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Monday, July 22, 2013

Instrument or Medicine?

My mom drove me to an old arabic school called "Al jeel al jadeed". Even though I'm a high school graduate, I was expected to go to school there for summer to take extra lessons that will help me in university. I stood in line with the kids. They had back-bags and handbags and I had a laptop bag. I went in, and asked a kid where I can get my school uniform. She told me it was from elsewhere and that I can follow her to the classroom. It turned out to be the music room. The teacher sat in the middle of the class as the students were sat against the walls, they were all busy scribbling. I asked about the uniforms, but he told me I didn't need it. He pointed at a stack of papers on his desk and told me to answer them; whether each word was an instrument or medicine. I took the pile and took a seat. Mom suddenly showed up at the door with several bags of chips in her hand. Funny lunch idea, but I took them.
I returned back to the question: instrument or medicine. The first word was a girl's name.

I then woke up ^o^

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