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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Five Broken Cameras

I have finally watched Five Broken Cameras today. It's a documentary recorded by a Palestinian father who lives in a village in Palestine that is slowly being occupied by the illegal Israeli settlements. The man initially started recording his newly born fourth son, but then he then also started recording the protests, the demonstrations, and events that take place in the village as well. It took five years to record the film and in the process five of his cameras were broken. Some were shot at, gassed, and even broken by hand.

This documentary was nominated for an academic award in 2010 I think. It really explains to me the conflict between Israel and Palestine, specially since I'm a Palestinian who has never stepped foot on my land. It helps me understand why for more than 65 years, the murder keeps going on.

The film was touching enough for me to almost cry. Too bad it has no happy ending.

Here's where I watched it from, it's totally free:


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