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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Laughing Out Loud with the Crew

Today was intense, I had my final Organic Chemistry exam in the morning, meaning if I pass this course, it will be the end of Chemistry for me; well, aside from the MCAT.

I then went to the mall to run some errands and to cute and dye my hair red, but I ended up just booking the appointment for the next day. It was super expensive, 180$ + tax?! Is it worth it? I don't know. The one doing my hair is a level 5 or what ever, to be honest I'm not entirely sure. I know it's much cheaper in Kuwait, but they're not professionals there, and I will also have a 25% discount from a friend, so I will be paying 150$ with tax instead, which is not much of a difference when you think about it.
I'm also planning to dye it red, which is horrible because it fades, and is hard to maintain, but what ever I suppose.

Afterwards I met up with Revi and Justin then we headed down to the waterfront to catch a Ferry so we can go to Travis' new place; which was fking amazing by the way! He had stairs, and a walk in kitchen, a little studio, two bathrooms, an amazing view. It was lovely, gorgeous, beautiful!

Revi bought pizza, and I got the drinks, unfortunately, Travis' oven was broken?! and um, we used his toasted oven to take turns cooking the pizza. It was funny, but I was starving so I took the first turn. Then my pizza was crusty and made a funny noise, then my tummy growled awkwardly. Everyone kept laughing at me all night, but hey, we laughed at each other. It was hilarious. We were watching this movie, and I totally forgot what it was called because it's boring, but there was a hijacking and I suddenly said, "I swear to God, if they make the Muslim guy the bomber, I will..!!!" which made everyone burst out laughing. It was great, then we poked fun of Justin a bit, and then Travis joked around and said I can watch this one movie in the theater in Kuwait, then he added "you do have them in Kuwait, right?" and I replied with a poker face " What are you talking about, theaters are a sin..." Then he just kept quiet before me and Revi just burst out laughing at him. He then got it, and laughed too. It was just hilarious. Half way through the movie, I saw a black guy in the background with a bandanna on his head and just pointed at him and said "isn't that hide yo kids hide yo wife guy?!" for some reason, Travis found it hilarious and started laughing at me for a good minute, then I asked what was so funny, and he said he never heard me yell so loudly before. It's pretty funny how highly they think of me. Almost every time I crack a joke, or say something inappropriate, Revi turns to me with a horror stricken face then says "You're supposed to be the innocent one!" Poor Revi...
For example, when we watched Family Guy, Justin commented on the guy's face and said "doesn't his chin look like a pair of balls?" and I exclaimed " Omg, you too! I thought I was the only one who was thinking that!" and that's pretty much when Revi freaked out at me and Travis burst out laughing.

Once the movie was over, we started sharing some funny youtube videos. We took turns putting random videos, and we all laughed. When my sister called me they put "stripper music" in the background and cracked jokes about baking brownies and calling the strippers, and passing joints. They're amazing, I love them, and I will miss them when I go to Kuwait.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Canadian food

Today us trio (sister, moi and roomy) headed out to the waterfront after I was done with karate, and sis was done with shopping. We ate haddock poutine, beaver tails, and frozen yogurt. It was a very Canadian meal! We were so stuffed we didn't eat for the rest of the day.

I'm a bit worried about the exam I have on Wednesday that I didn't study. I'm stressed, and when I'm stressed my brain shuts down. I don't wanna start and so here I am procrastinating.

I'm suffocating, and I'm the one who's tightening this noose around my neck.


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lab Day

It made me smile today when the girl that shares my bench on the lab called me cute.

I wanted to ask her if I should only add one H to the O in one of the reactions, and instead of saying "atche" I said "Otch" because my brain wanted to combine O and H at the same time. She then looked at me and smiled and I smiled and mumbled that I meant H, but she then said "Say H! say H! come on, say it!"
And i full on refused to and diverted my eyes, she never went full throttle like that before, it made me laugh.

a few moments later after I handed in my paper, I found it laying on my notebook with a full mark. I was surprised at the speed that it got marked under and so I gasped and said "What type of magic is this?!" without thinking. Needless to say, both Ben and Maddi laughed at me after asking me if that's really what I just said. Maddi then said I was cute. I got really happy when she said that, I've known her only for like 2 weeks, and I don't usually get that response in person at such a short period of time.

Apparently I'm "cute",

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Broken Test Tubes

Today, I only broke two test tubes in the lab!

I also threw a spoon in the trash then my room mate found it and laughed. My sister was like: Now I know what happened to all our missing forks!

She cracked me up!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Aching feet

The heels of my feet actually hurt from standing for 5 hours straight! 
On another note, I got 80% on my organic chem midterm, which is pretty decent.

I also was "one of the only ones in the lab to get a 6/6 on my recrystalized sample" Which is pretty freaking AWESOME; however, I screwed up the report, so that brought down the grade.
I'm kinda happy that I did the procedure so well though! 

I fell asleep at 7:30 today; I was totally out of it. I woke up startled and afraid I missed the prelab assignment due time (at 11:30 pm). I woke up at 10:10 pm though, but I freaked out a bit, because I slept for almost 3 hours! It was odd, I also almost missed my prayer time.

Man, I can't believe I fell asleep playing candy crush! I was really tired though.


Monday, May 12, 2014

A corner to the Elbow

When I was done tying my hair up in the bathroom I brought my arm down, but when I did I smacked my elbow against the pointed corner of the towel hanger. I think I  hit one of the ligaments between my bones because I felt an instant pain in my elbow that traveled down the length of my arm making it numb. I crouched down cradling my arm to my chest waiting for the pain to subside. A minute has passed and I was still able to feel the tips of my fingers tingling. Another moment passed before I stood up again and took a look at my elbow in the mirror. There was a small red circle formulating slightly above my elbow, and around it, a bruise was starting to form.

There's a nice painful morning. It was quite interesting watching myself in the mirror go from poker face to scrunched up in pain before it disappeared altogether when I dropped to my knees.

What's worse is that this is the second time I take a sharp hit to my left elbow this year. That's one spot that hurts like hell! The ligament between your bones!

Oh well, that's why I'm called moving disaster, though these incidents have decreased slightly with age!

Sunday, May 11, 2014


I wonder why 'he' thinks I'm stupid, or why my sister thinks I'm smart. Is it for the same reason my chem professor thinks I'm insecure? What makes Revi think I'm innocent, Justin say I'm witty and 'him' say I'm clueless and dorky while my little sister thinks I'm cool? Robert said I'll make a great wife and mother and that whoever will marry me is a lucky man, while my uncle told me that someone has prayed harm on whoever will marry me. And my dear mother thinks I'm a kind person.

What is true and what isn't? Could they all be true because they're based on different perspectives or could they be true due to the fact I behave differently according to the person and circumstance. Could they be describing something they want to see in me, or perhaps it is something they see in themselves.

What's true and what's not?

At least we can all agree that I'm a moving disaster.


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Karate and Palpitations

I had heart palpitations today in karate. It wasn't while we were exercising though, it was after the sensei told us to take a seat so he can tell us something about when to attack. I suppose the sudden depression of my body with the "stress" (as the dumb ass doctor has said) my body was enduring, it had accelerated. I really need to do more research about PSVT; here's a link to those who have absolutely no idea what I'm referring to:

It explains it pretty accurately. I was always worried it might be something like atrial flutter; after all, the only symptom I have is sudden palpitations.

Now that I'm reading about some treatment options for it, I read about "Beta Blockers" which sounded familiar. I think the dumb ass doctor said it would be used as a last resort. She shouldn't have even mentioned it as a resort for me, why can't she just fucking properly diagnose me and give me a holter monitor instead of suggest to me what I might have, tell me a cardiologist won't be necessary, and suggest stupid treatment options like her face. Seriously?

  • ·         Beta blockers may cause:
    §  Diarrhea
    §  Nausea
    §  Vomiting
    ·         Rashblurred visionmuscle cramps, and fatigue also may occur.
    ·         As an extension of their beneficial effect, they slow heart rate, reduce blood pressure, but may cause heart failure or heart block in patients with heart problems.
    ·         Beta blockers should not be withdrawn suddenly because sudden withdrawal may worsen angina (chest pain) and cause heart attacks or sudden death.
    ·         Central nervous system effects of beta blockers include:
    §  Headache
    §  Confusion
    §  Dizziness
    §  Hallucinations
    ·         Beta blockers that block β2 receptors may cause shortness of breath in asthmatics.
    ·         As with other drugs used for treating high blood pressure, sexual dysfunction may occur." (retrieved from, 2014)
    I guess unless I'm in pain, then I'll never ever take something with this many side effects.

    Seriously ridiculous!


    On a totally unrelated note, I smacked a man's butt in karate today with the back of my fist. No, I did NOT mean it! What's even more awkward is that I know him, and he's a professor in my university, so he attends the dojo I go to during the school year. Augh, so awkward and so gross. SO GROSS, I hope I forget the feeling. I also partnered up with this scrawny blonde girl with thick glasses in karate today. I thought she'd be a wimp, but she actually kept punching me straight in the stomach when we were doing our punches. I don't think she understands that in karate, you are not supposed to purposely hurt your opponent during practice. We practice distancing and control, but no! She punched me in the stomach or arm (since I was like, fuck this, I'm blocking your path). Her punches didn't hurt a lot, but when your punched in the same place repeatedly, it doesn't feel too great! I really find her annoying, I don't usually pass judgment on people so quickly, but I really don't fancy her. Furthermore, she also kept doing the punches based on speed rather than precision. Don't get me wrong, it pumps me up with adrenaline when the routine of the punches are broken, but that's just it; she didn't break the routine of her punches. She kept her punches at a steady pace, but did not leave any gap or time between her punches. It felt weird, all I was doing is swinging my arm back and forth to block her punches in a routine, and quick pace. that way, I wasn't enjoying the sparring feeling, nor was I even blocking correctly.

    Augh, not the best karate class I've had. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Screaming neighbors

the neighbors are fighting waaaaay too loudly. Seriously, I shouldn't be able to understand everything you are screaming...
A loud bang on the heater startled me and then I hear this:
lady 1 (sounds white): " you started it!" "Shut up!" all the while there seems to be a man's voice in the background which led me to believe she was fighting with her lover, but then I hear another lady. she spoke with a thick asian accent " why you complain bout me"
lady 1: "because you started it"
some more screaming
lady 1: "you fucking do it everyday! Every day!"...."don't talk to me"

Some more mumbling, but the white girl is screaming.
Lady 1: "you shut the fuck up, (Lee?)"

I just put "The lion sleeps tonight" to piss them off.


An hour has passed and now I'm hearing a girl scream" ow, ow, OW, OW, OWWW!"

What in God's name are they doing?!

Five minutes passed, and I hear her shrieking again " Give it to me, GIVE IT TO ME!" She yelled.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Melting Glass

Today in the Organic Chem lab we had to make capillaries from glass in order to do the chromatography. So, I heated a pipet over a bunsen burner(while rotating it) until the glass started to melt. Once it drooped, I had to remove it quickly from the flame and stretch it out as far as I can. I never thought working with glass was so much fun! I never burned glass before; it is SO COOL!

We then broke the thin stretched out glass with our nails! like, woah! Isn't that the coolest thing?

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I can cook, but I can't make a cup of tea!

So, I don't really drink tea but my sister has a fever and I think she caught the flu, so I tried to make her a cup of lemon tea yesterday as she asked of me.
1) I used our roommates tea instead of ours thinking she gave it us
2) I used too much lemon
3) My sister wanted the tea in the thermal cup and not a mug, and so I spilled some of it on the table when I tried to transfer it.
4) my sister said it didn't taste like tea and so I put a teabag in it, after ripping the teabag's tag, and tearing it open from the top.
(Yes, I didn't even know how to open a teabag!)
5) She then told me it was so sour that I might as well have added sugar to it and made it lemonade, so I halved her tea and added more water.

Today, I successfully made chicken soup from scratch, which she loved.
I put chicken, carrots, potatoes, and some vermicelli for noodles.

I think she felt better after drinking it because I knew otherwise she wouldn't have eaten anything for the rest of the day.

our roommate had Roseola from the MMR vaccination she took last week.

I'm the only one in the house that isn't sick and can actually move! Good thing my labs start tomorrow, I don't know what they would've done otherwise. They would've just starved actually.

Pray for their health and well being!


Sunday, May 4, 2014


Cool, I've hit 5000 total views!

I also have one follower, 5 comments, and almost 60$.


Follow me guys if you want to be updated with my posts, and comment any suggestions and opinions down below!


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Double Birthday!

Justin, Revi, and I decided to meet up after karate today to go to the wharf; aka waterfront. This was so we can celebrate "Revi's" 23rd late birthday that was on the 2nd of this month and Justin's early 24th birthday that is on the 16th. 

Revi went to karate to do her grading and then when they were done we three attended the class. I got my heart palpitations at the start of it, and I didn't want to interrupt the class, but they were NOT going away with the kicks and reverse punches we were performing, so I took a seat at the back of the dojo. I didn't get to sit for a minute before sensei Dani waved me in to join the rest. I didn't want to make a scene, so I simply got right back up and joined again. I couldn't focus at all with the moves, and after we were done we immediately started on the katas; not giving my heart enough time to return to it's regular pace. After about 10 minutes of me trying to hold in my breath and flex my abs; hoping that trick I read once somewhere would work, and I half assing my movements and taking deep breaths, my heart went to a more regular rate. I was just trying anything to calm my heart down really!
It was a little embarrassing that this sensei with a 7th dan had to invite me back to class. I didn't mean any disrespect, and so I asked Revi and our sensei if I should explain myself. Sensei told me that it wasn't a big deal and that he probably thought I was late and was ushering me in to the class. I don't know what type of reactions people hold when you tell them "hey, btw my heart is beating really fast, so I'm gonna take a seat!" I should probably ask sensei  if I can take a seat if it happened again. She said yes in our university's dojo, but sensei Dani isn't aware of my tachycardia.

After practice, Justin, Revi and I went downtown and we went to Boston's Pizza because we were hungry. We ordered a large and split the bill. The pizza tasted great, but the toppings weren't worth paying 30$ for. We asked for the Tropical Chicken, without pork! hehe, aren't they sweet? they even refused when I said that we could split the toppings in half if they want pork, and they both refused. They said they don't eat it anyways, and that they don't want to make any discomfort or mistakes when we pick the slices to eat. Aren't they sweet?
So, the toppings were two types of cheeses, chicken, and pineapples...NO TOMATO SAUCE! I never had a pizza with not tomato sauce in my life!

I gave them both their gifts and they absolutely loved it! Justin's mouth fell agape when he saw that sucker the size of his head! (it's filled with little ones inside) His eyes were so wide and he looked so happy! I also got him a card that said "Aging is inevitable, but maturing is optional!". For "Revi", I got her a vanilla scented perfume and body lotion. She said she loved vanilla! and she said she almost teared up at my card. Isn't that sweet?

When we were done, we walked along the harbor and ordered some beaver tails! I love beaver tails ( it's fried dough covered in sweet toppings) Justin and I ordered the hazelnut chocolate spread with bananas. I had chocolate all over my face and they kept pointing it out left and right.

We then went to the farmers market, where Justin fell in love with some breakfast sausages and bought them. I preferred the home made red pepper jelly, but I had no money.
I went home after that, and they continued shopping and hanging out. While walking with them, "Revi" dropped this on us "Did you know that we bleed about a cup or half a cup of blood when we have our period?!" I just stood gaping at her, wondering why she suddenly felt the need to share that in front of Justin. I then turned my attention to Justin to notice that he just stopped walking a while back and was spacing out with his mouth open totally filled with shock and disgust. 

Oh well, those are my friends!

I then went to get our sublet some soup because she's sick and when I returned home I almost slept on the chair sitting up. I just crashed, i was so tired! I went to the couch and slept for two hours.

I also did some dishes, and broke a glass; typical of me I suppose.


First Aid Course

I did my emergency first aid and CPR/ AED training today. It was supposed to be 7 hours and a half long with the one hour break, but we finished an hour and a half early. I took the course with my sensei and Justin! it was kind of fun, and boring at the same time. Everyone passed, and we should get our certificates at the end of the month.
I have taken this because I will be the president of the karate club next year, and I need to know first aid. It's also good to know as general knowledge, something to put on your resume, and good to know for I want to pursue a career in health.


Friday, May 2, 2014

Restricted Feelings

I just want to let something out of my system. I want to share these feelings, yet I don't want to tell anyone about them. This is pretty much what this post will be about.

You see, I unfortunately do public chatting, and have been on and off it since I was 12. I'm a bit ashamed about it because I've wasted a lot of time on it.
Anyways, that's besides the point. What I want to say is that it's so hard to interact with so many and keep a part of me restricted and limited. 
As you all know, I proudly wear a hijab (head covering) and I never dated nor will I ever, but that doesn't mean I don't desire it every so often. I also want to share pictures of myself with total strangers. I want to show pictures of my body, of my clothes, of my stupidity, my pretty and ugly. I want to brag about how awesome I look, and I want to be showered with compliments about how hot I am, and how pretty my smile is. I want to share all those videos I took of myself dancing and messing around; but I wont, because that's not my ninja way. haha sorry, I couldn't help it. I won't because that's not modest, and the hijab is all about modesty.
So, you might wonder why I don't just share those pictures of myself with the hijab? I agree with you guys, there's nothing but my face in those pictures and Islam doesn't say I have to hide my face and yet I can't. ...To be completely honest, I actually did with a few girls and guys that I've known for a minimum of four years and have seen pictures of as well, but I shouldn't have to half of them. It felt so good though, specially when one guy only saw my face and just told me I looked beautiful without me even asking him of his opinion. He found the picture online to my dismay, so I didn't even show it to him, he found it and told me I was beautiful. Which obviously shocked me enough to remember to this day.
I also had a crush on him at a certain point and he had previously told me several times that he liked me. But that's the thing, he isn't the only one and I wish I could date them. Isn't that silly? I wish I can date all these good people and be faithful to them all, but that's not right. I won't ever date, and I need to keep reminding myself to keep my personal information hidden. I'm the obsessive type, once I like something I obsess about it. I day dream about it and  even fantasize situations in my head of endless situations that could occur. I also have no self control, once I show one person my picture, I'm bound to show several others. That's why I can never make an exception for dating or skype calling because I know once I say yes to one guy, once we break up I will repeat the cycle. 
I don't want to be like that, I don't want to date, I just want to be acknowledged. I want to return people's affections and I wanna show off my amazing body I've been working on lately, and I want to prove something. I'm still not entirely sure what my problem is though. It isn't like I'm lacking anything that I'm trying to compensate for. I know I'm attractive, I don't want it confirmed, but I want to flaunt it.
I wonder if holding back such desires is part of this life's test.