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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Quote of the Day: Balls

So, I just heard a girl outside walking and saying the following:

"I swear on my Uncle's balls!
"I swear on my invisible dick!"

That's all I was able to hear...

Quote of the day: Carrots

As my mother and I were waking my older sister up, she started mumbling. She said "Oh, I forgot the carrots."
Then my mom turned to look at me then back at her and asked "What are you cooking?"
"Chilly," came the reply.
My mom said "wow" then left the room, then I tried waking her up again by telling her there are no carrots or chilly, at which she replied  "Okay, but you wash them."

That was too funny.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pro-Palestine Protest 2014

I went to the pro-Palestine Protest today with my little sister and my dad. My older sister couldn't come because she has an exam in a few days. We started from one park and walked down Spring Garden road then down to downtown, I didn't know we were gonna march while chanting and I thought it was absolutely GREAT! We had people watching us from the streets and some even JOINED US! We had one guy from the sidewalk screaming "israel has the right to exist" he was so angry, and I bet you half the people who heard him gave him something to be more angry about. What a sad man. What was sadder is a group of israelis had the nerve to raise their israeli flag and try to out chant us in the background. Like, why would you go to a pro-Palestine protest to purposely bother people? And here I thought the brought a flag for us to burn, man was I wrong. It would've been hilarious if I asked the man holding the flag if he's gonna burn it! XD

I know it isn't much and that we won't phase our government who unfortunately supports israel, but at least we are raising awareness! There were two black people with us, one old Asian lady with a crutch, and most of us were white! Usually, a lot of Arabs are the ones showing up. We also had some homosexual supporters with us since they had their rainbow flag, and they also had a sign that said "Palestinians and Queers against apartheid" or something of similar words. I also saw a woman wearing the traditional Pakistani or Indian clothing, so it's just really nice seeing people of different backgrounds uniting against a humane cause.

Man, my throat is still sore from the shouting, but it's worth it and I wish it was longer! I can't believe UK had 10,000 protesters, then 100,000 protesters for their most recent one on the 26th and we barely got a couple hundred! To be fair though, our city is very small, it's practically a town and London is one of the busiest cities in the World.

(when I find footage of the event, I will post it here)


Saturday, July 26, 2014


 I'm looking at this and it sends a shiver down my spine in anticipation to reading this character writhe in pain and despair.
Man, there's something wrong with me!


Friday, July 25, 2014

Practicing Karate while Fasting

Well, for the first time today, I practiced karate while fasting. It's about an 18 hour fast, and karate was at 6:00 pm and we can break our fast at dusk, which is 8:50 pm today.
I figured I might as well go since I missed the last two months of practice.
Anyways, we warmed up outside on the grass. It was the first time I practice outside, it was actually really fun! Then it started raining on us, so luckily, the gym was empty by then, so we headed inside. (we were exercising outside because both gym and dojo were taken)
Anyways, we practiced three step, one step, and semi free sparring. Then when everything was over we sat down in a line and lightly massaged the person on the right and left. It was soooo awkward, and I will not do this shit again! I had a child on my left, so I didn't mind him massaging me, but I wasn't comfortable touching him. I felt like a pedo, I don't know why. Then I had a big man behind me, and HE was saying "awkwaaaard". and I was thinking, YOU think it's awkward! I'm over here, ms. hijabi girl, getting touched by you, a strange old man! I think I actually mumbled for him to not touch me. I kept smiling awkwardly, and half-assing most things. It was disgusting! I'm gonna either slide out of the line, or shove myself between two women, or children next time!

I walked home, showered, then helped mom in the kitchen. When I bent down  I got my heart palpitations, then it stopped and I felt a tightness in my chest that I assume was there due to thirst, but then  I bent down again and I got my heart palpitations AGAIN. That's twice in less than half an hour. Second time I have it twice in one day. I think it was about 220 bpm.

Here's a video of it:

Can you see my chest beating? I know I usually look down my shirt and see my chest beating, and feel the blood pulse in my stomach, head, and torso. So bizarre, but kinda fun.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014


My grandma wanted me to kiss her hand as a good bye before we left Kuwait. She legit brought her hand up to my face. So, I took her hand and shook it, then I pulled myself close to her giving her the two cheek kisses Arabs do. :]

My aunt, seeing this, gave me a lecture on how it isn't shameful to do the disgusting, humiliating, belittling, degrading, foul act of kissing that old lady's hand just because she was my "grandma" to which I replied "I wouldn't do that even to my mom" :]

My uncles humored me and tried explaining that I did this because "I hate kissing". Which is true and false. I hate kissing, but I'm still willing to do that unnecessarily air kiss out of politeness and respect, but I refuse to go further :]
Though, there was once a time when my uncle pointed at his cheek and told me to kiss him, and I simply said no and walked away. Which struck a small war between us, that he told me he won't give me my holiday money unless I kiss him, to which I replied "Keep it!". :]
But that was a thing of the past. I try to not stress these things so they don't blow out of proportion.

Anyways, everyone gave me a smack kiss on the cheek after not kissing my grandmom's hand, and I almost felt my skin crawl off my body :] aunt's last words to me were "you're gonna someday get married and your husband will..." then she paused and looked at my body then back at my face and continued, "...kiss you here, here, here, and there" As she pointed at my several places on my face.

She then held her arm up and prayed that I get married immediately after I graduate. ....She said that just so he can kiss me, just because she knows I don't like kissing. :]

Though, little does she know, I'm actually open to the idea of getting married...and even having a child only if it's just like my little baby cousin Ali.
He looks just like the baby Tarazan!

and even that my cousins who know me well enough told his mom that this is the first time they hear me say that I found a baby cute, and that I'm actually interacting with a child. I'm not that picky, it's just that he looked clean, adorable, and he liked me and made happy faces and noises at me. He probably just liked my gold necklaces and colourful hijabs, but he was so adorable, with his little hands, and little feet, and the way he spaces out when he looks at you.
Wah, he was just like a kitty !


Sunday, July 20, 2014


moving disaster moments:

After I wore my flats, I found a shard of glass stuck in my right foot. Glad I felt it and didn't brush it off because if I took a few more steps, I'm pretty sure it would have been embedded in my foot.

Another moment was when I was helping my sister with her psych quiz. I was sitting on that same foot when I just pulled a muscle on the curve of my foot. It was awful! Good news is my sis got all the multiple choice questions right.

We also broke our fast at dad's cousin's place "Hope". Her food was simple, so I didn't eat much and that's good.

travelling back to canada tomorrow.

and...did I just get a THIRD follower?!

don't be afraid to comment,

Saturday, July 19, 2014


I just burned two of my fingers.
I saw that my sister put the pot of boiling water on the side of the stove top instead of directly on it. So, I grabbed the pot's handle to put the pot directly on the stove's fire. I wasn't aware that the fire was heating up the iron handle when I grabbed the handle, and that's how I burned myself.
I think it's first degree, so it isn't that bad, but it does hurt. I'm just sitting here blowing on it.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ups and Downs

Two days ago dad pretended as if nothing has happened and I was in a pissy mood. My sister and I were unable to go to the proPalestine protest because we lost out ride; Saf (dad's cousin). Apparently, it's illegal for non-Kuwaitis to protest in kuwait, so our ride didn't want to afford that risk. The ministry of Kuwait did say we had permission to as long as it was peaceful, but I guess people chicken out. I can't blame them, though I wish we can do more.

 Yesterday, dad called me over and told me to never scream at him again, then he hugged me and told me he never meant to break the glass. He said he tried tossing it to the counter, but who tosses glass?!
I just felt tons better afterwards. I felt like it's a little closure for blowing my lungs off. We also went out shopping with Saf yesterday. It was really fun hanging out with people that weren't my parents. She bought us a ring each, and then we sat outside the mall at a cafe, smoking hookah and drinking juice. Well, I only tasted the watermelon flavored hookah, which made my sister's jaw drop for not being the goody-two-shoes people think I am. I also ordered a cocktail and it showed up in a pineapple! A PINEAPPLE WAS MY CUP! It made me happy because it was cool and refreshing and had ice-cream in it. I guess it's more of a smoothie than a cocktail.
On a side note, I also broke a glass (movingdisaster moments), my little sis also broke a bowl.

Today, we were invited to eat at grandma's again. God have mercy. But it wasn't so bad because I was with L (cousin) and my sisters.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

 I fought with both parents today.

I got my period today. I wasn't throwing up and curled up from the pain, or unable to feel my feet from the cold that; no matter how many blankets I would be sweating under, doesn't seem to leave. My back and knees weren't aching and I was able to walk and talk. But I didn't want to. I was still curled up in a blanket. I took two pain killers because my stomach was giving that uncomfy feeling borderline pain for the past two hours so I didn't wanna move too much because I was afraid it might become serious cramps.

 Mom came home and asked me to cook something for her today but I told her "no, not today" she looked at me clearly upset. So, I explained that I have my period. At the same time my two sisters were fighting. My older sister can't sleep from the dust and my younger sister won't remove her things from the desk so that the helper can wipe it clean. So, that was going on in the background.

My sis also asked me if I was in pain..and i said no because if I was I wouldn't be on the laptop, but in the fetal position trying to lose consciousness by sleeping. She then, for some reason, told my mom that. My mom having had the last straw yelled at my little sister for not listening to her older sis. Yelled at the maid for not cleaning properly. Yelled at my older sister for complaining to her and not to dad, who was home before her. She then yelled at the fact she has to do everything in this house. And she was hoping to take a nap today because she only slept for about 4/5 hours while fasting and driving in the sun an hour to work and an hour from work. My mom then yelled at me for being mean because when she had her period she took us out for dessert. And she yelled at me for telling her to stop talking bout cigarettes. because apparently it shows how much we care about her health from our behavior. She also told me to never ever even say the word cigarette in front of her or else.... (I spaced out when she raged at me). She then screamed from the bedroom that she does everything for us after work and after iftar everyday while dad took a month and a half to shade the window of her car, even though she drives two hours in the sun while fasting. And that she was telling him to change the locks for two months then ended up buying them herself. She then pointed out that when his parents ask for anything it gets done the following day. She then closed the door on herself and went to sleep.
 I of course got upset because I wanted to be left alone when I'm cramping and instead, I get yelled at. I get yelled at cause she assumed from what my sister told her, that I wasn't in pain at all. I then got scolded by my older sister over a message i sent on facebook and I was just so pissed off that I played C4 and candy crush, but I ran out of lives and players before my mood was fixed.
When my sister went down to buy pizza, we watched a show we're following (with our dad) called Khawater. So, we didn't really set the table properly. When it was time to eat, I went to the kitchen to check on the food that I ended up making for mom while she was asleep, but I wasn't in the best mood. Those damn cigarette packets kept staring at me.

My dad got angry at my little sister for asking her too many times for the dates, and she told him to go get it himself. Of course that made him even angrier, and he was probably already angry from my moms raging. So, he started yelling at her then he threw the plate of dates on the kitchen floor, breaking it, and left. Once that plate shattered, my sanity shattered with it. I just screamed on the top of my lungs " WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!"(laish 3melt haik) in arabic, and then surprised he heard screaming, he came back to the kitchen. he yelled back "WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING?!"
"WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!" I screamed again. and I don't know what he said...maybe he asked me what did he do..or he said he does what ever he wants...I don't remember but I remember asking him "enta bas beddak te2zeena?" "Do you just want to harm us?" I don't know how those words left my mouth. I don't know if he understood it as literally harming us with the glass because both my sister and I were barefoot in the kitchen, or understood that he was doing a lot of shit that hurts us or was not doing enough and it's hurting us. I hope that sentence haunts him, I hope my screams haunt him, and I hope my tear stricken face glaring at him from the stove haunts him.
This was the very first time I EVER raised my voice at my father and I just started crying. I hate crying in front of people...I rarely do it, and I look just miserable and I can't stop..and I can't breath, and I look like shit. It's just awful.

mom was; of course, awake by then, my little sister ran to her bedroom, my older sis for the first time in her life DIDN'T involve herself in the fight and locked herself with my other sister, and I just didn't have it in me to do anything in life anymore and locked myself in the bathroom sobbing until my mom kept knocking at the door for me to get out. And I didn't know if I got my heart palpitations when I was crying or not...and I don't know what it was exactly that made me cry...
maybe it was the fact that I fought with both parents in one day. That I somehow turned everyone against me.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Screamed at My Father

The house was pretty tense because mom pretty much erupted. My dad was screaming at my little sister then he threw the plate of dates she gave him on the kitchen floor, breaking it, and left. Once that plate shattered, my sanity shattered with it. I just screamed on the top of my lungs "ليش عملت هيك؟" (WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!) and then surprised he heard screaming, he came back to the kitchen. He yelled back "ليش بتصرخي؟" (WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING?!)
"WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!" I screamed again. I don't know what he said after...maybe he asked me what did he do..or he said he does what ever he wants...I don't remember but I remember telling him "انتا بس بدك تأزينا؟" (Do you just want to hurt/harm us?)
I don't know how those words left my mouth. I don't know if he understood it as literally harming us with the glass because both my sister and I were barefoot in the kitchen, or understood that he was doing a lot of shit that hurts us or was not doing enough and it's hurting us.
I also screamed that I wasn't gonna clean it up at which he told me not to, and I flipped at that, because you just can't leave glass on the floor. He ended up telling me he will clean it.
 It's not very common for me to even answer my father back, let alone scream at him. This was the very first time I EVER raised my voice at my father and I just started crying when it was over. I hate crying in front of people...I rarely do it, and I look just miserable and I can't stop..and I can't breath, and I look like shit. It's just awful.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Demonic Nightmare

I ranted in yesterdays post and forgot to say that I had my heart palpitations yesterday. I walked to Great Steak, bought some food and went back home. When I sat down on the couch, I got my palpitations.
That was pretty much it.

and i also woke up from a nightmare yesterday, like fourth one in those ten Days.
I dreamt that I was in some sort of tour with a group inside a dark house. Someone handed me those old school video cameras, the ones where you slide your hand in the slip to hold it up and you peer through a little screen at the side. Anyways, through that camera, I was able to see if there are any demons. Yeah, some paranormal activity shit right here.
Then of course, I did as I was told on videotaping and just as you would have suspected, I saw a black thing next to someones head..and I think they made an odd noise too. It was so freaky. I quickly lowered it to see if it was indeed a demon and it disappeared as soon as I lowered the camera. I looked around the room with the camera again and I saw a few of them. They had red glowing eyes, which now reminds me of another nightmare I had...
anyways, I then flipped the screen of it and turned the camera towards me to see if there were any demons next to me. There was one demon...that was inside of me. Instead of my face, I saw a demon there instead. I just dropped to my side and started reciting a verse in the quran "Surat Al falaq". I repeated what I had done and then I was able to see my face. It was soooo awful...and then I walked down the stairs and saw my uncle N among the crowd and that's when I woke up.
Remember when I said my hand was inside the camera's strap. I woke up with my hand inside my pants! I find it funny now, but the strap of my pants was on the back of my hand while my thumb was out, just as if I was holding that camera. Augh!!!! I hate demons, they're like my worst nightmare.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Anger and Laughter

My sister just sent me "17 struggles ladies with secretly big butts have" on facebook. Then afterwards she sent "21 things only people who suck at applying makeup will understand". Here's the link:

The last few were right.

She's making me laugh so hard, I wonder what else she'll post!

Dad also came back from Dubai, he had a meeting there. And since he returned today, my grandma called thrice. Augh, that woman needs to leave us the fuck alone. With all her energy and determination and conspiracy work, she can go and free Palestine all on her own. She'd be knocking the IDF left and right with one arm while breaking the Gaza wall with the other. She's that type of tough, but she doesn't put it to good use!

Speaking of Palestine, I hope you people have already heard of the missle showers Palestine is receiving from Israel these past 8 days. It started with three israeli teens going missing....then 6 palestinian teens missing...and then the three teens were found dead...and a 15 year old palestinian child's body was found charred. reports say he was forced to drink gasoline, and burnt alive. somehow it escalated to firing missles between the two parties, and of course the missiles hamas throws at israel get  shot down before they hit the ground and the high advanced weaponry israhell uses destroys civilian packed homes.

It's ramadan, people are fasting..and people are dying on a daily basis. Of course israhell is playing victim (as usual). They're putting ALL the blame on hamas, as if hamas is doing this for sheer fun or something. Maybe if they didn't cut off electricity, made water and food supply a living hell to obtain, and treated the Palestinians worse than you treat the animals, and stopped with your illegal settlements. then jeesh maybe Hamas wouldn't be attacking you. I don't blame hamas, i don't support that they injure civilians, but I do NOT blame them for what they do. what would YOU do.
I know america sent two H-bombs on hiroshimal and nagasaki when japan bombed pearl harbor. so, what was israel expecting? That we will just welcome the Zionists into our homes, give them the keys and leave just because nazi germany didn't want them. Like, what the fuck man?

Yes, I'm venting. I've spammed up all of facebook with this. I think some people will unadd me on facebook, but you know what? I don't care! and the dumbass arabs need to CUT OFF OIL SUPPLIES! stop exporting gas and oil to fuel those zionists! like seriously, just tell the US that if they don't get their stupid allies that they pay 30 billion a year to stop bombing Palestine, then we will no longer supply you with oil.

See what happens!

Humanity in people is dead. Just look anywhere. It's ridiculous how stone-hearted people can be.

Peace upon Palestine,

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Weird Dreams

I've been having a lot of odd dreams lately and I'm not sure if it's from the urge to pee when I wake up, but they're all strange and creepy.

The first creepy dream that I can remember this week was that I caught a glimpse of a maggot walking on my left sleeve. I looked at my arm and it was covered with crawling maggots and two beetle looking insects. It was so disgusting. I flailed my arm and it didn't work, so I just took off my shirt in the bathroom and threw it in the bathtub and began spraying it with water.

The second dream, I only remember this part:
A snake slithered it's way to my thigh and bit my outer left thigh. It just, I saw it digging one of it's fangs inside ( the other one didn't puncture my skin) and it hurt so much that I woke up.

The third is a little more creepy than disgusting and painful:
It started out pretty normal. The way most of my dreams roll out: ENDLESS.
I was playing karate on the sand with my friends, and then my mom picked me up. I went to a wedding and my mom commented on the bride's hair saying it's really classy. Obviously a lot happened and then my older sister appeared. She was only 12 in the dream, and she was dead in the dream. She looked at me and told me she's bored. She beckoned me to follow her, and I left the wedding and went with her to a small dimly lit room. For some reason I linked that room to the movie "The Ring". She picked up one of the eye pieces on the table and played with it. It was a magnifying glass and asked me how to use it. I looked at it, and I saw it as a torture device that rips out eyeballs once you look inside it.
I woke up afterwards, feeling sad...and a little spooked.
It just really broke my heart that my sister was young and dead and bored, she was just trying to play.

...come to think of it...There was a child who tried to play with me two days ago at my aunt's house. It was my second cousin's girl, and she was adorable and wanted to play subconscious is just messed up.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

colleague gathering

Yesterday evening mom took us to an evening dinner at Albustan restaurant where we met up with some of her coworkers. I think it was a farewell gathering because two newly weds were "let go". Bittersweet, really.

Anyways, my sister and I thought it was gonna be held in a ballroom, or a hotel so we were a little over dressed. I mean, I was wearing a dress, heels and FULL makeup! Some people even brought their little kids. Kids at a restaurant, yes, very fun. The first thing I did after saying hi was drop my platinum ring my aunt gave me under the table and to some lady's feet. It was awkward asking her to get it for me.
Then EVERYONE was staring at our table because we were so loud (kids were screaming)! I got embarrassed enough that I took two little boys (6 and 4?) outside to play in the playground to tire themselves out. So, there I was, in a dress, wearing heels, full makeup at 38 C, at 11 pm in the park. It was weird and I got sand in my shoes. The kids weren't hard to manage, they were obedient, so that's good.

Then when I got back, my sister was already having a conversation with someone her age while smoking hookah. I was also at the edge of the table, and I couldn't hear what they were saying, nor were they really giving me room to talk or listen so I fiddled a bit with my phone. Thank God I was able to get internet!

Then this little cutey 6 year old boy sits next to me, looks right at me and asks " Why are you sitting alone?" I was truly baffled. He then said "It's okay, I'll sit next to you." He really made my day. He was this adorable little thing with glasses, and everything he said was sweet. I then didn't know what to do, so I gave him my phone so he can play some games. At least one of us should be entertained.
If I ever have a son, I want him just like this little guy, so sweet, caring over the younger boy even though they weren't brothers, and a little mature and settled. That would be the perfect son ^-^
Well, even though I didn't have fun at all, my mom did. And it really was all about her tonight.

A klutzy moment for me today was stub my 3/4 month old already scabbed and bruised little toe against the door frame. Man, this is like the 6th time I smack that toe. It's seriously NOT healing! I bruised and bent the nail when I was training for the karate Provencals. I was doing a jump turn and smacked it against the heel of my other foot! ever since, I've been smacking it on table legs, doors, walls, and door frames. It's just awful, and sometimes it would bleed a little bit.

Today we ate at grandma's, talk about ew. my uncle "apologized/ made excuses" to my mom, so now she is willing to be in the same room he's in, but she's not letting the matter go because no one told my grandparents that he apologized. Why? because people are weird.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

...There's nothing to justify...

It isn't even a misunderstanding...

People need to suck up their pride and learn to apologize, though most often people don't acknowledge the fact that they're wrong...