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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ups and Downs

Two days ago dad pretended as if nothing has happened and I was in a pissy mood. My sister and I were unable to go to the proPalestine protest because we lost out ride; Saf (dad's cousin). Apparently, it's illegal for non-Kuwaitis to protest in kuwait, so our ride didn't want to afford that risk. The ministry of Kuwait did say we had permission to as long as it was peaceful, but I guess people chicken out. I can't blame them, though I wish we can do more.

 Yesterday, dad called me over and told me to never scream at him again, then he hugged me and told me he never meant to break the glass. He said he tried tossing it to the counter, but who tosses glass?!
I just felt tons better afterwards. I felt like it's a little closure for blowing my lungs off. We also went out shopping with Saf yesterday. It was really fun hanging out with people that weren't my parents. She bought us a ring each, and then we sat outside the mall at a cafe, smoking hookah and drinking juice. Well, I only tasted the watermelon flavored hookah, which made my sister's jaw drop for not being the goody-two-shoes people think I am. I also ordered a cocktail and it showed up in a pineapple! A PINEAPPLE WAS MY CUP! It made me happy because it was cool and refreshing and had ice-cream in it. I guess it's more of a smoothie than a cocktail.
On a side note, I also broke a glass (movingdisaster moments), my little sis also broke a bowl.

Today, we were invited to eat at grandma's again. God have mercy. But it wasn't so bad because I was with L (cousin) and my sisters.

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