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Saturday, July 5, 2014

colleague gathering

Yesterday evening mom took us to an evening dinner at Albustan restaurant where we met up with some of her coworkers. I think it was a farewell gathering because two newly weds were "let go". Bittersweet, really.

Anyways, my sister and I thought it was gonna be held in a ballroom, or a hotel so we were a little over dressed. I mean, I was wearing a dress, heels and FULL makeup! Some people even brought their little kids. Kids at a restaurant, yes, very fun. The first thing I did after saying hi was drop my platinum ring my aunt gave me under the table and to some lady's feet. It was awkward asking her to get it for me.
Then EVERYONE was staring at our table because we were so loud (kids were screaming)! I got embarrassed enough that I took two little boys (6 and 4?) outside to play in the playground to tire themselves out. So, there I was, in a dress, wearing heels, full makeup at 38 C, at 11 pm in the park. It was weird and I got sand in my shoes. The kids weren't hard to manage, they were obedient, so that's good.

Then when I got back, my sister was already having a conversation with someone her age while smoking hookah. I was also at the edge of the table, and I couldn't hear what they were saying, nor were they really giving me room to talk or listen so I fiddled a bit with my phone. Thank God I was able to get internet!

Then this little cutey 6 year old boy sits next to me, looks right at me and asks " Why are you sitting alone?" I was truly baffled. He then said "It's okay, I'll sit next to you." He really made my day. He was this adorable little thing with glasses, and everything he said was sweet. I then didn't know what to do, so I gave him my phone so he can play some games. At least one of us should be entertained.
If I ever have a son, I want him just like this little guy, so sweet, caring over the younger boy even though they weren't brothers, and a little mature and settled. That would be the perfect son ^-^
Well, even though I didn't have fun at all, my mom did. And it really was all about her tonight.

A klutzy moment for me today was stub my 3/4 month old already scabbed and bruised little toe against the door frame. Man, this is like the 6th time I smack that toe. It's seriously NOT healing! I bruised and bent the nail when I was training for the karate Provencals. I was doing a jump turn and smacked it against the heel of my other foot! ever since, I've been smacking it on table legs, doors, walls, and door frames. It's just awful, and sometimes it would bleed a little bit.

Today we ate at grandma's, talk about ew. my uncle "apologized/ made excuses" to my mom, so now she is willing to be in the same room he's in, but she's not letting the matter go because no one told my grandparents that he apologized. Why? because people are weird.


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