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Sunday, August 25, 2013


Had SO much fun with my aunties and cousin Nour. SO much fun!

yesterday we went walking on the harbor before we picked up aunti H (#3) from the airport. Auntie R (#1) and my older sister ate some Beaver tails after we ate poutine. My sisters, cousin and I then walked to Tim Horton's to eat ice-cream at Cold Stone and I wrestled with Nour to pay for the ice-cream! The poor cashier lady got so flustered and confused and Nour ended up paying because she successfully snatched both my visa and cash from my hands, it was absolutely ridiculous.
Speaking of wrestling; after Aunt H made it to the furnished apartment Nour started wrestling with me for a smooch on the cheek. Now, I really hate kisses, even those friendly family ones on the cheeks. I'm not a germaphobe or anything but those really disgust me. I kept blocking and dodging and I even held her throat so she couldn't push her face at me! Victory was mine, after I accidentally smacked Dana's chin with my elbow by striking a pose for the camera. What can I say? I'm a moving disaster!
We slept over at their apartment after painting aunt M (#2)'s nails all types of colours. I also painted mine and Dana did hers.
 Today my dad, sisters, myself, Aunt R, and her daughter Nour squeezed ourselves in one car and drove an hour to pick some blueberries. There it rained on us for about two minutes then it started drizzling. We only did one box of blueberries though.
When we returned to the apartment, we met up with the rest and walked to Murphy's for some good lobster. Unfortunately, the lobster there was pretty pricey. 50 $ for 2 pounds, 30 $ for a pound. We can get some cooked lobster from the superstore for half that price, so I just got some seafood casserole. The casserole tasted really good, but the side dish salad tasted so bad, I just couldn't eat it. Since the casserole was so small I left the restaurant hungry.
We went home to our apartment for showers and a fresh set of clothes, but we're gonna sleep over and go out tomorrow. WOOT WOOT!
I love this gathering! I love my mom's side of the family. my aunt's are so great! They actually listen and want to get to know us. Each one of us.

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