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Thursday, August 28, 2014


This time, when I was done showering, my mom stared at me for a few seconds and told me I looked really cute.
I think it's because my eyes appeared really wide, my hair was tied neatly and I was feeling all glowy!

On a completely different note, water did go on my ipod today. The music got static, and the screen started flickering so I put it on lock, wiped it off as best as I could and shoved it in a bag of rice as my mom have told me.
I really hope it works, it was my mistake that I turned it on once I knew it was wet, so I could've totally fried it now.

Also! I got my heart palpitations in karate today. It often happens in karate since that's when I'm most active anyways. We were doing side kicks and side thrust kicks when it happened. I guess the sudden jolt of excitement with the sudden kicks triggered it this time. ( I was not at my physical limit since it was the beginning of the workout)

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