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Sunday, August 24, 2014


I can NOT believe what I just did right now. I spilled a lot of ketchup on my ring and so when I got in the car, I took it off, wiped it and wrapped it in a tissue then placed it next to me. When we arrived home, I collected all the trash next to me and put it in the plastic bag in the car then threw it out in the trash shoot, but after shoving it a few times, I gave up on it falling down the shoot.
While I was praying, I noticed I was missing a ring and so it just clicked in my head the amount of stupidity I had done in a period of 5 minutes.
I took out the trash at home and thank God, it was still there, the trash bag from before! I pulled it out with some difficulties, since the bag also decided to rip. But yeah, I got the ring back, it was wrapped in a tissue, just as I had thought ...

Moving Disaster

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