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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Junk Food Day

Dad got us this scale for Canada, because Halifax is one of the smallest cities I've ever lived in!
I love the new scale, but DAMN it added a WHOLE KILO to my weight. I took months trying to reach 54 Kg, and now it's telling me I'm 55, no! Fuck you!

It's also a clock!

mom took us out to buy some fast food for iftar. We went to Hardee's or little star, and it said it will open at 6 pm! i don't like the ramadan time openings! So we called for delivery instead, and went to burger king to buy different sandwiches. BK was also closed until 6. Funny, because all these fast food restaurants are supposed to be open 24 hours.
In front of the fast food resturaunt I heard a mewing, so I looked to my side to where it was coming from and saw this :

Oh my God, the most cutest little kitty cats ever! they were suckling from their mommy!

I feel bad that I disturbed them, and kudos for the excellent spot, but I couldn't resist sticking my hand in there and taking a photo.
I must've looked like a retard, smiling and taking pictures of the opening in the wall in front of burger king's door. 

Hmmm... is it often that I look like a retard to people?

We also got the best macaroni salad ever from Pizza Hut. omg, all that glorious junk food! I really love that salad, because it's so sweet and has raisins in it too.

My sister went out with mom to get the results of her skin sample. They said it might be dermatitis herpetiformis which, i still am not sure is the case. Mom suspects she's allergic to gluten, and she already has eczema. Augh, so confusing!

I also uploaded my second video today!
I think it's shitty, but oh well, I can remove it later on in life.


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