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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A gift From Auntie H

Dad came today from Oman, where my auntie and uncle live (from mother's side).
Mom had sent some hijabs to auntie, and a few for my cousin as a gift for newly wearing the hijab.
My aunt will pay her back for hers, and she gave dad a gift for mom's birthday to deliver back. It was really sweet of her. She sent mom a small makeup kit. It was a makeup bag within a bigger makeup bag and it had some eye shadow, a small perfume, and also mascara and other things. Mom loved it enough to try it on, you can tell mom was really happy. Mom isn't the type to buy things for herself, like fancy clothes or expensive makeup. Well, she does, but once every several years. So, i'm glad she got a little make up kit. God knows her makeup is probably expired.

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