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Friday, June 21, 2013

Home made bread

screw getting in shape. mom made home made bread for the very first time. IT smelled sooooo great. freshly baked bread, augh! It also tasted sweet and soft. She made it as a little surprise for dad, he really likes bread. We also cooked and ate together today. I did the baked potatoes (under-cooked) and the steak. Mom did the bread and the mushroom gravy sauce. Dana did the salad and most of the table setting. im not sure who did the veggies, since it almost burnt twice because people kept forgetting it.
Mom also almost blew her face off today. She was heating her coffee ( we have a gas stove, not electric) and she was also filling the oven lighter gun thing with gas. thankfully at the last second she noticed her mistake and stepped away from the stove while a small eruption happened and the lighter she was holding had caught fire. She dropped it and it was my first time seeing something plastic engulfed in flames. Glad nothing blew up.

My cousins dropped by today. they didn't play uno the way we wanted but we had some fun making fun of the people in Arab Idol. They about an hour later, and we continued watching arab idol. It was hilarious! a guy from the audience hopped on the stage and started doing the dabkeh with mohammed asaf (skip to 4:10) Then the security pushed him out the stage.

 That was just too much. Also, ahlam ordered KFC on live t.v. again. that woman has no class, it's hilarious.

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