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Saturday, July 20, 2013


I hate shopping! I loathe it!

We spent two hours at the store just putting on and taking off glasses. a pair after another! I had my eye on the pair from last time, but mom said it was too big for my face. yeah, it was one of those ugly hipster glasses, but they were round from the bottom and I figured people will get used to it. Everything else looked like shit on my face.
What made me angry is that dad likes every pair i try on. And mom just wants me to wear what ever she thinks might look good on me.
And I was absolutely FED UP after the first ten pairs I've tried on, because I already tried on half of them last time I was there.

What I wanted to do, was look at the frame first and the colour, and if...IF I liked it, then I would wear it, then see if it's suitable for my face. THEN ask for my parent's opinion. But, no!
Try this. try that. I said I don't want to, fucking glasses everywhere! just this one. try this. For me. please.
Oh, God. I just couldn't tell the difference between the glasses anymore!!!! The ones I own and the ones I wanted and the ugly things I hated started all looking the same! Everything looked the same! I wanted to cry. I was suffocated with glasses!
At first, I was fine with mom's help. I even liked that she knew I wanted something with colour. But between the tenth and 20th pair. I wanted to yell at my mom for assuming I wanted such bold colours like red, and green and blue.
And asking to look for the kids' glasses so that it might suit my small face made it just worse. What am I?
Mom was the one who even said she wanted to go to another store to have a look at their frames, so why did we stay so freakishly long at one place!?
Dad even started talking about politics with the salesman!

The good news were that my eye sight has not changed.

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