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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Junk Food Day

Dad got us this scale for Canada, because Halifax is one of the smallest cities I've ever lived in!
I love the new scale, but DAMN it added a WHOLE KILO to my weight. I took months trying to reach 54 Kg, and now it's telling me I'm 55, no! Fuck you!

It's also a clock!

mom took us out to buy some fast food for iftar. We went to Hardee's or little star, and it said it will open at 6 pm! i don't like the ramadan time openings! So we called for delivery instead, and went to burger king to buy different sandwiches. BK was also closed until 6. Funny, because all these fast food restaurants are supposed to be open 24 hours.
In front of the fast food resturaunt I heard a mewing, so I looked to my side to where it was coming from and saw this :

Oh my God, the most cutest little kitty cats ever! they were suckling from their mommy!

I feel bad that I disturbed them, and kudos for the excellent spot, but I couldn't resist sticking my hand in there and taking a photo.
I must've looked like a retard, smiling and taking pictures of the opening in the wall in front of burger king's door. 

Hmmm... is it often that I look like a retard to people?

We also got the best macaroni salad ever from Pizza Hut. omg, all that glorious junk food! I really love that salad, because it's so sweet and has raisins in it too.

My sister went out with mom to get the results of her skin sample. They said it might be dermatitis herpetiformis which, i still am not sure is the case. Mom suspects she's allergic to gluten, and she already has eczema. Augh, so confusing!

I also uploaded my second video today!
I think it's shitty, but oh well, I can remove it later on in life.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

From East to West to East

I straightened my hair today! I woke up with my hair literally standing on end, and so i tried to calm it down. Mom saw me, then tied it back for me. 

As promised, we went back to Sharq mall so we can buy the things that we liked, and get an evening outfit for me. The outfit is going to be for Nancy's (My older sister's Russian friend) wedding and also got any gala I get invited to in Canada. Halifax pretty much sucks in accounting to shopping for evening wear and dresses. bleh!

I did buy two beige pants and a shirt. I also bought a cute short dress that can be worn as a shirt as well.

 This is something I often due: wear short dresses as shirts. 

and i bought the cutest gold coloured necklace that had a spider web and a black spider on it! >o< so fluffy tiny arachnid 

By the time we finished shopping at Debenhams (the last shop in the mall), we went to buy groceries (which was at the other end of the mall). 
That's when we realized that one of our shopping bags was missing! I was to blame since it was with me. I remembered leaving it in the fitting room, so I ran all the way to Debenhams. Looking like a full retard while running in the mall! I made sure to slow down in front of the camera that was in the middle of the mall. Then I went upstairs to go to the fitting room, then to the farthest corner, where I left the bag. 
Thank God I found it, but i also had the car keys with me, so my mom was probably waiting outside the car in this heat with all those objects!
I ran all the way back to the grocery store at the farthest end of the mall. My mom and sisters were waiting at the bench in front of it with the groceries and bags inside a cart. hehe...

Nice clothes, nice mom, nice day. alhamdu lellah,

Monday, July 29, 2013

In A Rush

I was in such a hurry to remove my nail polish and shower that I completely forgot the bathroom door half open!

Shopping without money

I went to the gym today and there was a lady there. She had several kids there with her, that kind of bothered me.
Her name is Fatma, we made friends by the end of the workout. She told me I didn't need to lose weight, but no one is going to know my body more than me.

At night, we went out shopping for me, and food as well. I found a cute top, and when we were at the cashier it turns out mom didn't have her credit card. My older sister had burrowed it and never returned it. Mom was angry but let it go. We went window shopping and I found the cutest golden spider necklace and I'm dying to have it!
Mom said tomorrow we will go again to buy the things we liked. I hope we do!

I also am in the process of making another video, it's soooo crappy this time though, because of the lighting and the fact that i do NOT want to talk in it either.

Ramadan Kareem,

Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to Follow Blogs

I'm not too familiar with these things yet, but here's how I follow a blog.

1) I copy the url of the blog I want.

2) I go to my own blog, then click "my blogs" (unless I'm already in there).

3) click the "add" button.

4) paste the url of the blog I wanted.


if there's an easier way, inform me.


Friday, July 26, 2013


Woot! I got over a thousand views in total.

Thanks to all the viewers, and all those random clickers. Maybe someday I'll get myself some followers, hehe.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

How to Block Ads for FREE

I figured i'll make a useful post this time!

If you use chrome, and want to get rid of all those pop ups and blocks then do the following:

1) click "settings"

2) click "extensions"

3) you will not find your desired extension there, so click "get more extensions"

4) scroll down to find something red that says AdBlock

5) double click and install it, then you can enable it in extensions if it wasn't already enabled

I love this, because I hate those popups I get when I download things, or those annoying interruption in youtube. I also hate that most ads are about half naked ladies and dating sites. bleh!

you are welcome!


Mommy is soooo adorable! She commented on my video that I put on youtube and wrote "I like it LOL :)".

Hehe, she made me so happy. :)

I also painted my nails again only this time, double colours: gold and bronze. They kind of glitter, sorry for the crappy picture.

     I didn't get to go with my uncle today. He didn't call but dad told me he had plans with his friends. I'm actually not that disappointed because, later on my stomach started hurting me. 

     We also ate awama. Again, it's basically deep fried dough in ah-tter (sugar syrup). The dough is in the shape of a sphere, and when it's cooked it's golden and crispy on the outside, while chewy and soft on the inside.
Mom is awesome at it but failed today, because it was too crispy and hard.

Fun Fact: In the egyptian Dialog Awama is called "lomat al-adi", while in the gulf dialog it is called "Lgaimat".

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Beirut Mall

After Iftar, my mother and I got dressed so we can go shopping. My older sis didn't come because she has some studies.
We went to Beirut Mall, which has some local things and cheap clothes, but you can still find some pretty cool things like cute PJs!
It's practically like a street market, but in a mall.

coffee sets, tea sets, and serving trays

 We went looking for some clothes for a friend, so mom had to try on some clothes. She bought a shirt. We then went downstairs (picture) to pick out a coffee set for my mother's sister. We failed. I did, however, spot some cute pjs, and since I ripped some of my old ones. 

This is a night gown
For Dana

A lot of things were free size, meaning it's one size fits all concept. They were pretty cheap. Rangin from 1.500 KD to about 4.500 KD, which is between 5.20$ until about 16.00$ of course without taxes, because there are no taxes in Kuwait.

Here's another PJ:

My Fave!
While leaving the building, I asked my mom if I can have a phone case, because I don't like mine, and they're old. My phone is also pretty old, which makes it a little difficult to find anything cute for it. I mean, I feel like nothing cute ever came up for the Galaxy SII.
Then I saw this, and now every time i look at it I think. 'Well, hello mr. kitty. Can I pet ze kitty?'
I just wish it was another colour, but oh well!


15th Day of Ramadan

I woke up super early today, at about 7:30 AM.  I usually sleep in until noon because I have nothing better to do and because I stay up until 4 AM to eat suhoor and pray Fajr.
I woke up because of my sister and mom talking and such. My sister had a morning appointment with a dermatologist. I think they took a sample of her skin. freaky...
I hope the results don't turn out too bad, she has a nasty habit of scratching herself badly enough to leave scars.
I hope they heal, she's also very self cautious about it.

enough about my sister! I posted a random video on youtube, no i'm not linking, cause I don't want people to see me, yet I want them to see me, but not know who I am. It's confusing and I don't know why I do this to myself.

I finished Chapter nine in the Qur'an this morning. Maybe I'll finish another today so that I won't be so far behind!

speaking of reading, I have also read a manga called Kami no Komodo. It wasn't really that nice, but was different. Yeah, different. I think the main character was suffering from antisocial personality disorder. I mean he was psychopath and sociopath.

I also am swaying between dizziness and a spurt of energy! It isn't from hunger though, oh, not that at all; it's from the four hours of sleep!

My uncle; the youngest one, is coming for futoor today. I suppose it was common courtesy to invite him over since he's alone now.

oh well...
Ramadan Mubarak,

Monday, July 22, 2013

Instrument or Medicine?

My mom drove me to an old arabic school called "Al jeel al jadeed". Even though I'm a high school graduate, I was expected to go to school there for summer to take extra lessons that will help me in university. I stood in line with the kids. They had back-bags and handbags and I had a laptop bag. I went in, and asked a kid where I can get my school uniform. She told me it was from elsewhere and that I can follow her to the classroom. It turned out to be the music room. The teacher sat in the middle of the class as the students were sat against the walls, they were all busy scribbling. I asked about the uniforms, but he told me I didn't need it. He pointed at a stack of papers on his desk and told me to answer them; whether each word was an instrument or medicine. I took the pile and took a seat. Mom suddenly showed up at the door with several bags of chips in her hand. Funny lunch idea, but I took them.
I returned back to the question: instrument or medicine. The first word was a girl's name.

I then woke up ^o^

Saturday, July 20, 2013


I hate shopping! I loathe it!

We spent two hours at the store just putting on and taking off glasses. a pair after another! I had my eye on the pair from last time, but mom said it was too big for my face. yeah, it was one of those ugly hipster glasses, but they were round from the bottom and I figured people will get used to it. Everything else looked like shit on my face.
What made me angry is that dad likes every pair i try on. And mom just wants me to wear what ever she thinks might look good on me.
And I was absolutely FED UP after the first ten pairs I've tried on, because I already tried on half of them last time I was there.

What I wanted to do, was look at the frame first and the colour, and if...IF I liked it, then I would wear it, then see if it's suitable for my face. THEN ask for my parent's opinion. But, no!
Try this. try that. I said I don't want to, fucking glasses everywhere! just this one. try this. For me. please.
Oh, God. I just couldn't tell the difference between the glasses anymore!!!! The ones I own and the ones I wanted and the ugly things I hated started all looking the same! Everything looked the same! I wanted to cry. I was suffocated with glasses!
At first, I was fine with mom's help. I even liked that she knew I wanted something with colour. But between the tenth and 20th pair. I wanted to yell at my mom for assuming I wanted such bold colours like red, and green and blue.
And asking to look for the kids' glasses so that it might suit my small face made it just worse. What am I?
Mom was the one who even said she wanted to go to another store to have a look at their frames, so why did we stay so freakishly long at one place!?
Dad even started talking about politics with the salesman!

The good news were that my eye sight has not changed.

11th Day of Ramadan

The electricity went out today, about an hour before Iftar. All that we cared about was that there was no AC. 

Then later on, I walked in the bathroom to find the floor flooded from the washing machine's water. Someone has removed the house for some reason. 

I also told my mom today that her pot has been given away to Fate by my grandma. Mom was mad. I was mad too when I grandma told me.
Speaking of grandma, She's in Jordan now. I won't see her for another year (maybe).

We are also going shopping again for glasses. Bleh!

Friday, July 19, 2013


Today was the first time I ever tried rolling cabbages.

 This is a middle eastern dish, from countries such as palestine, jordan, lebanon and syria. I'm not too sure about the others.

The cabbage is boiled first, then left to cool down. The stuffing is made out of minced meat and spiced rice ( The usual stuffing, I assume).
Mom called me to cut off the hard veins of the leaves and the stems so that she can do the rolling.
It's much faster than rolling the grape leaves because cabbages are bigger and harder, and we don't have to be as neat.
I naturally finished what I was supposed to do before mom, so I figured I'd help with the rolling while I'm at it. I've never tried this before and I got scolded several times by mom.
She told me to "make it more symmetrical!", "roll against the veins not with the veins", and"what's that dangling from the cabbage? it looks like a manhood, cut it off!"
She also said my cabbages look more like carrots because they're thick from one side and thin from the other.
But, i think I did pretty well, she repeated only a few after me.

Only a few minutes before we can eat and the food smells so amazing >o< 

Thursday, July 18, 2013


I got my dad and sister to go shopping for glasses since we all need it. I still have my old glasses, but they're cracked from both sides, and I just personally have grown to hate them. I guess two years is a maximum on a pair of glasses for me.
Most glasses look ugly on me because I have a small face and small eyes. For the past four years or so I've worn glasses that are rimmed only from the top, so that it wouldn't eat up my face. This time, I have my eye on a purple and brown pair that has a full frame and that's a little circular. My sister took a picture of me wearing it so that we can show mom. When we showed her she said it looked ugly on me. Bummer, but I still want it.

My older sister wants to take me shopping again after Iftar. Man, I hate shopping so much! So many varieties to choose from, yet at the same time everything looks the same. I also feel really guilty whenever I buy something I don't necessarily need because I'm a cheapskate. I hate changing my clothes as well, for some reason it agitates me to try things on and with the place we're going to, i'm going to work up a sweat because the A.C. there sucks!
Now that I think about it, I think I have a lot of pet peeves.

I guess I can wear my abaya this time. Another reason for abayas! when you're going to a local old mall, wear anything light and slip your abaya over it!
Then again, my abaya doesn't open and close. It's a slip on, like a dress, so it will be hell if I wanted to change there.

Spirited away and Erietty

Yesterday, my sisters and I have just finished watching the animated movies Spirited Away and Erietty.
I absolutely LOVED Spirited away, and i cant believe it took me this long to actually watch it. It's really funny, cute, a little scary at times too.
Erietty was ...bleh. I mean, I watched the Burrowers when I was a kid, so the idea seems repeated for me.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Atayef and Anime

Yesterday, My sisters made some atayef, which is an Arabic dessert. It looks like a fried pancake, commonly stuffed with cheese. Some people put walnuts and cinnamon in it, but Dana is allergic.
I deep-fried them, and dipped them in a'ter ,which is rose water flavored sugar syrup. I love the taste of the rose water in it.

 cheese atayef
I also exercised before I broke my fast, it was pretty awful and it was for only 15 mins, but I did manage to lose some of the weight I gained in Ramadan. I'm below 55 Kg again. Yay!

Dad has also resolved his problem with my uncle yesterday. For some reason, my grandma is still angry though.

 I also watched half of spirited away with my sisters and in sha Allah we will watch the other half today. It's my very first time watching spirited away. I know it's a bit weird since I love anime!
It's a really creative movie, and I love the drawings and all these characters!

I'm also a bit behind in reading Qu'ran. I'm in chapter five and I think I should be somewhere in eight today.

Ramadan Mubarak,

Monday, July 15, 2013

More Drama

I gained a whole kilo since Ramadan started. That info is seriously depressing, I understand how those girls that are obsessed about diets and fat feel now.
I'm going to try my best to only eat one small thing at Suhoor (meal before we fast) and to eat half of what I eat in Iftar (meal that breaks the fast, literally: breakfast).
I have also stopped exercising in the mornings, so I'm blaming that as well. I'm going to try to work out at home an hour before Iftar.

Dad's situation has not improved, it only made us detest our grandma. Dad honestly thinks that that's how old people are, and I don't recall my mother's parents ever being this cruel. The only time mom's mother was giving people a hard time is when her Alzheimer's disease took a turn to the worse and her actions were probably excused by God himself, since She cannot be blamed for memory loss and dementia.

Dad's mother, however, is just one old child. She needs to have everything her own way, or she will keep harassing her children and everyone else around her until she gets it.

I'm also looking forward to a show in Ramadan called "Khawater". It's about a guy who goes around telling us how we can bring out the best in us and our society. about six episodes passed already and I still haven't watched one!

I hope today the family drama gets resolved.


Friday, July 12, 2013

يوم العزومة A Feast

My knees are aching me after this long day.

 we were expecting 25 people to come today. We were cleaning with the maid, and cooking and tidying and setting up everything for more than five hours straight. It was horrible, but to be honest, my older sister and my mother were the ones who did most of the work.I feel bad for mom, She's tired, and she burnt herself twice.

My parents invited everyone over including uncle #2 whom is not speaking to my dad, he was forced to call him, but i guess he never picked up nor called back because he didn't show up. I was so happy when he didn't come, because I just don't like his family. My grandma called him to ask where he is, he said no one invited him. Yeah, as if grandma would keep nagging on my dad to invite him, but not nag on my uncle to come. Nice excuse.
Grandma drank her soup then went upstairs and refused to come down and sit with the guests, she also called up one of my uncles and later on his wife.

mom made 4 forequarter rack (basically sheep shoulders) and spiced rice, with potato stew and a small green curry thing in case someone doesn't like the stew. She also had a plate of meat-stuffed artichoke and she fried some kebba. Auntie made lentil soup, and my little sister baked two cheesecakes yesterday. Dad's aunt brought some appetizers too. The food was amazing, as usual.

My cousins, my aunt's daughters, are also angry at our grandma because she made their mother cry yesterday night and again today at dinner. I have not met a mother so cruel as ...oh wait, there's also Fate.
Me, N, L, and dana went upstairs and as promised, I personally messed around with her things. I put her slipper next to her pillow, put a sock in the freezer, hid my grandpa's broken cane, threw one of her clothes on the bed, put the coffee on top of the fridge, and shuffled several other things around her house just for the sake of her discomfort. L had put the sugar jar with the clean dishes, she put a cup over the faucet and pulled the kitchen roll down to the floor.
N, the one who usually messes up everything in people's houses for her own amusement, had chickened out of this one, because she promised her mom not to make "habal" ( silliness) in her mother's home anymore. She did however hand my uncles pj's in his closet and put his shoe on top of the door, but I took that one down. I'm the one usually telling my cousin N to not go too far with those little pranks, because she really does try to balance shoes on doors so they can fall on people. She's absolutely insane and I love her for it.

Grandma: N, take off your shoes when you're stepping on the carpet. You'll make it dirty.
N: Just pretend I'm a guest!

i love her comebacks. I can never answer back like that.

Later on, my dad's cousin, a lady in her late twenties, was supposed to go out with my uncle #3's wife, but grandma called her upstairs to talk to her or something.
My Dad's cousin asked for one us to go to her car to get something, and I misheard her and told her I thought you said you're gonna take us out or something. She actually liked the idea and even though my cousins were about to leave, we kind of ditched the family and ran off with dad's cousin. We were 6 young ladies and Dana in one little car. It was so much fun. She took us to get some juice and come back, but on the way we put some local Egyptian songs and sang and danced and clapped along. It was fun, I was in the front seat!
We drank awar galb, it literally means heartache, but it's just a cocktail juice of some sort. It was awesome.
We came back home thirty minutes later. Mom told me it was very rude what I did in grandma's house, and H told me that they may think our parents told us to do this on purpose, so I went back upstairs to remove the shoe that's next to grandma's pillow.
 after another serving of turkish coffee, my aunt and her family left.

(I may upload pics of the random things we've done to grandma's house)

I know not everyone had fun, but I did.

Comment your suggestions,

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Family Drama

I'm not going to write the details here, but you can just use your imagination.

iftar tomorrow is at our house, everyone is invited except the uncle that dad isnt talking to.
Grandparents decided not to come unless dad invited his brother.
Mom and dad are unhappy, they went to talk to my grandparents, and my grandparents yelled at my mom. mom for the first time yelled back, because of the incident that occurred yesterday and because grandma said that mom said things that she never said.
Dad's sister decided not to come because her mother insulted her husband and also several accusations of him flirting with Fate/ snake lady happened even though it's all untrue.
Dad was forced to suck up his pride and invite his younger brother who is the cause of all the problems, he and his snake for wife.
Mom talked to auntie and her hubby and convinced them to come.
about 24 people will be in my 2 bedroom apartment tomorrow. and i have been plotting to put the kids upstairs after we eat so we can all fuck up my grandma's shit and make a mess because she was being rude to everyone.

Mom's knee is hurting her already, I hope everything goes well tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Awkward Iftar

After mom came from work, dad had gathered us and handed each one of us a Qur'an book. He said he wanted us to take turns in reading and that he will be doing this for the rest of the month. The problem was Dana, because she was only 11 and not only was she weak in Arabic, but she also disliked reading in general. As all kids would have done, she swayed, complained, whined, and drifted off every few minutes. Surprisingly dad remained calm most of the time, he has an extremely short temper. I hate that about him. He did smack her arm lightly once though, and she almost cried. This wasn't the best quality time, but at least he's taking apart of Dana's childhood. I don't recall him much in mine.
We ended up laughing at the end when we started correcting mom when she reads, she really hates being corrected it's funny. Then we laughed some more when Dana finished reading because she takes so much time reading and arguing over a single verse. we were all forcing ourselves to do this, because we got so happy when it was over. I think we're going to do this again tomorrow, it's kind of funny, I'll just put Dana in my lap again when we're reading.

To pass time by, my sisters and I started googling tattoos on several celebrities.

When iftar time came, we went upstairs to Grandma's and it was extremely awkward. I sat to eat, and noticed that the little kids were on the table, and my mom and sister were standing up. Mom told Dana to get off and she sat, but my sister went to eat on the couch. I'm not too sure about the rest of the world, but since when do children sit on the dining table while the grown up sit else where? the kids should get kicked off to the kiddie table the way we used to get kicked off to eat on the floor when we were kids. I didn't think it was proper for me to tell someone else's children to move, so I got up and told my older sister to take my seat. My older sister is the type of annoying stubborn nice that dislikes to take anything that someone else wants so she refused and I just kept insisting because my blood was boiling.
 Mom noticed us and told "Fate's" children " since when do the children sit on the table while grown ups are here" and she got one girl to get off and put my sister in her seat. Fate got angry, and replied with "why are you calling my daughters not raised well? by the way, their grandma told them to sit on the table they didn't do it on their own."  and of course mom likes to have the last word " I didn't say they were not raised well" my mother replied.
My grandpa ended up silencing them both, then everyone left after drinking their soup to go pray and smoke, and just blow off tension by walking it off. 

I found two chairs and put them in the living room, to make peace I told the children they can sit on the table if they put their chairs there. Why is it that people have no common sense? if there's a 21 year old lady standing, the 11 year old girl needs to get up and let her sit. This is life, you respect your elders. Later, everyone returned, we talked awkwardly together until the Turkish coffee arrived, which basically means "good bye" for Arabs. My uncle wouldn't sit or drink coffee around my dad, he just disappeared. They're still not talking to each other.

Afterwards, all the kids and my sisters played uno and so I joined. My sister then left me with five girls for several hours. She told me not to leave Dana alone. I didn't know my uncle wanted to stay until midnight!

They played around and I sat on the couch and tried to watch t.v. then got bored and played with my phone. Twitter was a bitch, so I switched to taking pictures of the girls around me. I realized that Dana was alone with the two older ones, so I went to that room and started taking their photos too. I ended up breaking up a game of truth or dare. This game never brought any good to anyone, that's what I learned from high school. Afterwards, I took videos of the kids. Most were lame and I'm not sure if I can post any on here; I mean, I don't even say names.

My other uncle dropped by with his wife later on and then grandma served us some ice-cream and, later on, some watermelon. I'm still so very hungry.

At 11:30 I got angry and went home because I realized I just wasted so much time there doing things I don't particularly enjoy. I just fed up!

First Day of Ramadan

We are invited to break fast (futoor) at grandma's. She invited all her children and their families to come over except auntie because uncle #4 doesn't wanna see her husband. yeah, a dispute of some sort. Also, uncle #3 and his wife had cancelled because they're invited elsewhere. So, it's going to be my dad and us with uncle #4 and uncle #2 and his family, and my grandparents.

Now, it's going to be extremely awkward since #2 and his family have fought with dad and don't want to interact with the rest of us either. Good riddance in my opinion because I don't like him, his wife, or his 4 girls who are freaking snooty like their mother and down right mean. except their second daughter, I pity her, because she's the only one that gets picked on by both her sisters and her parents. I see therapy in her future. But even she is learning the art of rudeness from that twisted up family.

I'm not sure how this will go, but mom will probably excuse herself for a smoke, and the men will excuse themselves to pray. But, what about dessert? maybe we'll cancel on that.

Man, speaking of food, my stomach just growled. I'm hungry and there is still about four hours to go!!!

I already finished reading the first chapter of the Quran, it's quiet amazing how I can now relate to the first several pages. I like it when I understand what I'm reading, or at least I think I do.

Dad also came earlier today because it's ramadan. Mom should be on her way, but her work is like an hour away.  Dad played with Dana the cars game on ps3. He lost so bad, but it's still nice that he tried. He still wouldn't try the dancing game, but mom did. Mom likes to dance.

Here's a little funny ramadan video to pass time by:

Quote of the Day: Batman

me: "Dana translate what I'm going to say to English. Alrajulu alwatwat!" (Batman)
Dana: "The guy says 'what wah?'"

so adorable, she even said it in a gangsta style. hehehehe

Monday, July 8, 2013

Hair Dye

It turns out tomorrow isn't ramadan. The moon wasn't sighted so it's after tomorrow.

I dyed my mom's hair tonight. I hate the smell of hair dye, I can actually still smell it 3 hours later. It's pretty awful.

I played cars with my sisters on Dana's PS3. It was pretty fun.

I still can't believe Dae Gil from Chuno died. I knew someone's going to die, I just figured it would be Sung Tae Ha. So that Dae Gil and Un ion would get together again. How sad! K-drama is really amazing, but why must they just kill him like that, and the show ends....LIKE I WANT EMOTIONAL CLOSURE!

Happy Ramadan!!!

After tomorrow is the first day of ramadan, and I'm anxious about it because before it ends I'll be going back to Canada. that's when the studying starts!

I can't believe I ate three hours ago and now I'm hungry, I'm gonna die tomorrow. It's still fun to fast though. I like ramadan because we get to fast together, eat together, and all the community gets to go through the same suffering of holding back. And although it's a little hypocritical to do, the muslim community seems to improve it's morals in that month. They try to abstinent from cussing and they try to lose any attitude, and men try to gaze away from the ladies, and the ladies try to improve their wardrobe by covering more, and putting less makeup on. It's a beautiful thing that I wish muslims do throughout the year instead of for one month only.
Fasting is also good for oneself. Morally, it teaches discipline and patience. It also teaches compassion for those less fortunate. one simply can't look at a person to understand what they're going through, one has to get a little taste, a reminder of what it's like. I think it's really great, that way the rich wont forget the poor. One also starts to appreciate the little things like the meaning of a loaf of bread after a long day of nothing. People often share afterwards, share meals and donate clothing and money.
It is similar to a new year's resolution I suppose. People often try to improve themselves in this month.
Physically, I think it's also good for the body, if one doesn't pig out at night, because i think it cleanses one's system. No smoking, no drinking, no eating for about 15 hours. This should get rid of any toxics in the system, and should act as a new page for a new way of eating.
Spiritually, it's a month to focus more on the relationship between oneself and God. The ajr , the result of a good deedis doubled or tripled in this month. People race to the masjids, to pray more.People try to do as many charitable things as they can. People try to finish reading the whole Quran in one month, I'm one of those. It's sad that I've abandoned it for the whole year, because I'm too busy with myself and doing the things I want and too busy with my life and my studies. I'm going to try to read it more thoroughly and finish it all this month.

What's sad in ramadan, is that people don't understand this is how muslims should be all year. You don't have to be starving so that you're heart would soften. Muslims should be donating and giving through out the year, and keeping in touch with God through out the year.
Perhaps some do, but personally, I know I can be a better muslim.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Leaves of Corchorus

I woke up with my hair looking fabulous!

I'm officially in love with the middle eastern dish: molokhia, they are just Corchorus leaves, they're a little bitter and slimy after being cooked, but I don't know why I love them so much. They resemble spinach honestly, but it's even more rare to find fresh leaves of spinach these days and I don't like the frozen kind.

mmmm, molokhia

Saturday, July 6, 2013

At Hamra Restaurant

Today we went to Grand avenues to eat at the buffet. It was the first time my older sister goes to Grand avenues, and to eat from that restaurant. At first, we were sitting outside the restaurant's roof so that we can see the people passing by,  but my older sister got anxious from looking at the amount of people walking and so we switched to a table away from people's eyes. I wasn't too happy with that because I enjoy watching what people are wearing and look like, especially after being away for a year. I'm still happy that we moved, otherwise my older sister wouldn't have enjoyed her meal what so ever!

My mom and I sat on a bench after we were done eating and waited for the others to exchange something and return. Mom couldn't move too much with her bad knee plus she was wearing heels. We had fun gossiping and staring at people. We pointed out all the outfits we liked, stared at some butts, and even checked out some good looking guys that in the imaginary land I would marry. I love doing this with mom, and it's somewhat weird that she's one of the very few people I can do this with.

At home we played a new dance game that my sister bought for her PS3. It's really fun, and I keep winning!

Dad is being pressured at work, I don't honestly know what's going on, but mom is trying to help him out.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Event of the Day!

Today we're going to go jet skiing! I'm so excited because it will be my first time ever on a jet ski!
Afterwards we are going to eat outside, so i hope we don't get wet or anything, then again, Kuwait's sun is really hot, so we will be dry in no time.

At night, my cousins and my aunt "w" will be coming to visit us because my older sister came from Canada. So far, they were the only ones who actually visited both me and my sister from our year long trip to Canada. I'm very disappointed in the rest.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Most painful moment of the Day

putting on my sports bra with a sunburn on my shoulders.

Imagine if you had a sunburn on your nose, and then you caught a cold. That would be so bad....

Beach Resort

The first Day at the resort:

On Dana's birthday mom decided to join her birthday with Dana's and take us all to a mini vacation at a beach resort, a chalet.The check in was at 3, but we were told it was at 2 so we waited a good hour in the reception before we went in.
 It was amazing, two stories, four bedrooms, several balconies, a patio and it had a view of the beach! 

The first thing we did was eat the fatayer my dad bought on the way here. We also ate some halawet eljibna (cheese sweets?). We then unpacked and showed Dana the PS3 we got her. She was so happy, but we still haven't played with it yet.
My older sister was in a bad mood because her skin is really sensitive and it was irritating her because of the heat. Dana, me and mom went swimming in the beach, I really wanted to jet ski, but it was 10 KD for half an hour, which is about 35 dollars?  I figured it might be cheaper outside the resort so I asked dad if we can do that next weekend.
It was really fun to walk on the beach and to swim the first time, I had really missed it. I then sat on the beach with my mom and started burying my legs in sand, mom helped me bury the rest of my body then took a picture. It was so horrible, because I got itchy in the worst places, and I think several little bugs were on me, i know one was on my nose. Augh, I don't recommend this.
I ran for the showers after that, and I think my older sister and dad joined the swim. The shower was amazing, it felt like a little massage. I got dressed and headed back to the beach, later on dad told mom he's hungry she told him that she's tired so he can do it himself. And he did! He went back inside and I followed a few minutes later. he started frying the burgers we brought, and he cut up the watermelon and put cheeses on the table, bread, sardine and washed some grapes too. He totally burnt the burgers, but it was great seeing my dad in the kitchen.

Later on, my parents went to bed and my sisters and I played cranium in their balcony.
At 11 pm Chuno the slave hunters were on and I had to watch and cheer for the awesomeness!

The Second Day:

This day, we did almost everything! My older sister couldn't sleep well because Dana's alarm woke her up at 3 AM twice. And it also woke me up, and I kept waking up because I kept dreaming there were things all over me, and that I didn't set my alarm early enough.
First of all, we went swimming in the beach at 7 AM, we didn't just swim though, we fed the fish there too! We fed them dad's crappy patties! they ate from my hands! Then, we went to shower and got all dressed up to go to the restaurant for breakfast. The breakfast was a buffet, but it wasn't so great. You had to pay for pancakes and pay for your omelet, so we just ate from whats around. What was displayed were things that should NOT be breakfast. samboosa, rice, corn, onion rings, mashed potatoes, really? and the kids buffet had burgers and more fried things. But of course there were things that some people think are acceptable as breakfast and I dont, like beans and kidneys. just no! and there were also things that were pretty good.
 After breakfast, we went back to the house and put on our bikinis to go tanning at the women's only pool! Man, it was AMAZING, the pool was refreshing and cool, and EMPTY!!!! so as Dana swam, me and my sister roasted ourselves under the sun. After some time I had enough and dived in the water. My sister and the life guard took really cute pictures of us in all those poses. I then lay down to tan, but forgot to put the lotion on myself again and thus my shoulders were burnt, and so was my nose and cheeks. Dana got tanned though, ironically.
We went to shower AGAIN, and this time it hurt to shower because of the sun burns. When I was done, dad had ordered some pizza and burgers. YEY! I hadn't had Hawaiian pizza in like a year!
Then Dana actually had the energy to go back to the beach while my older sister and I watched MTV on the couch, then she blacked out on me.
Later at night, I sat on the beach with mom where mom told me that four kuwaity women over there were wearing bikinis in the public beach! for shame! Mom told me that the minute they undressed all eyes were on them and that three guys from outside the resort had gotten out of their jet skis and started swimming and talking with them. Mom told me that she thinks one of them is wearing a thong so,  I just sat there with mom waiting for them to leave the water so that I can see if she really was wearing one. You know, i think it's a good thing im not a guy. It turned out she wasn't, it was just rising up on her. Three of them were wearing bikinis and none of them were thin. and also, none of the bikinis really fit them well, they were either too loose to the point i saw a girl's crotch. or too tight, that their breasts were falling out. They told the guys "next week next week" then threw a water bottle at him. I really need to start being a good muslim and looking away, and such, but i'll leave that to guys, dammit I wanna watch!
At night, I went to the gym. It was empty! and the equipments were so much better than those in the apartment building we're in. for once, nothing was broken and the seats were comfortable too. I just had to try all of the machines. I went home an hour later to see my sisters playing uno, I joined the fun and then we went to bed later.

Final Day:
We woke up really early this day too, because we had to check out at 12 pm! We went to the beach again, and the water was so cool and refreshing and the whole beach was empty! This time, we fed the fish the burgers that weren't cooked. Mom really wanted to get rid of the burgers. I think we're killing the fish this way, but they're happy. The current was stronger today, to the point that we were being dragged to the sea.
Again we went to eat breakfast outside, and it was followed by more tanning. This time the pool was pretty full and I went swimming with Dana first. I started tanning at 11:22 which isn't much time before we leave. I think I made my burn worse, but oh well, at least my hands and feet look just a little darker. I'm honestly not sure if I even tanned, but I'm happy that I at least tried, I've been wanting to for a while now.
At 11:45 my sisters and I rushed to put our clothes on! another reason why an Abaya would come in useful now, you simply throw it over your bikini and jump to the car! I was wearing a dress though, and dad was just outside the pool's door when we walked out. At 11:55 we went inside the house to pack. I already finished packing since yesterday, but there are always those small things around.
We checked out, and sang all the way home.
We then took turns in the showers, fastest goes in first. I went last.  And we all fell asleep. we were just pooped out. I think I slept at 2 pm then again at 5 pm then again at 10 pm. like, It was ridiculous. And I had this huge headache for some reason, and my shoulders were aching me, specially the pink left one!

Alhamdulellah it was SO MUCH FUN!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Best Reply on Facebook!

Howard Klineberg As soon as Palestinians say yes to peace and MEAN it then they will get a state. Now they have had 62 years to think about an answe
Fatin Qn Howard I'm going to take over your house and offer you the bathroom as a home. Say yes for the sake of peace.