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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Momma and the snake

Today I went to the gym and Ree didn't come. My sister did accompany  m though, she walked on the treadmill besides me then fooled around the equipment for a while.

Nor called me to apologize over travelling suddenly and not getting to hangout with me the way we planned to. I've only been with her one so far, and it seems she's much too busy to squeeze me in her schedule. I'm still very disappointed with her, but there isn't much I can say. I also still owe her ten K.D.

At night, mom had talked for a good two hours with us. She told me about the woman in her work that she nicknamed "the snake". She told me everyone's calling that lady the snake now. I was a little surprised and after questioning her, she told me that that woman butts in with everything and no one can stand her. She told me that  the snake found a laptop on her desk so she dropped it on the floor then kicked it away.  Mom also told me that ever since she raised a complaint against her, her colleges started complaining to the HR about the snake too. Mom really can do just about anything but suck up her pride. My mom doesn't really have an ego, but her pride really won't allow her to stoop down to anyone even at gun point. in fact, I think she will be more stubborn if someone held a gun to her head, just to spite him. but, it is true, the snake really had no business going to my mom and telling her that she's not allowed to smoke during work hours. Mom told me that the HR smokes, the GM smokes, and there were other people outside smoking with her too. mom told me that she put out her cigarette followed the girl, and told her to never speak to her again. or at least that's what i remember from the story.
After she raised a satirical complaint about the snake's behavior, the snake later on asked mom why she was wearing a abaya today. Mom replied with " didn't i tell u not to speak to me?" ignored her. Yep, sounds like my mom. won't even bother arguing or answering you, she'll simply tell you to fuck off in the politest way. I think the snake raised a complaint about mom. so mom told her HR that she doesn't come to his office and ask him why he wore a green tie with a blue shirt, and told him honestly that she doesn't like the snake.
wah, i wish I was this good at speaking, i can barely put a sentence together, much alone retort back to someone. When a girl bothered me for a whole year, i kept quiet until one day I calmly slapped her. But, that's another story for another post.

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