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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blood test results

recall how a week ago I had blood and urine tests? Results are in: everything is great alhamdullelah. I don't even have blood deficieny like I did several years ago. My hemoglobin is fine, my RBCs are fine, everything is fine.
Why do I have heart palpitations then? I don't know, the doctor said it might just be something my heart does. Just to make things better, I got them again today while I was on the treadmill.
I danced a bit on the treadmill (yeah i do that when im bored), then i stretched my hands upwards and I had it. thats it.
My theory is this: my blood flow is regulated at a certain movement be it running or resting. If I make a sudden movement and excert sudden effort without breathing properly, my heart starts beating abnormally fast so that it can pump enough oxygen in my system. It should be normal right? I've had it since I was 11 and I have yet to suffer a heart attack, so I suppose I'm fine. After all there aren't any chest pains, or headaches, or dizziness.

also I watched Monster in Paris with my sisters. We recorded Dana's reaction to that SHOCKING moment in the film. I wont spoil it here because it's too hilarious.

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