfront and watched a couple playing the violin while one did some tap dancing for a bit. it was amazing how another man joined at one time..and it just seemed like the arabic dabka. Just to show how similar everyone is to eachother even oceans apart.
I did the dished today, yey! okay, im not so used to chores. but i'll manage!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

In Canada

This is my third day in Canada since we came, and the thing i noticed so far is how friendly the people are. I think it is absolutely adorable, and for a lady who wears the hijab to be treated just like everyone else means a lot to me. Perhaps that is the difference between canada and the US. The city we are in is known for its friendly people and that its where most canadians retire.

This morning we went to eat at Cora's breakfast which was absolutely DELICIOUS! We had to wait about 20 minutes to go in, thats how filled it was but time passed quickly as we met some aquaintances. I ordered french toast covered in chocolate and it had bananas and strawberries on top with corra's special sauce which was an absolute delight. I can't believe how identical the picture in the menu is to the dish. So brilliant!

Today is also the first day of Eid al fitr, so no more fasting.Today, I also finished reading the book my uncle got me, and i'm so excited to go to any library to borrow the second book. I haven't been in a public library since three years and i'm SO eager to go to one and just relax and read and read and read. The sheer thought makes my heart flutter.

After breakfast we went to check the new couch my sister ordered and then to the park for my little sis. There i found a few starfishes and crabs beneath the rocks. We dropped my oldr sis back to the apartment then drove to buy some shorts for my little sister Dana, alas we didnt get her any, yet we got her a backpack and i got some boots for the winter and two coats and some other things. i stayed in the car when mom went to buy a chicken from sobey's. She got me some sushi cause i dont like chicken. hehe i love sushi!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A child Called It

Today my uncle, my father's youngest brother, took me to the book store to buy the book that i wanted. he even went yesterday by himself but because i'm an idiot, I told him its called "a boy named it" instead of "a child called it" he didn't get it. makes me feel kinda awful that he had to go twice for me over a book. I'm happy that he did though, it's probably because i'm leaving but it made me happy that he cared this much.

I also talked to Nor, my BFF, today. She called to talk to me before im leaving, since im tomorrow is my last day. It started to finally kick in. that i wont be living here,with my family. That im leaving this country. I really couldn't care less about the country but i like my family. They're something but they're there. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fabulous Family, NOT!

im moving to Canada in a few days, my parents and dana are gonna stay with me for a month before leaving, and in that month my Dad's third brother is getting married. Sucks, but it has been rough times.
Now, my dad's older brother that is living in Jordan has informed my dad that he is coming here for the marriage. It just sucks that they couldnt come one week earlier to see my face before im shipped to canada for God knows how long. Really makes me feel like my family gives a shit about me. and mom asks why i refuse to ask my uncles for a ride to the bookstore. i just dont wanna ask any of my dad's family for any type of favor. in fact, i really dont like them compared to my mom's family.
 Mom hypothesized that they're gonna take advantage of our apartment while we're gone. it only makes sense. its not my mom's first time to assume perfectly correctly. she previously assumed Ro was planning revenge with his dad. and i can only trust her with this. it makes the perfect sense. how else is a family of 5, my grandparents, and two uncles gonna fit in a two bedroom apartment? My grandma already told my dad that she wants my fourth uncle to sleep in the living room of our apartment.
Mom hates the idea of being constantly used, for this isnt the first time. when my dad's sister came from US they used our house, when we travelled, the four annoying daughters of Fate broke many of our toys. like I may never understand how a child can break an original barbie's leg from the KNEE!!! It's one thing to offer your home to others and another thing for another person to offer your home to others. It's like when you're eating a cake and then look away and suddenly half of it is gone. Augh!! what a horrible family. first uncle is gonna misuse our home, i know his children will! they litterly chased me out their house last time i was in Jordan! my first aunt hollers at my middle aged mother! my second uncle is a stingy, rude man with horribly ill mannered daughters! my second aunt is aggressive and rude, in fact, her kids arnt that well behaved either! my third uncle has low tolerance and screamed a lot at us as kids, and for seemingly idiotic reasons like how we woke him from his nap?! why are u napping when ur a single man?! and my fourth uncle completely isolates himself from the rest. okay, the last two arnt as bad as the rest, but that's only cause i try my best to avoid everyone.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Little sis is cooking ^-^

I made beet salad today, but Dana; my ten year old sister, cooked rice and veggies (indian food?), Greek salad, Glazed carrots, and tuna salad. She is so adorable and thank God for all the food we have.^-^


The salads weren't so bad, considering we weren't able to taste our food while we cooked it because we were fasting. The food tasted alright just needed more salt, my beet salad tasted awful.

Friday, August 10, 2012


As the title says, i started packing today. After all i only have a week left before i go to Canada. We ate iftar at grandma's again. it was stuffed squash that i love so much and aunt Fate was there, she made the soup.

Apparently my blogs are most viewed by Russia. That's interesting, i wonder why.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

What A Nightmare

   Iftar yesterday was at my Grandma's again. Fate did the cooking because she forgot to invite my uncle's fiance when the futoor was at her house. It consisted of Dad's three brothers, his sister; her husband was a no show again, Fate, the fiance, my mom, and everyone's children. I chopped the salad while my cousins set the tables. I demanded that the children eat on the floor the way we used to when we were kids, and they complied. After eating the delicious Beryani Fate made. the little kids went downstairs to play Clue and the teens played a game of tarneeb. I really whined at everyone until Ali's three sisters learned to play the game. He called quits though saying he wants a real game, not one with armatures  Meanwhile, #1 from Fate's girls went upstairs after she fought with my sister over the game. I took the game of Tarneeb downstairs to my mom. I knew she wont let me down and i really wanted to teach H and L how to properly play, so we can play together next time. Mom agreed and we set everything and were having fun when my little sister called us in to eat Atayef, a dessert that looks like pancakes stuffed with either cheese or walnuts. We told Dana we'll be right there then two minutes later N; H and L's sister came in pissed telling her sisters to go eat. Mom's reply was "Why don't you go bring us the atayef downstairs since you're all worked up about it." We just wanted to finish the game. N said her dad will be here at 10:30 and that he called twice. H looked at her watch and said it's 10:30 so we tried to rush the game no longer had N walked out the door. Their mother charged right in screaming at everybody. I was in shock. This was our house, she comes in without knocking and yells at us while my mom is present. She even yelled at my mom asking her why no one is picking up the phone. "We didn't hear it ring" my mom replied. That one shut her up for a moment before she continued screaming at her daughters. before she left she gave mom a saucy "we're sorry" and left to continue yelling in the hall. apparently her husband was waiting downstairs. No one said he was downstairs they were only telling us to go eat upstairs. I'm glad she isn't my mom. Party pooper.
      For Suhoor we ate nuggets and made sandwiches to hold us off for the next day. I'm in chapter 19 in Qur'an i'm about two chapters behind. Bummer.

     Today, my cousins, sister and I were only watching a movie when suddenly the movie became a war. Arrows were flying everywhere, by the hundreds, towards the enemy. It evolved into horror as the heroin of Memoirs of a Geisha was spotted in the movie. I'm not sure when all that seemed so real. The woman's body was being used for discoveries and inventions  of new creation to make better soldiers for war. It was hideous; scraps of skin was being experimented on. My cousin was forcing me to watch and i could only cover my little sister's eyes as the doctor reached in inside of a woman's mouth to remove some sort of bug that was latched on to the base of her tongue. I left the room, I could bare it no longer. My cousin challenged me to leave the house and as i was about to, i stared outside at the movers outside and I became paranoid. It must be a trap, those people must be working with the experiments. I went back in the house looking for a normal looking room, but each room seemed to have at least one experiment staring at me. As if I'm next, or as if ill be witnessing the result of these experiments. One room had a young, short man.  He assured me that  i cant leave, that its okay. when i turned around mirror images were  behind me reflecting each other to create an image of a false hallway. Then a hand reached for my shoulder. "I'm back." I woke up suddenly.
I truely hate nightmares. they're long, seem so real, yet can sound so stupid when explained to others. perhaps the setting helps create the mood.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


       I slept at 6 am after trying my best to watch the KSA team on the Olympics for the show jumping game. I failed. I couldn't stay up that early. I did; however, learn that KSA did get the bronze medal for it. So glad that arabs and muslims are finally pulling their weight. Apparently kuwait and egypt also got bronze medals. Kuwait for shooting, and surprisingly Egypt for wrestling. For that we got a 12 hour free messages both national and international on phones. Though I don't know who to contact when I'm at home and people have whatsapp and facebook. It seems to be a waste, how sad. 
      For futoor Fate; my uncles wife that invited us two days ago, is bringing leftovers from that meal to my grandma's house so we can all eat together. Dad invited a coworker out for futoor because he's alone and mom didnt like the idea of eating that same rice. She just dislikes Fate's cooking. So we decided to order some Burger King and pretend that we're eating out. I hate to lie, but some people are nosy and we don't wanna hurt their feelings or offend them. I think we over did the order probebly 'cause we were fasting. three meals and two sandwiches and a salad for just three people is too much right?
After Iftar my sister got dressed as if we were outside and went upstairs to my grandma's apartment to bring Fate's four girls down to play. I really dislike them. maybe it's because i dont like any kids, maybe it's because the oldest one "#1" is rude and incredibly mean for an 11 year old. Complimenting my hair when it's obviously a mess, why would she even do something like that? 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Beast Master (manga)

Today I read a manga called Beast Master. The boy in the story was absolutely adorable although he probably had DID. In the above photo the heroin is trying to pull back Leo, the male protagonist from lashing out at an asshole. When pushed over the edge Leo loses himself and becomes violent. It's a romance story.
For today's futoor my family and my uncle's family ate at my grandma's house. Though a few hours later I was hungry again, not sure why. I've also read some Qur'an and I have finished chapter 16. Yey!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Invitation to futoor

I'm not sure why but I woke up today and it seems as if everything is spinning. I'm really dizzy and tired and not sure of what to do. I found that i have three mosquito bites probably from the beach we went to two days ago and they're so itchy! I took a shower and read some mangas online.
When mom came home from work she had a few gifts from the janitor at her work. She says she used to give him some money occasionally and he wrote her a letter in Arabic even though it isn't his first language and gave her multiple gifts. i especially love the navy blue pants. I think it is so cute and adoring from him to do such a nice gesture. I pray the best for him and his family for the smile he put on my mom's face as she read the little note from him.
My uncle; dad's 2nd brother, invited the family over for futoor. It was a fine meal though i wasn't happy when  my uncle's wife put so much nuts in the desserts even when she knew Dana; my little sister, is allergic to nuts.  Dana fought with Joud, the oldest girl of four, and now they dislike each other. That girl is really rude and can be very mean.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Family reunion in Oman

I just came back from Oman after a weekend visit to my aunts house where we had a small family gathering. The first day we were there we ate out at a resteraunt in a hotel. It was a buffet and the food wasn't so bad. When you're fasting everything tastes great. Afterwards me, Ro (12), Mo (16), My little sis Dana (10) went bowling where I failed so badly at the game and i even got my heart thing; where my heart suddenly accelerates and pounds through my chest at about 90 beats a minute. My uncle suddenly appeared in the bowling alley and started playing with us. He was epic. He helped me and taught me how to properly bowl after i sent my second bowling ball flying backwards at them. This one hit the stairs and broke on of the stairs. I just sat back down as Mo retrieved the bowling ball. I even had a strike after some practice. After an hour of bowling we rode back to my Aunt's; Mo's mom's, house where we were staying for the weekend. Ro and Dana kept bickering at each other, we all tried on a cowboy hat, we laughed a LOT and we forced a cute little flower clip on Ro's shoulder length hair. He made such a cute little girl. I learned how to play "tarneeb" with the cards and my mother played with her siblings and nephew, it was a sweet sight to see.

The second day:
Me and Dana woke up and applied makeup on Ro's face since he agitated Dana so much. it was supposed to be a fun prank. the pictures were absolutely hysterical but it would be awful of me to post them. He was so mad at us for the whole day i even had to try to explain but he cut me half through telling me not to apologize since his mom told me to. well, i don't usually apologize and i wasn't even planning to. i just wanted to tell him why we were being mean from our point of view. After all, all the boys were doing was ps3, laptop and was rather tiring to watch so i had to yank the controller out of his hand and hide it. The result was, he refused to play with us and we didn't know how to set the game; Risk, up. At the futoor time; the time our fasting ends, sunset,  we ate two awesome legs of lamb and goat. I was happy the boys helped set and clean the table with me while my uncle, aunts and mother were cooking. everyone pitched in and that matters to me. Mo was poking fun at Ro's shorts, they reached him to the mid upper thighs so Mo was like "work it girl". Boys are really funny. Everything between us was fine when Ro's dad called him and told him to ideas on getting back on us. Of course we didn't know until the third day. We played some more tarneeb with each other then went to the beach to catch some crabs. unfortunately there was a high tide and we didnt see except three crabs and the idea of eating my own babies wasnt appealing to me. We took two cars to fit all eight of us. Both rides i was with my uncle, going to the beach he taught me bout the gear stick and i opperated it at his comand, on the way back i was the one stirring the wheel through the passanger seat while he drove. im 17 i gotta learn eventually, right? I didnt do such a bad job, the roads were pretty vacant and i knew he's in control of both the speed and had his hand out in case i lost control over the car.

The Third Day:

We had to go back eventually, unfortunatly we had to leave at 5 pm from the house to catch the plane at 7, we were fasting and it was exhausting and frustrating. I woke up at 11 today without any toothpaste in my hair because; guess what, Ro cant go into the room i was sleeping in because i wear a hijab; head covering, around him and naturally i take it off in my sleep....and my mom locked the door because she wasnt sure if he was aware of that. Thank God she did, because if he didnt ask his mom about it he wouldve gone through with his plan. I went shopping in the morning with mom and her sisters at a store named after me. I really hate shopping but it was still better than waiting at the house for the boys to wake up then stop  playing video games. Mom and my aunt bought two shirts each then we all played more tarneeb that day. we left for the airport and it was just so sad since i dont see my mom's family for long periods of  time. Ro i only met twice in my life and each one of my moms  family is in a different side of the world. meeting with them is costly and not sure if we can save for it when we should be saving for my and my older sisters colleges and my parents future security. I just wish my older sister was with us, and that my uncles children were with us too. that would've been a huge party. Now im just in a dire need for a shower.