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Friday, May 9, 2014

Screaming neighbors

the neighbors are fighting waaaaay too loudly. Seriously, I shouldn't be able to understand everything you are screaming...
A loud bang on the heater startled me and then I hear this:
lady 1 (sounds white): " you started it!" "Shut up!" all the while there seems to be a man's voice in the background which led me to believe she was fighting with her lover, but then I hear another lady. she spoke with a thick asian accent " why you complain bout me"
lady 1: "because you started it"
some more screaming
lady 1: "you fucking do it everyday! Every day!"...."don't talk to me"

Some more mumbling, but the white girl is screaming.
Lady 1: "you shut the fuck up, (Lee?)"

I just put "The lion sleeps tonight" to piss them off.


An hour has passed and now I'm hearing a girl scream" ow, ow, OW, OW, OWWW!"

What in God's name are they doing?!

Five minutes passed, and I hear her shrieking again " Give it to me, GIVE IT TO ME!" She yelled.

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