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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Beirut Mall

After Iftar, my mother and I got dressed so we can go shopping. My older sis didn't come because she has some studies.
We went to Beirut Mall, which has some local things and cheap clothes, but you can still find some pretty cool things like cute PJs!
It's practically like a street market, but in a mall.

coffee sets, tea sets, and serving trays

 We went looking for some clothes for a friend, so mom had to try on some clothes. She bought a shirt. We then went downstairs (picture) to pick out a coffee set for my mother's sister. We failed. I did, however, spot some cute pjs, and since I ripped some of my old ones. 

This is a night gown
For Dana

A lot of things were free size, meaning it's one size fits all concept. They were pretty cheap. Rangin from 1.500 KD to about 4.500 KD, which is between 5.20$ until about 16.00$ of course without taxes, because there are no taxes in Kuwait.

Here's another PJ:

My Fave!
While leaving the building, I asked my mom if I can have a phone case, because I don't like mine, and they're old. My phone is also pretty old, which makes it a little difficult to find anything cute for it. I mean, I feel like nothing cute ever came up for the Galaxy SII.
Then I saw this, and now every time i look at it I think. 'Well, hello mr. kitty. Can I pet ze kitty?'
I just wish it was another colour, but oh well!


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