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Saturday, August 10, 2013

A list of events for the day.

Too lazy to really write, so here:

  • carpet and all the floor was ripped off and wood and another tile looking plastic wrap was placed instead in the apartment.
  • dad and older sis went to talk to land lady about the apartment's rent increase due to change of carpet into tiles.
  • Lady isn't going to change rent, dad even managed a one month for free.
  • Kira isn't coming to sleep over at my apartment anymore.
  • Did a survey on the phone and it took about  45 mins of ear pain.
  • We ate at the chinese buffet. I failed oh so miserably at eating "only halal food", I couldn't resist the honey bbq wings.
  • i never noticed how often people stare.
  • bought shoes and accessories from ardenes.

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