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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Beach house Preparation

We have been preparing to go to the beach house for 3 hours straight and some fights have broken out due to some tension.

It's Dana's birthday, she just turned 11, and several problems occurred as well. I hope everything goes well.

Dad agreed to bring his parents the second day we're there if there is more than one t.v. mom looked happy about it, the only woman who doesn't mind bringing her mother in law with her somewhere.
I'm personally done with my bag, but everyone else is still packing food and things.
I hope we have tons of fun!! AND TAN TAN TAN! >o<

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blood test results

recall how a week ago I had blood and urine tests? Results are in: everything is great alhamdullelah. I don't even have blood deficieny like I did several years ago. My hemoglobin is fine, my RBCs are fine, everything is fine.
Why do I have heart palpitations then? I don't know, the doctor said it might just be something my heart does. Just to make things better, I got them again today while I was on the treadmill.
I danced a bit on the treadmill (yeah i do that when im bored), then i stretched my hands upwards and I had it. thats it.
My theory is this: my blood flow is regulated at a certain movement be it running or resting. If I make a sudden movement and excert sudden effort without breathing properly, my heart starts beating abnormally fast so that it can pump enough oxygen in my system. It should be normal right? I've had it since I was 11 and I have yet to suffer a heart attack, so I suppose I'm fine. After all there aren't any chest pains, or headaches, or dizziness.

also I watched Monster in Paris with my sisters. We recorded Dana's reaction to that SHOCKING moment in the film. I wont spoil it here because it's too hilarious.

Attack on Titans' Similarity to Palestine

Attack on Titans reminds me too much of the Gaza strip. Specially the first episode,  to the point I didn't want to watch it anymore just because of that. You see, Gaza is also surrounded by a wall.

40 ft high wall around Gaza strip

Wall to keep out the Titans
 It has been built to keep the Palestinians in, rather than the israeli's out. It's part of the discrimination that goes on there. It is not acknowledged as a war, but It is a fight and struggle between the Palestinians, and the israeli soldiers. Every once in a while, Israel launches an attack on the people within the wall, much like those big naked things randomly attack the people within the walls in Attack on Titans.

 Attack from Israel

Attack from Titans
Similarly, in my perspective, they kill people, children, women, men, and they also destroy buildings and cause a lot of damage. In the anime, the people within the wall feel trapped within it, unsure of what's the world outside is like anymore. I have never been to Palestine, yet, but I can imagine how after 65 years of being robbed from their lands, the Palestinians would feel trapped as well.  The people within the walls in the anime, like the Palestinians, are not necessarily defenseless, but they are at a disadvantage because they're not as strong or equipped, and many losses are made in order to destroy one titan! Mothers die in front of their children the way Eren witnessed his mothers death, others go missing probably taken as prisoners, and the rest are perhaps oblivious to the damage because they are not fighting it directly.

Wah, such a touchy subject for me, but I have continued watching Attack on titans, as I am now. It's funny that it all depends on the perspective one person is in to decide which is "right" and which is "wrong". In anime, the prespective is always from that of the weak, the bullied, the victims, in real life it's quite the opposite. the media will always display the arabs as wrong, simply because they wish not to intervene with Israel. Let them slaughter away the way they have been for 65 years.

Did you know that there's an israeli solider who murdered an israeli citizen because he heard him say "allahu Akhbar" (God is greatest) . You see, the solider mistook the israeli as a palestinian, and since they were in Jerusalem, he killed him.
Thats palestine right now. It's not even a war, it's genocide. Push the people within a wall, a prison. Deprive them of certain needs, humiliate them, make simple daily things like going to school and work a jihad (struggle) for them. Then play the victim whenever they fight back and try to defend themselves.

In Canada, I've talked to an israeli sales girl. She used to be a solider, and it probably slipped out of her tounge when she told me that her friend killed a boy because he threatened her with a toy gun. you see she was trying to convince me that killing my people was okay. this is more or less how the conversation took place as I remember it:
me: a boy?! a little boy?! your friend killed a child?!
her: no, no, not a boy.
me: you just said a boy.
her: I meant man, you know, a dude, a man with penis, you know penis, balbool (yeah she had to also translate to arabic), not a small kid.
me: but you said he had a toy gun!
her: yeah! and he was pointing it at her and telling her he was going to kill her! (as in the boy was threatening her, since you know soliders cant tell the difference between real and fake guns)
me: you're friend killed a little boy!
her: no! it was a man.

The conversation continued like that, and she kept trying to justify her friend's actions and her countries actions, and...nothing made since to me. She was sweating a lot, and she was talking rubbish.
She really wanted me to believe a grown man was holding  a toy gun, and threatening to kill a solider with it? Why would a grown man hold a toy gun? and even if he threatened to kill her, shouldn't she at least aim for less vital spots?

No regard for life.
May God be with the Palestinians and all the bullied people around the world.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Alhamdulellah, my sister arrived safely and everyone's happy at her arrival.
We ate icecream and my parents went to sleep now.

Im super duper excited about watching the next episode of Chuno: the slave hunters. Spoiler Alert: I can't believe they killed wak sun and General Choi!!!! They were the comic relief and mr. wise guy. They were the side kicks. THEY HAD AMAZING BODIES! Me and Dana bawled when the scene of Dae Gil eating by himself came. He was imagining his friends eating, and telling them to go ahead and eat, then he started laughing and broke down in tears. It was so sad...

Birthday Plans

I'm getting dressed now to pick my sister up from the airport.

My parents also bought things for Dana's birthday, which is in a few days. Mom is planning to take us to a house on the beach ( it's a two day rent) as a present for herself and for Dana. I think it's near the hotel, so breakfast may be included in the offer. There will also be an outdoor swimming pool for ladies only! THANK YOU GOD! I want to get a tan badly, not sure why, i just want to get darker. There should also be other little fun things to do like going to the beach and jet skiing and arcades. I think half of those are not for free, but oh well.
Inshallah we will have fun! I'm looking forward to it, I just hope my sisters and dad don't make problems. They can get somewhat whiny, annoying and boring if there's something they don't like. I'm usually more up to things and so is my mom and younger sister, but my younger sister is only a child so that's why she might get annoying, other than that she's pretty open minded too.
Other one is too self conscious about her body because she has eczema and dad is just selfish, so if he's not up to something he'll make a fuss. He already made a fuss about the price of all of this to mom.

Mom was initially planning to take my brother's sister and her family, and take his parents too on the basis that the more the merrier and we have four bedrooms in the house.
But, since when we went to my aunt's house and Dana has been left out in most convos because my cousins are teenagers, and adults now. They're also not very fun to hang out with, I mean i went to the amusement park with them and they chickened out of many games.
 I also remember what aunt did to mom last year, i hold grudges (look it up in another post). And i'm sure they wouldn't really return the favor either if they had the money.  Mom also ranted to me about why can't we just be a normal family who hangs out together and what not. I agree with her, it's kind of sad.
My cousins weren't always broke, they used to have great games, and they used to hide it from us when we used to come over as children, and mom has heard a word or two from dad's sister before too, but mom only tells me such stories once every blue moon, that way it somewhat stays imprinted in my mind due to shock.

Inshallah everything goes well in the weekend, and that we have loads and loads of fun! >o<

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A comback

My cousin has been a douche bag on facebook recently. I don't honestly wanna explain it, but he's being really rude and insensitive.
Mom has told him off in a comment, yeah that's how serious it is, that mom took offense from his posts. and his reply started with something like this "I'm sorry that you cannot see beyond  your feet"
so, I wanna say this "If you think my mom can't see beyond her feet, then you cant see what's out of your ass."
of course mom will NEVER let me post something like this since it is impolite and beneath me.

So here it is.

I wonder if this is why she was arguing with dad at 8 am in the morning telling him that his nephew has not been properly raised and that he's rude. It woke me up and I have to say, She's absolutely right. He's a 24 year old child.

Russia takes the lead

This month, russians have put in a lot of effort at clicking my posts and thus surpassed the U.S. and regained their place as the MOST Views so far.

but seriously, why do all these russians read my posts? why does anyone read my posts? Does anyone actually read my posts? I honestly think, most of you accidentally click them.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Another visit to the doctor!

Today, I finally went to the doctor to get my heart palpitations checked!
wasn't half as awkward as the visit to the doctor in canada.
I feel kinda stupid for this, but i finally understand that the little yellow form that the doctor has given me, were tests i was supposed to have done.
Anyways, I was fasting with dad for the blood test. We waited a good two hours for our insurance to approve. It was so boring, we played with the ipad at the hospital, took funny pictures, watched videos on fb, and texted mom and dana.
The lady wasn't very good, since the needle hurt a bit. She took about three cuvettes of blood. Man, my blood is really dark and thick. so pretty.
Then I had something that I have never had in my life that i remember. a urine test. just...ew. very humiliating, but still not as humiliating as the physical in canada.
The doctor here, unlike the one in canada, didn't mind doing the extra effort and actually ordering the device that monitors the heart for 24 hours. In canada they were being cheap cause the health care is free. He also told me to get an echo test. That, I have never heard of before. I searched it, it's another form of cardiology, called echocardiology. It's basically hearing your heart beat while using electrodes, I only had electrocardiology before.
We're going to have to wait for a phone call that it has been approved first.

Also, Mohammed Asaf won the arab Idol. He deserved it because he has the best voice. usually everyone votes for their country, so I thought maybe the egyptian guy might win, because Palestinians are effed up for a while now. Not sure how so far. Many are saying this and that, but I don't care because his voice is awesome.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Home made bread

screw getting in shape. mom made home made bread for the very first time. IT smelled sooooo great. freshly baked bread, augh! It also tasted sweet and soft. She made it as a little surprise for dad, he really likes bread. We also cooked and ate together today. I did the baked potatoes (under-cooked) and the steak. Mom did the bread and the mushroom gravy sauce. Dana did the salad and most of the table setting. im not sure who did the veggies, since it almost burnt twice because people kept forgetting it.
Mom also almost blew her face off today. She was heating her coffee ( we have a gas stove, not electric) and she was also filling the oven lighter gun thing with gas. thankfully at the last second she noticed her mistake and stepped away from the stove while a small eruption happened and the lighter she was holding had caught fire. She dropped it and it was my first time seeing something plastic engulfed in flames. Glad nothing blew up.

My cousins dropped by today. they didn't play uno the way we wanted but we had some fun making fun of the people in Arab Idol. They about an hour later, and we continued watching arab idol. It was hilarious! a guy from the audience hopped on the stage and started doing the dabkeh with mohammed asaf (skip to 4:10) Then the security pushed him out the stage.

 That was just too much. Also, ahlam ordered KFC on live t.v. again. that woman has no class, it's hilarious.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A gift From Auntie H

Dad came today from Oman, where my auntie and uncle live (from mother's side).
Mom had sent some hijabs to auntie, and a few for my cousin as a gift for newly wearing the hijab.
My aunt will pay her back for hers, and she gave dad a gift for mom's birthday to deliver back. It was really sweet of her. She sent mom a small makeup kit. It was a makeup bag within a bigger makeup bag and it had some eye shadow, a small perfume, and also mascara and other things. Mom loved it enough to try it on, you can tell mom was really happy. Mom isn't the type to buy things for herself, like fancy clothes or expensive makeup. Well, she does, but once every several years. So, i'm glad she got a little make up kit. God knows her makeup is probably expired.

A visit at Ree

Today  I woke up really late. I got dressed, called Ree so we can go to the gym. Apparently she was already downstairs, so I prayed and rushed downstairs. I walked for about half an hour, and she was already done with her workout so she sat on the bike thing and cycled for a while. We talked about turkish drama, korean drama that we watched on t.v.  She told me all about her wedding and engagement in lebanon and kuwait. I then went upstairs to her apartment and she showed me the pictures. She was pretty but for some reason i think she looks prettier without makeup, she had amazing poses in her pictures, and the backgrounds were breath taking. She posed at an old abandoned church in lebanon. The red roof had fallen in, but it looked great as a background. She also posed at some HUGE villa there. it was magnificent, looked like a hotel. Then some pictures of her front yard in her house there. She then talked about work, and behavior. I then excused myself, because she had things to do, and it was already 3 pm and I havn't told my sister where I am.
My sister and I cleaned up three drawrs in the bedroom, in which i screamed at her for touching my drawings without permission while i was in canada. I screamed at her for reading my diary, for keeping it in her drawer, for pulling out my pictures out of the file, for not returning them. I also screamed at her for drawing over one of my drawing (this one had me screaming bloody murder, it's what started the fight). then for hanging my original drawing on the wall, and screamed at her for ripping my older sister's drawing and there's still one of my sister's drawings still missing. and my little sis thinks she did nothing wrong, and keeps defending herself. That just adds fuel to my rage. I really ABHOR when people touch my stuff, stuff that I put away neatly in two files inside my drawer. some of those Stuff I have kept safe since I was living in canada. my sisters drawings were when she had depression, I remember pulling them out of the trash. My sketches of when I was in grade 7, 8 and 9 when I was bored in school. cards that Dana made for me, sketches of this and that. animation of a boy in school, myself and fictional characters. still upset that one picture is missing. I only notice one gone though, God knows how many are actually missing.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The amazing Race

Dad had a business trip to Oman tonight, but he took my laptop charger instead of his.
His flight leaves at 9 and it was 7:30 at the time. now you probably think that's a lot of time, but truth is boarding is usually an hour earlier, the way to the airport is about 30 minutes with all of the traffic in Kuwait, and we are two hijabi women! mom called dad's youngest brother (who currently resides in this building) to drop the charger off, but he said he left his ID at work. So, mom and I got dressed in like five minutes, yes this is exactly when the abaya (black cloak/dress many muslim women wear) comes in handy. we just threw that on our pjs, wrapped a hijab on, and slipped any shoes on and were on our way to the car. Mom isn't very sure of the way, but with the small help of the navigating system we made it. Mom didn't bother parking, she just stopped for a second so I can jump out and run inside. Problem then was, how do we deliver it to dad when he has surpassed the check point? My dad talked to an indian worker from the inside, and I talked to a kuwaity police officer from the outside. But, my officer couldn't leave his post. After those two talked the charger was safely delivered. Yey! thank you to the little people who do their jobs!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Life is beautiful ( time goes on)

This song is a childhood song of mine. for some reason every time i hear it i get a little emotional. It's obviously a love song, the singer is addressing his love.

here are my translated lyrics of it:
Don't bow down like humans
my life (you), stay as the moon. 
your voice is the echo of silent nights, 
and like you, none has existed. 

go race with the sky's stars.
oh, how many times have beauty sheltered within you.
my heart has been thrown, in your lap, has been been thrown.
and the flowers do shine.

life is beautiful, beautiful when we're together.
my heart, and your heart surpass love.
the past has gone and was folded away.
and the time goes on.

life is beautiful, beautiful when we're together.
my heart and your heart surpass love.
the past has melted, and has been folded away.
and the time goes on.
oh, the time goes on.

don't disappear, remain as the vision (sight),
be the purity and be the rain
your art is the dew that made destiny choose beauty.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wake up

Mom woke me up today with this sentence "___, go get dressed"
so I asked "why?"
"dad's taking you to the doctor" she answered. I sat up suddenly and asked her "what the hell is wrong with me?" Then she explained that it's for a check up.
Man, she scared me. I guess my parents are not convinced there isn't anything wrong with me, I thought they put the heart palpitation subject to rest.
I got dressed, and went with dad to the nearby hospital, but it turned out the doctor dad wanted was on vacation, and no one else was in today. We went to the supermarket instead. Bought many things, including cheese fatayer. They were yummy.
I also just burned myself draining the fettuccine. It's swollen, I personally think I burned so quickly because I shaved, my skin gets really sensitive after I shave.

---cut off---

We decided to go after Isha prayer to Marina mall to play a bit in some arcade games while my parents drink some coffee.
We ended up going to aunt's house, and wait at their home to greet their children who have come back from Egypt.
It wasn't that fun, but being around family lifts up the spirits.
We ate some bad tasting cheesecake. AUGH!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Dear Diary: A Slap

I have written some events on paper before. Some in an attempt to start a diary, others were simply venting. I also write to keep it in memories.

"Insanity, that's what it was. The day I slapped the girl I loathed by reaction was the 23rd of Nov, 2009. She came to my class and I had a burning passion to kill her. She didn't seem as bad when she talks but the way she talks rips me apart.
I asked her nicely ( to return a smiley she took off our classroom door), I was almost sweet. I wanted that smiley back, the class didn't need any more crap (because it already looked like shit, we even had a carpet, a smelly closet, and a view of a brick wall)... She asked me if I wanted it ( the smiley face), I knew right then that I'm stepping into a trap by saying yes. She threw it away and told me to fetch it. I was not prepared to be anyone's little bitch, so I slapped her.  It was a mere reaction. what I should've done was walk away from her idiocy and be the mature goody-two-shoes that I am, but I didn't. She approached me, with her 200 pounds of crap, but right before she could even touch me a girl stood in her way, held her off and told me to run. I walked off to the lab, my last period, without looking back. All of a sudden a crowd of girls gathered by the chemistry lab's door. My chemistry teacher lectured me after locking the door. She didn't blame me, but she knew I was better than that. All of the students in my class encouraged me, told me I'm awesome, laughed and joked around over what I just did (I did slap her in front of half of my class). I smiled, but I couldn't stop shaking. The girl was crying from humiliation, I tried apologizing but what good would that do? Even the (art) teacher warned me to watch my back and to walk in groups.
Even though I started it I somehow managed to be the innocent victim. I'm forever to be her target. At least now my feelings towards her are neutral."

I'm mean, I know I shouldn't have, but I hold no regrets. I hated her, always had. She used to constantly come to our class even though she's a grade younger, and make fun of our classroom and leave. It was inevitable, the more I saw her, the more I hated her, and the more I thought of beating her up, until she finally crossed the line, I snapped and slapped her.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fights with Sister

Today I fought a lot with dana. We went to buy milk and chocolate together. then we cooked together and the gas ran out at the end.

I fought again with dana and Mom scolded me and her, I ended up apologizing to Dana. We made up, and she's asleep now.

Dana asked me about the time i slapped the girl, I shall tell the story soon in here, I'll write what I have written when it happened. You see, i was so happy that i hit her, to the point i wanted to immortalize it in a piece of paper. I'm a violent person. I also don't like to be touched, hugging suffocates me a lot of times, and kisses disgust me.

Today's food: shrimp and lemon pepper (put bhar instead -_-) linguini (fettucini instead)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Today I think Nor has traveled to Egypt, and it only dawned on me a few hours ago.
I didn't go to the gym, because I woke up late, and I hate to exercise.

My moving disaster moment of today:
I tried to back punch in the air copying Dae Gil from t.v. and as I did, my arm got caught in one of the straps of my shirt and it's stitches were torn.

Here are pictures of the chilli I cooked today:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Momma and the snake

Today I went to the gym and Ree didn't come. My sister did accompany  m though, she walked on the treadmill besides me then fooled around the equipment for a while.

Nor called me to apologize over travelling suddenly and not getting to hangout with me the way we planned to. I've only been with her one so far, and it seems she's much too busy to squeeze me in her schedule. I'm still very disappointed with her, but there isn't much I can say. I also still owe her ten K.D.

At night, mom had talked for a good two hours with us. She told me about the woman in her work that she nicknamed "the snake". She told me everyone's calling that lady the snake now. I was a little surprised and after questioning her, she told me that that woman butts in with everything and no one can stand her. She told me that  the snake found a laptop on her desk so she dropped it on the floor then kicked it away.  Mom also told me that ever since she raised a complaint against her, her colleges started complaining to the HR about the snake too. Mom really can do just about anything but suck up her pride. My mom doesn't really have an ego, but her pride really won't allow her to stoop down to anyone even at gun point. in fact, I think she will be more stubborn if someone held a gun to her head, just to spite him. but, it is true, the snake really had no business going to my mom and telling her that she's not allowed to smoke during work hours. Mom told me that the HR smokes, the GM smokes, and there were other people outside smoking with her too. mom told me that she put out her cigarette followed the girl, and told her to never speak to her again. or at least that's what i remember from the story.
After she raised a satirical complaint about the snake's behavior, the snake later on asked mom why she was wearing a abaya today. Mom replied with " didn't i tell u not to speak to me?" ignored her. Yep, sounds like my mom. won't even bother arguing or answering you, she'll simply tell you to fuck off in the politest way. I think the snake raised a complaint about mom. so mom told her HR that she doesn't come to his office and ask him why he wore a green tie with a blue shirt, and told him honestly that she doesn't like the snake.
wah, i wish I was this good at speaking, i can barely put a sentence together, much alone retort back to someone. When a girl bothered me for a whole year, i kept quiet until one day I calmly slapped her. But, that's another story for another post.

Monday, June 10, 2013

A New Friend

Today when I went to the gym, a woman walked in, and I flat out told her that she scared me. The gym is usually vacant, and I had my ear phones in, and ever since that incident with that man, I have been edgy. So, when i saw her reflection on the marble wall I stopped running and poked my head behind the little wall and probably scared her as well.
Later when I was done with my workout and as I was heading to the door. She complimented my body and asked if it's that way from exercise. I think I crushed her when I flat out said no. We talked a little, it turns out she's new to kuwait, and she was in Lebanon. She's newly married and shes 21. She's trying to apply for masters, and I told her I'm a first year in university in NS, Canada. She even told me what apartment she lives in, and i told her which story im in. She told me back in Lebanon whenever someone new drops by, the whole building comes over and asks and talks to them and welcomes them. Arabic hospitality I suppose. She said in here, everyone is to themselves, that she got excited to meet me, since the gym is usually empty too ( hence why I got a little scared earlier on).
I told mom about this, and she told me that it's always been that way, it's just in here people are more to themselves for some reason.
I'll call the girl "Ree"
Ree didn't recognize my dialogue, she said I spoke some of this and that. maybe she never had a Palestinian friend before. I noticed that i didn't speak too well though. I'm not sure, I kept trying to speak in Arabic, but all my thoughts were in English. when i did try to speak in arabic, it was the proper arabic and that's a little awkward. Maybe when im more comfortable around her ill loosen up.
Maybe we will motivate each other to the gym.
Also, Dad was on t.v. tonight! I saw it, he was talking for 30 secs on the news. It was really cool, he looked pretty good on screen too. I'm so proud of dad.

Yesterday's Events

Main news are: my mom got a bonus. YEY!
She plans on using it on her birthday and combine it with my little sister's birthday and take us to a fancy hotel and I think a little beach viewed house for a day.
It was meant as a surprise but I figured most of it out.

later tonight we saw two roaches, and mom was able to control herself, since she's phobic. I sprayed them to death. They're gross. We think they were gonna mate or something. GROSS!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Chuno: the slave hunters

I dreamt my sister was using my laptop, and when I woke up, she surely was.
Fought with her over opening the bedroom door before knocking, then we went to Sharq mall so we can grocery shop and eat lunch.

I'm officially watching a korean drama. I KNEW IT WAS KOREAN ALL BY MYSELF from the funny looking hats. it's an arabic dub of it "koloob la tarefo al khaof" basically meaning, fearless hearts. the main characters are so hot. The one on the farthest left is the main character, Dae gil. He's my fave, I always fall for the protagonist. Mom says the one in the middle is cuter, because he looks like a man, not Dae gil, two little sticks on his face he calls a mustache. It's true, mom's guy is very cute, and does look manly, but, I think I want someone my age. The youngest is the one on the right, he's a pervert. A funny pervert.

 all that action, topless men, and comedy. then a stupid love story came and ruined it! why did the main character have to have a lover. why did that lover have to be with the guy he's hunting down. I dont like this type of drama, but everything else is AWESOME.

they all have amazing bodies, and the smoothest tan clear skin. I think i like skin now. I also like the dancer girl who just invited herself into their lives. She's hilarious. They're slave hunters and Dae gil is obsessing over his past lover the way naruto is obsessing over sasuke.

This show is on t.v. about 3 or 4 times a day. Every time  it's on I watch it. It seems something new happens every time even though I have watched one episode like three times. Thing is, I'm always doing something else as I watch.
but they're skin looks soooo smooth and shiney....and..abs everywhere. I never even really liked abs before this show.

I also played with Dana uno, and watched arab idol with the family. The show is kinda racist, or makes people racist, because im sure all the egyptians are voting for the egyptian because he's egyptian.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Swimming at the Beach

At noon we went to the beach for a swim.  Mom didn't come with us because of her bad knee, the fact that it's gonna be hot and she's gonna wear the hijab and because she was probably just not up to it. I actually went and swam in my "islamic bathing suit" which just made me look like a seal really. I looked ridiculous, but I haven't stepped on sand in a whole year, nor have I swam in the sea. So, I ended up doing what I want like I always do. I also wanted to sun tan but I was all covered up, and the sun wasn't really out anyways. It was also windy, and the water was murky. Not two minutes in the water and I already spotted a school of fishies. They're so cute. There were a lot of fish, I think I was able to touch a few and some jumped. I then played with my sister in the sand and we went home covered in salt and sand.
When we arrived we showered, got dressed, and went to hard rock cafe for lunch. Me and my sister shared a sandwich and we took the big ice-cream sundae in the shop. I love ice-cream over hot brownies.
We had a good time, and dad kept pointing out the new cameras in the street. It's about time that they try to reduce the traffic accidents in Kuwait. But I still think the new law in kuwait is stupid. it states that if a non-kuwaity gets two tickets then they get deported. no racism here folks!
We played ludo with mom again today. It takes time to persuade her, but it worked! and I won! I kept getting sixes and mom accused me of cheating, but I wasn't and she was just pulling my leg. She said " I know you're not cheating, but you had an alliance with dana and I turned you against each other. This is politics." Then she laughed. Mommy's a sore loser. Then we played chutes and ladders with her until dad came in and mom traded places with him. first time he rolled the dice, he got a two and fell down the snake. Me and my sister laughed so hard at him, and mom glared a bit. She then said that she doesn't want him to play for her anymore, so she played and she got a two too. then dad played and got a two and so, they ended up at the bottom of the snake.  Then mom left and when she came back to check on the game, dad has gotten even lower, since he fell down another snake. Mom was in shock. Dana won that game.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Al Israa wa al miraj

Today is the day prophet mohammed had made his trip from Mecca to Jerusalem and back over night.
We aren't really supposed to celebrate it but in this day we usually bring some sweets over to grandma. I suppose it's a small family tradition.
So, today our grandma invited us and uncle number 3 and his wife for lunch. We ate msakhan and chicken. msakhan is usually a meal eaten in winter since it is basically bread soaked in olive oil with a coating of onions on top and roasted chicken. Now, to reduce that fat, we probably just lightly spread some oil on it. The gathering was tons of fun. Mom and grandma were talking about second wives of men. The conversation with mom almost always turns to laughter and in the end grandpa was like,"what are you telling my wife!"
 Afterwards we ate some watermelon, and it tasted so sweet. Dad and I really don't know how to pick a watermelon. Mom told me you have to hit it, if it gives off a ring then it's ripe. I'm gonna try that in the future, and i'll look mighty stupid in the stores holding a melon to my ear and smacking it.
I went home and blanked out on the couch for an hour. I don't know why I slept, and mommy gave me two kisses on my cheek when I was half awake. It was a little odd, I don't remember mom giving hugs or kisses to me since we both don't like them. She, like me, is not the affectionate type. So, even though I hate kisses, and she was no exception either I still accepted it cause I love her so much. We played ludo with mom, and she won. Then my and my sister played chutes and ladders twice, and we both won.
Later in the night, our grandma called us upstairs to eat knafa, an arabic dessert. 

I went with my sisters to buy chips because she was craving it at 10 pm, then went upstairs to take the knafa down for my mom. We ate, I watched an arabic dubbing of a korean show on mbc action and now I'm watching a movie.

Alhamdulellah, today was a good day.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I hate femen, and they made me hate feminism altogether. I think femen are just a group of ignorant girls running around in europe and spreading hate. They mock islam, saying that the middle east stones girls?! That's like saying europeans are still locked in iron maidens. I've never heard of stoning in the news papers or on t.v. This, yes exists in Islam, but no country today follows the rules of islam! stoning in Islam is meant for both men and women, and it was when there is proof or when a married spouse cheats on her or his mate. And the only story I've ever heard of that actually happened was back in Mohammed's day when the woman asked for it to repent. And even then, he ignored her the first three times she asked, sending her away each time for a different reason. and even then, the other guilty party didn't get stoned because he didn't want to. Yes, these things do sound cruel, but there are worse events in history than that.
femen is just focusing on itty bitty annoying minor trivial details of the world, when there are women being assaulted and hurt all over the world. Why focus their attention on Islam, and on allowing gay marriages and burning barbie dolls at a crufix instead of stopping the women trafficking in poor asian villages in vietnam and indonesia. Or getting women to be paid as much as men in arab countries instead of saying that our religion is oppressing us. our religion isn't oppressing us, femen is! it's making more people attack and loathe women and even PITY us! People think that muslim men force women to cover up. We sound like victims instead of believers! I don't wear the hijab for my father or cousin, or uncle or mom. I wear it for God and myself. It's personal! RELIGION IS PERSONAL! If i'm not shoving my faith down your throat why are you forcing me to get dressed like you! topless with markings on your bossoms as a desperate cry for attention towards women. doesn't that contradict the thought that women aren't pieces flesh to be devoured by the human eye. They crucified and burned a barbie doll for it's body, yet they stand litterly topless in public. most of them having petit sized bodies with blonde flowing hair and makeup on. doesn't that contradict itself? How does anyone respect them!
And gay marriages? really? Did the world forget the definition of marriage? It is a HOLY matrimony of bringing a couple together under the name of God. Gay marriage is an oxymoron! The only reason people get married was because it was sinful to proceed in love making outside of marriage, and to make it official that those two people are now an item. gay marriage, I repeat, is an oxymoron. Homosexuals just want the right to get married so they don't feel descriminated against. But if we want to stop descrimination, can't we start with stopping wars in countries like, Palestine, Syria, Burma, Iraq, and so on?
Palestine has a fucking wall built around the palestinians! There are routes in palestine that are only for israelies. Palestinians are only allowed 20 liters of water a day while israelies are allowed 110 liters! That's discrimination!
In burma, muslims are getting harrassed because their muslims! that's descrimination. In Syria, the leader is killing his own people. no that's murder, that's not even descrimination that's just slaughter! Iraq is still being harrassed by the "heroic american troops" IN THEIR OWN LAND!
I've known something from mom, and it's extremely true. When there's a will there's a way. and if you want something done, you will do it. All that bullshit about still trying to control the situation in Iraq is a bunch of crap that is said in order to keep sucking up oil. All that femen crap about fighting and protesting half naked is just shit they're doing in order to express their hate against their religion and government in general, not to fight for women's right. What a bunch of crap.
And if the world did want to stop things like poverty and hunger it's so easily done. It's just everyone's too selfish and greedy including myself. Just the zakat money ( the 2.5% of peoples money yearly) is enough to annihilate poverty. and it has happened once, under the rule of Umr ibn Abd alaziz. People had trouble finding poor people to give the zakat to! THAT is islam, not the bullshit they display on the media.
So many haters! SO MANY!!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Today, I failed at the calorie thing. I just couldn't resist the pasta!

yeah, ever since watching that show, me and my sister have to do that pose in the picture every time we say "paastaaa~"

I only burned about a hundred calories in the gym. My sister made red velvet cupcakes and I decorated the icing on top with her.

We also sang the lyrics of some song and recorded them and listened to them. We. sound. AWFUL! but it was loads of fun.
dad came home later than usual today, and he brought some left over pastries and cake with him from his presentation at work. The cake actually melted in the car from the heat. Yep, that's Kuwait for you.

I also wrote a little meal plan for the week that dad shall be gone for. I have no idea how much calories are in there, but mom told me she wanted about 800 because she drinks coffee and she puts a lot of sugar in her coffee. I don't drink anything except water, so I'm gonna insert some snack somewhere. My sister is trying to cut down on her juices and chocolate milks since i keep telling her it isn't healthy and fatty and filled with sugar. She might as well eat a chocolate bar!

Monday, June 3, 2013

A guy at the gym

So, I woke up really late today and the maid wasn't here. I guess she was still sick from yesterday.
I called dad to inform him that we don't have anything to eat for lunch, so that he can bring something with him when he comes. We decided on Hardee's again. I went downstairs to wait for my sister's bus. I wanted to go to the gym before I do, but I have seen someone's legs in there and decided to wait for later.
20 minutes later, the gym was empty with the exception of a man standing outside it. I unlocked the gym and went inside and he followed me. That freaked me out a bit, I was hoping he would leave, but he wouldn't move from the center of the gym. Usually, men wouldn't go inside a room with only a girl inside it. and a gym too! I refused to back down, because I've been waiting 20 minutes for the person before him to leave, I took a treadmill and started walking. I kept an eye on him to make sure he wasn't turning his head to look at me. he took the farthest treadmill and walked as well. I'm glad i decided to grab a light jacket to tie around my waist. i was planning on taking it off when I'm exercising but he had to ruin my fun. I wasn't wearing my glasses, but I never caught his head turning towards my direction, which is good. So, perhaps he too was waiting for that person before us to leave. I jogged for about a minute or too, and most of it was speed walk. Man, I hate jogging on the treadmill. In real, I don't mind it at all, in fact it feels refreshing, because I take really wide leaps as I jog, but on the treadmill it's as if I'm trapped within a certain space at a certain speed, so it forces me to move only my knees and below.
Half an hour later I went upstairs red in the face and exhausted! When dad came we ate, and that was about it.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Calorie Counting?

Nothing out of the ordinary happened today.

Me and the maid didn't go exercising because she left home early from a headache. I really hate changing my clothes so, I put a nice pass on it and stayed home instead. 

I did start calorie counting though, I'm not sure how accurate this is, nor how many calories I should be eating! I'm about 5''2 or 5''1, should I like take 1500 calories? or ...2000..or..1800. The site told me 1800, I made it into 1500 cause I have no idea what they meant by that number.

I revised some French, Islamic Studies, and KSS (kuwait's social studies) with Dana and that's about it.


Saturday, June 1, 2013


It finally happened! I lost my appetite.

I also went bowling with the family. We had lots of fun, and dad won. I was getting zeros in a row until mom held me and just turned me a bit to the side, then I got a strike. mom was like "unbelievable".

The family ordered from Mcdonald's but I refused to eat from there because I'm certain they support Israel financially. I'm trying my best to boycott Israel.
We then went home, and since then I've been waiting to eat my mother's moussaka.
It tastes awwweeessoome. Pretty much just minced meat and fried eggplants. hehe, not really healthy, but fat is where the flavor is!

I also joined a little site to watch how many calories I eat. I never thought I'd ever do  calorie count, I'm mostly doing it for fun and awareness. Kinda amusing to know that french fries have more calories than the burger.
I also painted my nails a nice shade of deep pinkish, looks almost red!