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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fights with Sister

Today I fought a lot with dana. We went to buy milk and chocolate together. then we cooked together and the gas ran out at the end.

I fought again with dana and Mom scolded me and her, I ended up apologizing to Dana. We made up, and she's asleep now.

Dana asked me about the time i slapped the girl, I shall tell the story soon in here, I'll write what I have written when it happened. You see, i was so happy that i hit her, to the point i wanted to immortalize it in a piece of paper. I'm a violent person. I also don't like to be touched, hugging suffocates me a lot of times, and kisses disgust me.

Today's food: shrimp and lemon pepper (put bhar instead -_-) linguini (fettucini instead)

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