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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

From East to West to East

I straightened my hair today! I woke up with my hair literally standing on end, and so i tried to calm it down. Mom saw me, then tied it back for me. 

As promised, we went back to Sharq mall so we can buy the things that we liked, and get an evening outfit for me. The outfit is going to be for Nancy's (My older sister's Russian friend) wedding and also got any gala I get invited to in Canada. Halifax pretty much sucks in accounting to shopping for evening wear and dresses. bleh!

I did buy two beige pants and a shirt. I also bought a cute short dress that can be worn as a shirt as well.

 This is something I often due: wear short dresses as shirts. 

and i bought the cutest gold coloured necklace that had a spider web and a black spider on it! >o< so fluffy tiny arachnid 

By the time we finished shopping at Debenhams (the last shop in the mall), we went to buy groceries (which was at the other end of the mall). 
That's when we realized that one of our shopping bags was missing! I was to blame since it was with me. I remembered leaving it in the fitting room, so I ran all the way to Debenhams. Looking like a full retard while running in the mall! I made sure to slow down in front of the camera that was in the middle of the mall. Then I went upstairs to go to the fitting room, then to the farthest corner, where I left the bag. 
Thank God I found it, but i also had the car keys with me, so my mom was probably waiting outside the car in this heat with all those objects!
I ran all the way back to the grocery store at the farthest end of the mall. My mom and sisters were waiting at the bench in front of it with the groceries and bags inside a cart. hehe...

Nice clothes, nice mom, nice day. alhamdu lellah,

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