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Friday, August 29, 2014

Ipod survival


My Ipod has shown signs of life! You see, water has gotten on it, and it's screen was flickering and the music got static. So, I took my mom's advice as to dry it off as best as I could, turn it off, and stick it in a bag of rice!
I left it in there for a whole day, then I turned it on and nothing happened, I figured I'll give it a shot and started charging it, and it's actually charging. Now I'll check if the button and sound still work.

Also, A butterfly got in the house somehow, and then it stood on my back. We trapped it in a jar and set it free, butterflies are adorable!


Thursday, August 28, 2014


This time, when I was done showering, my mom stared at me for a few seconds and told me I looked really cute.
I think it's because my eyes appeared really wide, my hair was tied neatly and I was feeling all glowy!

On a completely different note, water did go on my ipod today. The music got static, and the screen started flickering so I put it on lock, wiped it off as best as I could and shoved it in a bag of rice as my mom have told me.
I really hope it works, it was my mistake that I turned it on once I knew it was wet, so I could've totally fried it now.

Also! I got my heart palpitations in karate today. It often happens in karate since that's when I'm most active anyways. We were doing side kicks and side thrust kicks when it happened. I guess the sudden jolt of excitement with the sudden kicks triggered it this time. ( I was not at my physical limit since it was the beginning of the workout)


Went to the beach today! the crew asked me at 4 to go, and I figured I might as well. I can't believe I actually swam with my clothes on. I'm so lame, but the worst part is I forgot to get a change of clothes!
Revi gave me her scarf to replace my hijab, and so my hijab was forgotten somewhere, since my awesome lil sis told me she would rather hold it than hold the heavy bag. WAH! it was my mom's too!

My sister made some yummy mushroom burgers!!!!

I also put henna on my lil sis's hand, it's taking forever to dry up. (first time to ever put henna on anyone by the way)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cha Baa Thai

As the title says, we went to Cha Baa Thai restaurant today. The food tasted so good, that my dad wants to go again on Friday. I had a mild panang beef; it tasted GREAT!
On the way home, we stopped at a lake and when I climbed back into the car, I had one leg out and I had my hand lightly holding the door, but it still managed to smack my knee and it bruised!

I get money if you click the ads in my blog (hint hint, wink wink)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Like a Man

Well, I hit a new low today when I just came out of the shower with my hair slicked backwards and my little sister flat out laughed at me for looking like a man.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


I can NOT believe what I just did right now. I spilled a lot of ketchup on my ring and so when I got in the car, I took it off, wiped it and wrapped it in a tissue then placed it next to me. When we arrived home, I collected all the trash next to me and put it in the plastic bag in the car then threw it out in the trash shoot, but after shoving it a few times, I gave up on it falling down the shoot.
While I was praying, I noticed I was missing a ring and so it just clicked in my head the amount of stupidity I had done in a period of 5 minutes.
I took out the trash at home and thank God, it was still there, the trash bag from before! I pulled it out with some difficulties, since the bag also decided to rip. But yeah, I got the ring back, it was wrapped in a tissue, just as I had thought ...

Moving Disaster

Learner's Permit/ Pancakes

I got my learner's permit yesterday! So, within six months I need to have taken my driving lessons, which sucks because I'll probably be so busy that I won't be able to breath. My sister failed the written exam though, so she was beating herself over it. She can take it again on Monday though.

She then fought with the family yesterday as well, so that put me in a very passive mood until I went out to Revi's place with Trav and Justin. Revi made some pancakes for us, and they were delicious!  I had bananas in mine, then I spread chocolate on top!
After we were done eating and cleaning we watched a comedian, Gabriel/ fluffy. He talked about the racist basket story, and of course our multi-racial group cracked their own racist jokes. I told them we need to make this prank, starting with Justin. Since he's indian, we can put curry inside with some bollywood movies, a cow, and an arranged marriage. At which he replied that he will put a firecracker in mine. Revi took some time to understand the bomb reference, but then she gasped and covered her mouth. It's so adorable how sweet she is. Man, we just need a black guy and an asian girl to make this group complete! Or actually, I like that it's only four people, it's nice and cozy. Every time I'm with them, I laugh so hard no matter where we are or what we're doing. I can't wait until we go to Quebec together.

Here's the racist basket joke:

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Every time my sister talks to me when I'm on the laptop, it stresses me out! I know this isn't normal, and she can sense my discomfort, but I don't know what to do!

Friday, August 22, 2014

A dream of Two

I had a pretty cool/ bizarre dream. I dreamt that Zack and Nat came over to my apartment out of the blue and I was shocked pretty much throughout it all. I was in my pjs and everything, but they just walked in and sat like it's the most casual of things. They told me and showed me videos of how they were hanging out together, apparently Zack visited Nat. The videos included a lot of random outside activities, and one of them was of nat balancing on Zack's head and then Zack started climbing a pole!
Half way through the dream I realize that I didn't serve them anything to eat or drink, so I try to rummage in the fridge and all I can find is some fruit. It took forever to cut the fruit and I got flustered because no one was helping from my family. I don't know why I also cut a potato and some pickles! While I was away, I did hear Nat praying the magrib prayer, which shocked me 'cause I wasn't aware he was muslim. He had a really good recitation voice and that impressed my dad who came over to give the boys a lecture on forgiveness. That kinda bothered me, apparently Nat's mom is muslim in my dream. Oh yeah! and we also had a pool in the apartment, at which I randomly swam across as a short cut?!
Man, my whole dream was a mess that made no sense just like all my dreams, but it was fun! The idea of the dream was pretty cool and I liked how happy everyone was.
That's what I get for talking to people before I fall asleep I guess, thank the Lord it was those two and not the group of buttheads from the other chat!

Thursday, August 21, 2014


The amount of israeli products in Walmart and Marshal's is TOO DAMN HIGH!
Seriously, if it says "Dead Sea" on it, know it's from israel, don't even bother checking.
If it it's "Shwartz" it's israel.
If it looks a little exotic, 50% of the time, it's israeli.

The most ironic of all, is that most of these beauty products say "cruelty free", rich coming from an apartheid state!

I know some people say the bar codes start with "729" and while that every 729 I ever saw was from israel, not all israeli products start with that number. I've even noticed that most of their merchandise don't number their bar codes anymore!
I also noticed that SodaStream (product made on illegal israeli settlements) doesn't even say where it's made. It said, and I quote, "imported by Canada". Oh I'm sorry, I had NO idea that the products sold in Canada were indeed being imported by Canada! All this time, I thought mexico was buying things for us!!! GOD! Tell me where it's exported from, not imported to, you fucking idiots.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014


My sister's friend is a bitch. she wants my sister to help her pay for the wedding gifts,  even though my sis works part time, and that girl already has a job at nursing like minimum 30$ an hour, and the guy she's marrying is an IT tech that teaches at a university sometimes.
Also, my sis told her shes gonna give her 200$ as a wedding present, and told her to use it for the gifts, but shes like no..she wants this and that separately. wtfh...people so rude!
She even told my sister "well, Jenny is paying for half the hotel room for the bachelor party." Well, jenny is ALSO a nurse, and we don't shit money!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lesson #3

Getting slowly better at turning!
I even drove past a bus standing at it's stop.

Quote of the day: Hint of the Century

me (singing): Consider this, consider this the hint of the century!
li'l sis: Shut up!
me: ...but I'm singing.
li'l sis: No one wants to wake up to your voice.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lesson Number One

Dad took us out to teach us how to drive. FINALLY!

He was a really good teacher, clear, a bit repetitive when needed, patient, and had full control over the situation.
It was great seeing that part of my dad. I wish he was always this calm and level headed.
He didn't scream at us once! He did scream, but not at me, he just screamed because he thought I'll run into the wall while turning. Pfft, it was so far away though! I mean it's true that I didn't turn my steering wheel all the way, but there was plenty of space. My sister was also screaming behind us, it was too funny.
When I got out of the car to switch with my sister, dad placed a hand on his chest and gave out a sigh of relief, he literally said "phew!"

Now everyone in the house tells me to hit the brakes, or to keep turning the wheel when ever they see me!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sweat and Tears

Today I worked out so hard in karate that I sweat in places I never sweat in before. I had sweat on my collar, and sweat on the front of my t-shirt, it seeped through my bra! I had sweat all over the back of my t-shirt and I even sweat from my butt! I didn't know I was capable of that! Took a shower, and now my legs are shaking whenever I stand up.

I have a head ache now, but it isn't as bad as the migraine I had yesterday after crying. Come to think of it, i always get migraine after I cry. Crying is annoying.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Palpitations at the Cottage

The second day we were at the cottages, I had my heart palpitations twice. The first time was after we were done playing soccer and I stretched down, and the second time was when I was stretching after I was done practicing my karate kicks at night.
Another double palpitation, that can't be right.
Oh well! what can be done?


Friday, August 8, 2014


So, my parents decided to waste some more money by renting a cottage for a few days. I honestly don't know if this is their midlife crisis or im just so cheap since they just want to enjoy life.
I do, however, love it!
We stayed in the red one!

We are in Crown Cove Cottages and it's this shabby little 10 cottages in a small secluded town in the middle of nowhere. There aren't even any fast food restaurants here, which I find lovely!

Where ever I look, there is greenery, it's just amazing. And for my sensory depraved parents, it's the best.
This morning, I played a little football with my little sis on the grass and then my dad joined us. My sister's kicks are weak but their targeted well, I on the other hand have powerful kicks yet no leg-eye coordination. So, we ended up running around more than actually kicking.
My little sister and I also played around with that thing on the left. We came in like a wrecking ball on that thing!

After that, we went kayaking for our very first time. My parents shared a kayak and my little sister and I both took a single. I LOVED IT. Didn't even get tired, but I had Pocahontas' song "Just Around the River Bank" stuck in my head as I paddled and paddled in the sea picturing myself going down that river and waterfalls that Pocahontas fell from.
I then ventured in a closed section that resembled a river and I felt as if I was exploring the Amazon.

I know I'm exaggerating, but it was that much fun and only for 10$ an hour for each boat!!!
My older sis didn't come, and my little sis kept getting stuck in nothing, but I helped her out, cause it made it more interesting and added to the thrill of having to save her.
Ever so often she would lose control over her kayak but then she thought she saw an "alligator" and she suddenly paddled so quickly that I was amazed. It was just too funny.

We went back to the cottage, picked up my sis, then headed out to eat. Restaurants open at 5 pm here since the staff are family and half if them are family businesses. We ate at a Croatian restaurant, which was adorable, but the family was so tall, I reached the son's mid arm. I know I'm short, but damn!
Food wasn't that great, id give it a 3 or 2.7 stars.
My dad, little sis and I then went go karting and my sis  drove into the rail after I stuck my tongue out at her and distracted her. It was hilarious, I almost ran into something too, just from laughing at her.