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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A visit at Ree

Today  I woke up really late. I got dressed, called Ree so we can go to the gym. Apparently she was already downstairs, so I prayed and rushed downstairs. I walked for about half an hour, and she was already done with her workout so she sat on the bike thing and cycled for a while. We talked about turkish drama, korean drama that we watched on t.v.  She told me all about her wedding and engagement in lebanon and kuwait. I then went upstairs to her apartment and she showed me the pictures. She was pretty but for some reason i think she looks prettier without makeup, she had amazing poses in her pictures, and the backgrounds were breath taking. She posed at an old abandoned church in lebanon. The red roof had fallen in, but it looked great as a background. She also posed at some HUGE villa there. it was magnificent, looked like a hotel. Then some pictures of her front yard in her house there. She then talked about work, and behavior. I then excused myself, because she had things to do, and it was already 3 pm and I havn't told my sister where I am.
My sister and I cleaned up three drawrs in the bedroom, in which i screamed at her for touching my drawings without permission while i was in canada. I screamed at her for reading my diary, for keeping it in her drawer, for pulling out my pictures out of the file, for not returning them. I also screamed at her for drawing over one of my drawing (this one had me screaming bloody murder, it's what started the fight). then for hanging my original drawing on the wall, and screamed at her for ripping my older sister's drawing and there's still one of my sister's drawings still missing. and my little sis thinks she did nothing wrong, and keeps defending herself. That just adds fuel to my rage. I really ABHOR when people touch my stuff, stuff that I put away neatly in two files inside my drawer. some of those Stuff I have kept safe since I was living in canada. my sisters drawings were when she had depression, I remember pulling them out of the trash. My sketches of when I was in grade 7, 8 and 9 when I was bored in school. cards that Dana made for me, sketches of this and that. animation of a boy in school, myself and fictional characters. still upset that one picture is missing. I only notice one gone though, God knows how many are actually missing.

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