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Thursday, August 21, 2014


The amount of israeli products in Walmart and Marshal's is TOO DAMN HIGH!
Seriously, if it says "Dead Sea" on it, know it's from israel, don't even bother checking.
If it it's "Shwartz" it's israel.
If it looks a little exotic, 50% of the time, it's israeli.

The most ironic of all, is that most of these beauty products say "cruelty free", rich coming from an apartheid state!

I know some people say the bar codes start with "729" and while that every 729 I ever saw was from israel, not all israeli products start with that number. I've even noticed that most of their merchandise don't number their bar codes anymore!
I also noticed that SodaStream (product made on illegal israeli settlements) doesn't even say where it's made. It said, and I quote, "imported by Canada". Oh I'm sorry, I had NO idea that the products sold in Canada were indeed being imported by Canada! All this time, I thought mexico was buying things for us!!! GOD! Tell me where it's exported from, not imported to, you fucking idiots.


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