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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


My grandma wanted me to kiss her hand as a good bye before we left Kuwait. She legit brought her hand up to my face. So, I took her hand and shook it, then I pulled myself close to her giving her the two cheek kisses Arabs do. :]

My aunt, seeing this, gave me a lecture on how it isn't shameful to do the disgusting, humiliating, belittling, degrading, foul act of kissing that old lady's hand just because she was my "grandma" to which I replied "I wouldn't do that even to my mom" :]

My uncles humored me and tried explaining that I did this because "I hate kissing". Which is true and false. I hate kissing, but I'm still willing to do that unnecessarily air kiss out of politeness and respect, but I refuse to go further :]
Though, there was once a time when my uncle pointed at his cheek and told me to kiss him, and I simply said no and walked away. Which struck a small war between us, that he told me he won't give me my holiday money unless I kiss him, to which I replied "Keep it!". :]
But that was a thing of the past. I try to not stress these things so they don't blow out of proportion.

Anyways, everyone gave me a smack kiss on the cheek after not kissing my grandmom's hand, and I almost felt my skin crawl off my body :] aunt's last words to me were "you're gonna someday get married and your husband will..." then she paused and looked at my body then back at my face and continued, "...kiss you here, here, here, and there" As she pointed at my several places on my face.

She then held her arm up and prayed that I get married immediately after I graduate. ....She said that just so he can kiss me, just because she knows I don't like kissing. :]

Though, little does she know, I'm actually open to the idea of getting married...and even having a child only if it's just like my little baby cousin Ali.
He looks just like the baby Tarazan!

and even that my cousins who know me well enough told his mom that this is the first time they hear me say that I found a baby cute, and that I'm actually interacting with a child. I'm not that picky, it's just that he looked clean, adorable, and he liked me and made happy faces and noises at me. He probably just liked my gold necklaces and colourful hijabs, but he was so adorable, with his little hands, and little feet, and the way he spaces out when he looks at you.
Wah, he was just like a kitty !


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