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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Family reunion in Oman

I just came back from Oman after a weekend visit to my aunts house where we had a small family gathering. The first day we were there we ate out at a resteraunt in a hotel. It was a buffet and the food wasn't so bad. When you're fasting everything tastes great. Afterwards me, Ro (12), Mo (16), My little sis Dana (10) went bowling where I failed so badly at the game and i even got my heart thing; where my heart suddenly accelerates and pounds through my chest at about 90 beats a minute. My uncle suddenly appeared in the bowling alley and started playing with us. He was epic. He helped me and taught me how to properly bowl after i sent my second bowling ball flying backwards at them. This one hit the stairs and broke on of the stairs. I just sat back down as Mo retrieved the bowling ball. I even had a strike after some practice. After an hour of bowling we rode back to my Aunt's; Mo's mom's, house where we were staying for the weekend. Ro and Dana kept bickering at each other, we all tried on a cowboy hat, we laughed a LOT and we forced a cute little flower clip on Ro's shoulder length hair. He made such a cute little girl. I learned how to play "tarneeb" with the cards and my mother played with her siblings and nephew, it was a sweet sight to see.

The second day:
Me and Dana woke up and applied makeup on Ro's face since he agitated Dana so much. it was supposed to be a fun prank. the pictures were absolutely hysterical but it would be awful of me to post them. He was so mad at us for the whole day i even had to try to explain but he cut me half through telling me not to apologize since his mom told me to. well, i don't usually apologize and i wasn't even planning to. i just wanted to tell him why we were being mean from our point of view. After all, all the boys were doing was ps3, laptop and was rather tiring to watch so i had to yank the controller out of his hand and hide it. The result was, he refused to play with us and we didn't know how to set the game; Risk, up. At the futoor time; the time our fasting ends, sunset,  we ate two awesome legs of lamb and goat. I was happy the boys helped set and clean the table with me while my uncle, aunts and mother were cooking. everyone pitched in and that matters to me. Mo was poking fun at Ro's shorts, they reached him to the mid upper thighs so Mo was like "work it girl". Boys are really funny. Everything between us was fine when Ro's dad called him and told him to ideas on getting back on us. Of course we didn't know until the third day. We played some more tarneeb with each other then went to the beach to catch some crabs. unfortunately there was a high tide and we didnt see except three crabs and the idea of eating my own babies wasnt appealing to me. We took two cars to fit all eight of us. Both rides i was with my uncle, going to the beach he taught me bout the gear stick and i opperated it at his comand, on the way back i was the one stirring the wheel through the passanger seat while he drove. im 17 i gotta learn eventually, right? I didnt do such a bad job, the roads were pretty vacant and i knew he's in control of both the speed and had his hand out in case i lost control over the car.

The Third Day:

We had to go back eventually, unfortunatly we had to leave at 5 pm from the house to catch the plane at 7, we were fasting and it was exhausting and frustrating. I woke up at 11 today without any toothpaste in my hair because; guess what, Ro cant go into the room i was sleeping in because i wear a hijab; head covering, around him and naturally i take it off in my sleep....and my mom locked the door because she wasnt sure if he was aware of that. Thank God she did, because if he didnt ask his mom about it he wouldve gone through with his plan. I went shopping in the morning with mom and her sisters at a store named after me. I really hate shopping but it was still better than waiting at the house for the boys to wake up then stop  playing video games. Mom and my aunt bought two shirts each then we all played more tarneeb that day. we left for the airport and it was just so sad since i dont see my mom's family for long periods of  time. Ro i only met twice in my life and each one of my moms  family is in a different side of the world. meeting with them is costly and not sure if we can save for it when we should be saving for my and my older sisters colleges and my parents future security. I just wish my older sister was with us, and that my uncles children were with us too. that would've been a huge party. Now im just in a dire need for a shower.

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