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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Invitation to futoor

I'm not sure why but I woke up today and it seems as if everything is spinning. I'm really dizzy and tired and not sure of what to do. I found that i have three mosquito bites probably from the beach we went to two days ago and they're so itchy! I took a shower and read some mangas online.
When mom came home from work she had a few gifts from the janitor at her work. She says she used to give him some money occasionally and he wrote her a letter in Arabic even though it isn't his first language and gave her multiple gifts. i especially love the navy blue pants. I think it is so cute and adoring from him to do such a nice gesture. I pray the best for him and his family for the smile he put on my mom's face as she read the little note from him.
My uncle; dad's 2nd brother, invited the family over for futoor. It was a fine meal though i wasn't happy when  my uncle's wife put so much nuts in the desserts even when she knew Dana; my little sister, is allergic to nuts.  Dana fought with Joud, the oldest girl of four, and now they dislike each other. That girl is really rude and can be very mean.

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