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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lab Day

It made me smile today when the girl that shares my bench on the lab called me cute.

I wanted to ask her if I should only add one H to the O in one of the reactions, and instead of saying "atche" I said "Otch" because my brain wanted to combine O and H at the same time. She then looked at me and smiled and I smiled and mumbled that I meant H, but she then said "Say H! say H! come on, say it!"
And i full on refused to and diverted my eyes, she never went full throttle like that before, it made me laugh.

a few moments later after I handed in my paper, I found it laying on my notebook with a full mark. I was surprised at the speed that it got marked under and so I gasped and said "What type of magic is this?!" without thinking. Needless to say, both Ben and Maddi laughed at me after asking me if that's really what I just said. Maddi then said I was cute. I got really happy when she said that, I've known her only for like 2 weeks, and I don't usually get that response in person at such a short period of time.

Apparently I'm "cute",

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