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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


...nothing more than feelings,
trying to forget my feelings of love.

I didn't know thinking about a guy makes you lose your appetite.
What hurts the most isn't crushing on a guy, but knowing the guy that you're crushing on likes you and tells you he loves you but you can't tell him anything, or be together. It hurts even more that he thinks about the same things I do, but he's not for me. I feel like a whore in a way... maybe i was way too friendly in our conversations.
He actually thinks I'm too good for's so augh...why. what if I only like people because they tell me they like me. This is why I think I'm a whore, I feel like I only like the way some men make me feel because just a few days ago I was insanely thinking of another guy. I want to so much.. but, what if it's for all the wrong reasons? I'm sure two days from now I'll come back to reality and he too will go back to his reality.
It's so hard too, feeling like this uptight bitch but at the same time leads men on. A tease that intrigues the interest but never satisfies.
I want to tell him everything in my head and everything he wants to know, but I can't. I know I'll regret it, and it will only hurt us more.
I just have to keep staring at their flaws until I look at them as nothing other than another friend.

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