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Friday, August 31, 2012

Campus Tour

I Shall list the events of today, for they are too many.

  • Fought with my older sis. 
  • Went to the campus tour with my older sis where the guide was 15 mins late so she was replaced.
  • Failed to install microsoft office.
  • Got my student ID, health plan, free gym access, and free bus pass.
  • Walked home to pray and drink some water
  • Went out this time my dad was with us to find a cheaper apartment.
  • After that we took a snack from wendys, complimented what looked like a convert's hijab, and dropped my sister's old laptop to get fixed
  • Went to Walmart to do some shopping
  • went home and ate some shrimp rice. It was delicious!
  • watched Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. the whole family was appalled and shocked. We arn't used to these shows.
  • played cranium with my sisters. I won! I'm also kick ass at guessing.
  • Mom screwed up my laptop, now i cant open my recently closed tabs, which i use often.
  • finally got on laptop. apparently it's hassan's b-day. i told him hes one year closer to death. we dont like eachother. 
Tada! well the campus tour still freaks me out, i need to sign into many things, i gave up online chatting for college, i hope that's enough. For some reason me and my sis said i have heart problems. no doctor really approved of it, but just in case. 
My jaw has been locking and unlocking so much recently that i no longer know if its locked or not. its sore when its unlocked and hurts when is. 

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