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Friday, August 30, 2013

Goodbye Nour, Hello Moe

Unfortunately, nothing lasts for ever and life has to go on.
Nour's airplane left at 1:00 pm today, and Mo's ( My aunt H's son, who's a year younger than me) arrived at 11:00 am. So, my cousin left this morning after packing her bags and receiving a card from Dana. It was a cute card with grafitti's pic on it and the 13 things that describe Nour. it Was cute and most importantly: Nour LOVED it.

Man, I love my aunts and I love Nour. Nour is officially everyone's favorite cousin. She's so cool, chill, funny, friendly and helpful. She has a great personality, and the most beautiful wide green eyes. She's amazing, just amazing. Inshallah she'll be one hell of a dentist someday. She actually wrestled with me to try to kiss me on the cheek, and i defeat her all the time. She even punches my shoulder a few times and I return it. She tells me I don't realize exactly how strong I am, which is pretty awesome. She's awesome. She even likes hugs and cuddles like my older sis, and she's so comfortable to be around. Like my older sister said, She holds a presence in the house. I really do feel like something is missing, and I've only been with her for four days.

When my cousin arrived at the house, it just, I don't think he can replace her at all. It's sad, I really miss her, we all do. Mo's a bit more relaxed, he's very chill and a little bit lazy and self centered because he's an only child. He can, however, be mature and sensible when he wants to. He's also very smart, and we're all praying that he doesn't fuck up in university. He's going to study in BC, Canada. He's going to be alone there, and we all hope he won't fuck up or slack off.

Inshallah he wont, I don't think he will at all, he's been in situations where he was offered alcohol and he didn't drink. He's been through his father's death, and he even told his mom if she wants to get remarried then she can do so. he won't be too happy, but he will understand. He also offered to study somewhere near his mother instead of all the way to Canada, but she told him to do what he wants because she doesn't mind. I just think his awareness of others needs a bit of tweaking, those little things, like doing things as hes told on the spot, instead of giving his mother a stroke before actually doing it. I suppose most people are like that though, I know I have many things to improve on myself as well.

Comment below on what's your best and worst qualities, lemme laugh a little.



I haven't been updating this for a few days even though a lot of things have happened in each day I slept over at my aunt's place.

Dad drove me and my sister to sign the contract for our apartment, we got a month free because of the damage that has been done due to the water leakage. Then dad drove me all the way to Halifax Shopping Center (AKA mall) so I can cut my hair!!! They didn't have a private room for women the way I was hoping for, but they did have a little barrier so no one could see me when I remove the hijab. She also offered me that the men would be seated behind the wall in the center of the store so they wouldn't see me from the back.
 The offer was hair wash + hair cut + blow dry = for 43 $ including Tax. so I thought it was pretty decent. Unfortunately, I didn't use the hair wash offer, my hair was already washed the night before and I didn't feel too comfortable walking around the store without the hijab, and I might have to wear it to and from the sink. It's too hectic, so I just ignored it.

I listened to my aunt M and my older sister's suggestions to cut my hair short from the back and then it descends longer and longer to the front. I think it's a bob cut. I'm not sure, but I know one thing and that's I LOVE IT!
The girl was super friendly, she texturized it and straightened it and instead of criticized my hair the way some salons do, she told me she liked it's thickness, and the smell of the cream I used for my hair!

We then picked some of the family up, and others chose to ride the taxi all the way to the Chinese Buffet place. We ate and Aunt R's sisters all gave her a make over. One of my crazy aunts H ran inside the bathroom when R was showering and started scrubbing her back for her! Aunt R was screaming bloody murder, or so I heard. I have funny people in the family like that!

We then went to putting edge, where we played in groups of three. It wasn't that great of fun, but we took some pictures there, and dad was acting a little retarded. He kept making weird noises and laughing way too loud.It was dark and some of our clothing glowed in the dark, including Nour's undershirt, which looked like a bra.

We walked at night and fooled around, ate some ice-cream and had fun teasing and laughing. I think we also danced that night. we put some music and the girls started shaking it, specially my mom. My mom kicks ass at belly dancing, I wish I was half as good as she was. My mom says I move like a rock, I'm too heavy on my feet, I don't feel the music and that I do everything like it's a task! It's kind of funny and we laughed a lot, and danced a lot. Nour didn't dance much except the dabkeh, which is a cultural dance that looks a bit like tap dancing because it's made up of stomping, jumping and moving in a line while holding hands while creating music with one's feet. It's great! my aunt H taught me the Palestinian Dabkeh, which is the hardest to do, and also the Lebanese dabkeh, which is the most common because it's the simplest.

The next day, we woke up to eat breakfast at Cora's. I really love the food there. My Aunts walked with me, my sisters and Nour back home from the restaurant. We stopped at a church, and at the black market to look at the strange accessories inside. We found a lot of penis sculptures inside and of course my aunt H cracked a joke or two about that. My aunts bought some things and then we continued to walk home. My Aunt R went to take a nap, she's been really stressed lately from her household. She's the one that takes care of her husband, and she has two sons that slack off and are too lazy to work  hard for a living, they want easy money and in her eyes, Nour is the only good thing about her life and she's afraid of losing her. It's quite sad.
What's left of us went to ride the Segways that Nour has been wanting to try for a while. Dana was too young for it so she rented a bike instead. It's really easy to ride a segway, just push on your toes a bit and you move forward, relax and put your weight on your heels and you stop and skid a bit backwards. the steering is the easiest, anyone can do that. I tried experimenting in the parking lot and moving faster and I looked at my aunt H and told her "Don't be scared, go faster" The moment I uttered these words, my left wheel crashed into a car's bumper and I fell right off the segway and rolled on the concrete floor. I got up pretty quickly, but was a bit shocked because I DID NOT SEE THAT CAR AT ALL! everyone laughed at me and asked if I was alright, which I was. My aunt H then looked at me and asked "what was it that your mom calls you again?" and so I replied with the obvious "moving disaster"

The rest of the ride was fun, we rode across the harbor for half an hour, and dana was following us on the bike. Some teens were sitting on top of the huge wave sculpture thing and when I rolled by they said "they see me rollin', they hatin'" I looked up at them and when they saw me looking we both laughed so hard. It was pretty refreshing rolling by people and some give comments like that, the elderly folk take some pictures, and one man put up a thumbs up as if he was hitchhiking. I love the humor.

We took pictures on the Segway, the guider was really friendly to allow us to do that after we were done with our time. Dana had some extra time with her rented bike so I asked her to show me the tricks she knows. She clapped while riding, she stood on the pipe in the middle, she sat on the side and crossed her legs. She even gave me the bike for a few minutes and taught me how to stand on the middle of the bike the way she did. I didn't do as good of a job, but I've never dared do such a thing before.

At home, I revealed my bruised up and scratched up knee to everyone. It's purple, green and red today! We also played some cards yesterday. Aunt H taught me how to play banakel and she previously told me how to play tarneeb in oman. I'm happy that I learned some card games, I'm still not that good because I only played a few times and with H standing over my shoulder. She's amazing, she kept trying to tease my mom and her sister R so that they wont be as good of a team. It was hilarious.

Inshallah these reunions will live on forever, I've never heard my mom laugh so much in her entire life than she does when shes around her sisters.

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Had SO much fun with my aunties and cousin Nour. SO much fun!

yesterday we went walking on the harbor before we picked up aunti H (#3) from the airport. Auntie R (#1) and my older sister ate some Beaver tails after we ate poutine. My sisters, cousin and I then walked to Tim Horton's to eat ice-cream at Cold Stone and I wrestled with Nour to pay for the ice-cream! The poor cashier lady got so flustered and confused and Nour ended up paying because she successfully snatched both my visa and cash from my hands, it was absolutely ridiculous.
Speaking of wrestling; after Aunt H made it to the furnished apartment Nour started wrestling with me for a smooch on the cheek. Now, I really hate kisses, even those friendly family ones on the cheeks. I'm not a germaphobe or anything but those really disgust me. I kept blocking and dodging and I even held her throat so she couldn't push her face at me! Victory was mine, after I accidentally smacked Dana's chin with my elbow by striking a pose for the camera. What can I say? I'm a moving disaster!
We slept over at their apartment after painting aunt M (#2)'s nails all types of colours. I also painted mine and Dana did hers.
 Today my dad, sisters, myself, Aunt R, and her daughter Nour squeezed ourselves in one car and drove an hour to pick some blueberries. There it rained on us for about two minutes then it started drizzling. We only did one box of blueberries though.
When we returned to the apartment, we met up with the rest and walked to Murphy's for some good lobster. Unfortunately, the lobster there was pretty pricey. 50 $ for 2 pounds, 30 $ for a pound. We can get some cooked lobster from the superstore for half that price, so I just got some seafood casserole. The casserole tasted really good, but the side dish salad tasted so bad, I just couldn't eat it. Since the casserole was so small I left the restaurant hungry.
We went home to our apartment for showers and a fresh set of clothes, but we're gonna sleep over and go out tomorrow. WOOT WOOT!
I love this gathering! I love my mom's side of the family. my aunt's are so great! They actually listen and want to get to know us. Each one of us.


My weakness is that I'm an introvert, It isn't that I'm shy from others, or that I cannot socialize, it's that I would rather do my work independently than have to worry about the people around me.

My weakness is that I'm slow. I like to take my time to do my job thoroughly than rush and make mistakes.

These are a few ideas of myself in case in a future interview someone asks me what my "weaknesses" are.

I read this one before " I'm a perfectionist, I would rather take my time and do the job perfectly once than have to rush through it and repeat it several times." I'd be lying if I said i'm a perfectionist though.


First Gathering

This morning was all about the cleaning!
I spent a good hour JUST doing the dishes! I listened to some music in the process, so it wasn't so bad.
I also cleaned the meat from the fat, and my sister cooked. She made Roz bel qidra literally translates to "Rice in a pot (of clay)" It's traditionally cooked spiced rice with chickpeas and garlic cloves slow cooked in a pot of clay with lamb meat of course! Since we're in the 21st century she just cooked it on the stove using a normal pot, boiled the lamb on the side and used the lamb's broth to cook the rice with. Qidra is a Palestinian dish, more specifically a Gazan dish
My sister also made some yogurt with cucumbers and some tomato sauce with the main dish. It tasted sooooo good!
My sisters and I also cleaned up the rest of the apartment while my parents were driving to the airport to pick mom's two eldest sisters up. They dropped them off at the furnished apartment that they rented and then came back for us and the food.
We all ate together, then talked and laughed. It was amazing! My cousin Nour was also with us. She's #1's daughter ( yeah, i'm going to number my aunts based on their age, 1 is oldest, mom will stay mom, she's the fourth)
The parents all went to the superstore after a while, and then my sisters and I and my cousin decided we would walk outside along side the harbor, it's all downtown.
We laughed so much, and took tons of pictures, it was so amazing. I climbed up on the wave statue, which I may add a picture of later on, and played hide and seek with Dana in the playground. We then walked to the end, took more silly photos of us making silly faces, being gangsta, and just smiling. We went to some shops, saw poopoopaper, and talked a lot. On the way back my cousin looks at me and tells me I have a nice butt. I blanked out then burst out laughing. I can't believe she noticed it and she's a girl, and i was wearing a loose cardigan up to my mid thigh!
She said she noticed it while I was walking. As awkward as it sounds, I really liked her compliment. I don't wanna hear it from a man, nor close people. I think she really liked me too, I like her a lot so far. We haven't seen each other since I went to her house in the U.S. when I was about 12?
She joked around with me today and told me I wanna be asian. pfft, just because I'm obsessed with anime, play karate, and have a Chinese friend doesn't mean I wanna be asian.
 We also discussed how my older sister and I are polar opposites since she's an extrovert and I'm an introvert, She has had teeth removed from her mouth since they were pushed together, and I have missing teeth and a few small gaps, she cares about her appearance and what people think, and I don't give mine much thought and won't let others affect my behavior nor lifestyle.
I'm so excited about the reunion !
My 3rd aunt is coming at 7:00 pm tomorrow!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Fourty Fish

I cleaned the bathroom this morning, and mom did the kitchen. I also introduced mom to vines. Vines are videos that are seven seconds long and they're mostly hilarious. She really laughed out loud, it isn't everyday that mom laughs. She even liked it on facebook so she can still see them. Mommy so cute.

My aunties are also coming tomorrow! It's gonna be a reunion for my mom. ALL her sisters together in one place! I can't wait!

Dad was outside with Dana fishing. He bought a new fishing rod and was excited to use it. They came back home with 40 fish. What are we going to do with 40 mackerels ?! My older sister is calling her friends to give them away, and I'm telling mom we should cook them and give them to the homeless. Selling them is also an idea, but what are we gonna do? stand in the sidewalk and ask people if they want fish?
I'd do it, but i'd need someone to give me that push.

I hope they taste good!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Five Broken Cameras

I have finally watched Five Broken Cameras today. It's a documentary recorded by a Palestinian father who lives in a village in Palestine that is slowly being occupied by the illegal Israeli settlements. The man initially started recording his newly born fourth son, but then he then also started recording the protests, the demonstrations, and events that take place in the village as well. It took five years to record the film and in the process five of his cameras were broken. Some were shot at, gassed, and even broken by hand.

This documentary was nominated for an academic award in 2010 I think. It really explains to me the conflict between Israel and Palestine, specially since I'm a Palestinian who has never stepped foot on my land. It helps me understand why for more than 65 years, the murder keeps going on.

The film was touching enough for me to almost cry. Too bad it has no happy ending.

Here's where I watched it from, it's totally free:


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mischievous Bird

        I pet rabbits today! They were so cute and then something grabbed at the back of my shirt. I thought it was my sister, but when I turned around I saw this macaw's leg holding on to my outer shirt. It then started chewing on it while holding firmly with it's leg. I tried to turn around and I removed my shirt from it's mouth but then it bit my  finger. It hurt a bit, but nothing major. I pulled away and kept telling it to let go until the worker there came and freed me. I liked it though, that little macaw.
He's a fluffy one.

·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙˜”*°•.·٠•·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙˜”*°•.●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙˜”*•.·٠•●♥ 

          We also went out to eat at Chinese Buffet King. Ate everything out like pigs! I especially love those fried buns with the sweet white sauce served next to it. It's AMAZING!
Dad also drove us to Peggy's Cove in which I blacked out in the car from the bumpy ride, full tummy, and lack of sleep. I woke up only at an ice-cream shop to get myself a cone of Hoof Prints. The ice-cream man thought I and my older sister were twins! I don't think we even look alike.

·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙˜”*°•.·٠•·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙˜”*°•.●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙˜”*•.·٠•●♥

Here's a cool photo of my EPIC hand, since I and my mother think it looks AWESOME!
So, I'm only good at taking pictures of fruit I guess....
Much Love,


I woke up at 7:00 AM today to go to the interview which was at 8:30.

The interview is for my volunteering application to QEII hospital. I applied for meal assistance, and I think I'm about to get it! I'm so happy I will finally get volunteer experience from a hospital!

This will look great on my resume for med school.

I've also discovered that med schools don't ask for letters of recommendations anymore, just contact information. Which is better and faster I suppose.

My interview was done at 9:10 and I scheduled the training session with Sherri on monday the 16th, which is a school day! I think it's 15 minutes after one of my classes are over, and it will take about an hour and a half or so.

It sucks that I have to wait three weeks for it!!! but at least this way, i'll be around family a bit more.

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Wild Squirtle appears!

I saw a turtle in the stream!

We were passing a little bridge on top of a stream. I was staring in the murky water to spot the coins dad previously pointed out when I saw this really big turtle swimming to the side. It was the size of a large watermelon!

sorry, water is so murky!

It's poking its nose out!


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pulled Muscle

I woke up from my sleep today from the pain of a pulled muscle. It was really awful! The muscle at the soul of my right foot for some reason tightened up and I couldn't flex my foot for a minute. When the muscle relaxed, I just went back to sleep.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Been a While

I finally got my references for volunteering but I can't send until the 18th because my professor would be away and I want her to be contacted. I'll just send it tomorrow or so, maybe they'll take some time.

I hope I get accepted, I need to start volunteering.

I also got my heart palpitations today while I was sweeping the floor. It was odd, I hadn't had it in a while. It wasn't as intense as when I get it during a workout so I figured I'd see how long it will go. I ignored it and kept sweeping, occasionally bending to pick stuff up. It hadn't stopped. I started feeling the pressure in my head and I started sweating but then after two minutes or three it just stopped.

I'm also going to make some fishies today for lunch. nom!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013


We were shopping at The Bay yesterday and as I was walking out to call for my sister or so, this man walks on the same path but in the opposite direction. I look at him, intrigued by the cuts on his nose and when our eyes met, he said "hey" with a smile. I was baffled since I have never been in this situation before. Both of us never stopped or slowed down and each kept to his path. It was strange, and I wished I had greeted him back.

It's quite amazing how such a little greeting can make one's day.

I saw him again while I was talking to my mom and our eyes met again, this time I was smiling, but I had failed to acknowledge him again. I kinda feel bad about it, I don't know why.
He was cute too, and he looked like a hobo with his backpack and jacket tied around his waist in the mall.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Berry picking

After the huge fight I displayed yesterday, I agreed to go out with the family and my older sister apologized to me.

I THINK we drove all the way to Sackville to pick some berries from the local farms.
This isn't the first time we ever did this, but this one was called Upick, and the family had their own little store where they sold their goods. It also had a small bakery for pies, and cinnamon bun and other assorted pastries. 
We picked two boxes for plum picking, and three boxes for blueberry picking. If i remember correctly the blueberry box costed 4.00$. Dad paid her an extra three dollars because he said we might eat some of it there. 

yellow plum
There are bigger plums than this, but not by much. They weren't very ripe either, but it was fun to just pick them.

After we filled up our plum box, we went across the street to the blueberry farm. There we stumbled upon zucchini, raspberries, tomatoes, and other fruits and vegetables.  

The blueberries
It was a mood changer for me, so I'm happy I went along with them.

Taking pictures of raspberries like a BOSS!

After we were done, we went back to the mini store to buy cinnamon rolls, an apple pie, and organic fruits and veggies.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fuck Logic

i get yelled at for throwing my underwear away after my sister wore it.
My sister only gets lectured for calling me a "bimbo".

A list of events for the day.

Too lazy to really write, so here:

  • carpet and all the floor was ripped off and wood and another tile looking plastic wrap was placed instead in the apartment.
  • dad and older sis went to talk to land lady about the apartment's rent increase due to change of carpet into tiles.
  • Lady isn't going to change rent, dad even managed a one month for free.
  • Kira isn't coming to sleep over at my apartment anymore.
  • Did a survey on the phone and it took about  45 mins of ear pain.
  • We ate at the chinese buffet. I failed oh so miserably at eating "only halal food", I couldn't resist the honey bbq wings.
  • i never noticed how often people stare.
  • bought shoes and accessories from ardenes.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Mom Knows

Mom saw me typing today and asked me about it.
I told her about the blog. Oh, god...I wonder if she'll read it.

Second Day of Eid

We're back to Halifax and the cable guy is here right now, plugging in the internet and um..the cable.

How do I have internet? I don't know. I just found this "guest" wifi without a password and totally stole it. I wonder i the person did it on purpose you know. Why else name it guest?

I can't believe I've spent the first day of Eid in airplanes. What a waste of a good holiday!

My aunts are gonna also come to Halifax, so that makes eid more exciting. I haven't seem one of my aunts since I was about  11 years old. and my older sister didn't see another aunt for about 13 years and she also never met her son (but I don't think he's coming).

We're all meeting because My aunt "H" has brought her son "mo" to canada for his university. so, since we're here, and H is here, and my two other aunts are in the states, they decided to come here too. Not all my cousins are coming though, and I don't know where they're going to sleep either.

New Wifi name: pretty fly for a WIFI


Thursday, August 8, 2013


I'm so tired right now, I wanted to write some bits about Amsterdam's airport and put some pictures I took, but I think I'll do so when I settle in the apartment.

I'm still not in Halifax. I'm in Toronto right now, just one more t.v. this time and my stomach hurts....and my back hurts.

Psychos in KLM airline

In Amsterdam! Land of the tall, the blonde, and the racist! I can't believe that my second experience of discrimination against muslims is from the dutch....AGAIN!

It isn't anything direct, but AGAIN it's a flight attendant.

Lemme elaborate:

We boarded the plane in Kuwait. the KLM flight was supposed to go from Kuwait, to Damman, KSA then to Amsterdam, Holland. Now, yes we do have some muslims who do not wish to sit next to the other sex. That, I find is fine, and I understand that the flight attendant would be bothered. The normal situation would be to talk to the woman, and see if he can find her another seat, or someone who can switch with her. 
What he did was raise his voice, repeat the same sentence of "This is his seat!" The man who did pay for the seat was also an arab and one can tell from his facial experession that he did NOT care half as much as the attendant did. Another muslim lady tried to talk some peace to the attendant and tell him that in her religion and culture she would rather not sit there ( or so I assumed that's what she said, because I couldn't hear her; however, I did hear HIS aggressive reply!) It went something like this: " I don't care about your culture or religion, she should respect the culture of the plane she's in." I don't know about you guys, but even if the muslim lady was in wrong, it's his job to force that plastic smile on his face and talk calmly and politely and handle it. Not disturb the whole plane and ridicule and humiliate a lady who probably still doesn't understand what's going on.

Later on, when we reached Dammam, the same flight attendant was talking to a dutch passenger and he told him "yeah it happens more often thank you think." and the man at first argued that that's how we think, but then later on started agreeing and laughing then they continued their conversation in dutch.

and when people boarded from the KSA, i heard him screaming ONCE AGAIN that "what you're doing is dangerous, and I will stop this plane from flying!"

Of course Dana heard that sentence, and she FREAKED OUT! " what does he mean he'll stop the plane? We're not going to Canada anymore?!" I told her the idiot was bluffing and he has absolutely no power to do such a stupid thing.

As for the first experience of discrimination was about four years ago, when the KLM flight attendant skipped giving us snacks. How common was it for a flight attendant to forget giving an eight year old (Dana) ice-cream? I wasn't sitting in the same row as my parents, but according to them, they were skipped as well.

And another thing!

Why in God's name in those ten minutes in the airport I've seen a grown man scratch the inside of his ass through his pants? then two minutes later, I see a young man cupping and fondling his genitals through his pants while talking to his friends?!


I swear some people have no manners at all!

However, I still find Amsterdam's airport the best I've been to so far. You can tell they worked hard on it and it's easy to find the directions. too bad the free Wifi is only 30 mins though. That's damn cheap!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Skinny pants

My legs' become so numb,
I can't feel them there!
They've become so numb,
From the pants I wear!

Leaving Today

Start spreading the news,
     I'm leaving today,
           I'm going to be a part of it,
                  Nova Scotia.

Waaah, I'm hungry and I'm going back to Canada. I still didn't e-mail my sensei or professor to be my references AGAIN! I need to fill out my volunteer form and charge my laptop.

I packed my bag, and im pretty much ready to go. I really don't want to go back to studying!!!


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Wish I can dream about you, because if I can't have the pleasure then let me have my fantasies.

Eid Al Fitr

Today we will pack even some more, as we are leaving tomorrow....

Tomorrow might also be the first Day of Eid Al Fitr, but no one knows for sure until they spot the moon I think.

Fun Fact: Muslims have a lunar calendar (Hijri), it still has 12 months, but it's more accurate than the one we normally use(Gregorian). Even pregnancies run on weeks instead of months. There's an 11 day difference between the Hijri calendar and the Gregorian one. That's why muslims fast on different gregorian months. Next year, the month of Ramadan will be in the month of July!

Eid is either tomorrow, the day after or the day after the after!

My parents are ordering some mini fatayer for the trip. I really don't like travelling  if I have to stay in one place for more than two weeks! >_< aauuugghh!!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Qiam Al-layl

um, yesterday at night at about 1:00 am, my parents took me and my little sister to a masjid/mosque to pray at night. That's what Qiam al-layl pretty much is; prayers after the last prayer (isha) and before the dusk prayer (fajr). It isn't something muslims HAVE to do, it's a voluntary prayer. That means you get credit for doing it, but you don't get blamed if you don't. so, totally optional. I still wanted to go at least once to pray at the masjid since I'm in Kuwait. So, I went.

We came a little late, so we missed about half of it. So, as I was praying, a little girl about three or four years, sits against the wall with her mother praying next to her. I stood praying next to the mother, but I couldn't help space out every now and then and look at the girl. She was HILARIOUS! She played around with the Qur'an's stand, hurt her hand with her own hair band, put a little kid's bra on the stand then folded the stand and slid it under the chair of the woman in front of me. Some people who can't stand for long periods of time sit on the chair when they pray, or sit on the chair if they can't bow or prostate. The girl also balanced some of the water bottles handed to us and made a small pyramid out of three. later on, the girl lifted her own dress up and looked at her crotch, then tried to look at her undies. I was just praying there wondering if it was normal for a child to do that. She then looked up at her praying mother and tried to get her attention. After failing, she held herself and started rocking side to side and back and forth. I figured the girl had to use the bathroom. she then sat in front of her mother and stared and tried to talk to her. When all else failed she spread her legs, and pointed in between her legs. Her mom quickly cut off her prayer, picked her up and ran to the bathroom. My mother and I almost laughed.

That was by far, the cutest girl I have ever seen!

It was quite refreshing, praying that is.

Also, we are travelling in a day or two, I'm totally stressing out, but most of my bag is packed i suppose.. AUGH!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Naked (manga)

The title is extremely misleading, but that's the name of the manga!!

Naked is a manga of three volumes. Each volumes is about a chapter in the lives of Ayumu, a kid whose chores absorb most of his time, and Chihiro, a physically abused and neglected child who steals for a living.

In here, Ayumu (blondie) is having a flashback

The first chapter is of how those two boys met and how they became best friends.

In the second chapter a third protagonist; Mitsuki, is introduced. The problem this time is that Mitsuki's father wont let her box the way her deceased brother used to.
The boys later on befriend the hostile girl and help her out.

The third and final chapter is more like the epilogue. It deals with Ayumu and his first love, a pianist. In this chapter, the kids have grown up and matured a bit. Although it's more centered on Ayumu's perspective, it also reveals the aftermath of  Chihiro's life.

I personally didn't like the last chapter when you compare it to how awesome the first chapter was. But that might be because I'm personally more interested in topics like child abuse and friendship ten times more than that of love!

The story is very realistic, and is viewed from the simple minds of children.

Why it's called naked? I'm not entirely sure. I think it might be due to how each child in the manga reveals their most vulnerable self in each chapter.

Friday, August 2, 2013


Haven't been a progressive day.
I did, however, reach chapter 17 in the Qur'an!

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Ramadan is almost over, so if you have any questions feel free to ask away.

You can ask any questions below in the comments, or ask on my twitter:

You can ask any random or purely curious questions. :3

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Seven Days

there's about a week left until we go back to Canada. My whole family is going to join us for a month. It's both good and bad. I have learned today that the water leakage in our old apartment had rot the wood of the bed.
So, now we have no t.v., no apartment and no beds. How will a family of five + a night of Chinese friend will ...damn, I just don't know!