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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Another visit to the doctor!

Today, I finally went to the doctor to get my heart palpitations checked!
wasn't half as awkward as the visit to the doctor in canada.
I feel kinda stupid for this, but i finally understand that the little yellow form that the doctor has given me, were tests i was supposed to have done.
Anyways, I was fasting with dad for the blood test. We waited a good two hours for our insurance to approve. It was so boring, we played with the ipad at the hospital, took funny pictures, watched videos on fb, and texted mom and dana.
The lady wasn't very good, since the needle hurt a bit. She took about three cuvettes of blood. Man, my blood is really dark and thick. so pretty.
Then I had something that I have never had in my life that i remember. a urine test. just...ew. very humiliating, but still not as humiliating as the physical in canada.
The doctor here, unlike the one in canada, didn't mind doing the extra effort and actually ordering the device that monitors the heart for 24 hours. In canada they were being cheap cause the health care is free. He also told me to get an echo test. That, I have never heard of before. I searched it, it's another form of cardiology, called echocardiology. It's basically hearing your heart beat while using electrodes, I only had electrocardiology before.
We're going to have to wait for a phone call that it has been approved first.

Also, Mohammed Asaf won the arab Idol. He deserved it because he has the best voice. usually everyone votes for their country, so I thought maybe the egyptian guy might win, because Palestinians are effed up for a while now. Not sure how so far. Many are saying this and that, but I don't care because his voice is awesome.

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